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SolarWindsEveryone has a book in them, right? I never thought I would try my hand at fiction but have enjoyed the journey of learning the art. After several years of professional coaching, editing and numerous rewrites, I’ve got a few chapters that I’m told are promising.

There’s nothing I like better than to read what others have to say about what I have written. I share them here with the hopes that you find them enjoyable and are willing to provide feedback. I’m especially looking for critics who can tell me what’s wrong with the science and theology behind the tales I have spun.

Book Jacket Synopsis for Red Sky

The sky is falling…literally. Four scientists race against time to reassure the world as it encounters a rogue planet. Astronomer David Mitchell is the face of the government. He must provide play-by-play advance notice of what to expect next. But how can anyone predict what will happen when two planets come together? It’s never happened before. Or has it?

Manny Volynsky is on a mission to tell the world the truth about this rogue planet. He’ll stop at nothing to get to the scientific conference where he’ll have a worldwide audience. There he can share answers about the red dust that has started to fall. But Manny is a nutcase history professor who has no credibility in the scientific world. Will they listen to his stories of the ancient myths?

Death from the skies is impossible. Everyone knows that, especially David who has taught it repeatedly over the years, using scientific evidence to prove it. When fire begins to accompany the red dust, the conflict between science and myth is blurred. Manny’s predictions of future events have come true. David must decide if he will give Manny a voice to warn the people.

Note: There is nothing blatantly LDS in the story. It is told from a scientific / humanistic point of view. But those familiar with prophecy will recognize many of the events as coming right from the scriptures.

Chapters Written So Far (all these links open small PDFs)

Note: My favorite chapters, which will give you the most background for the story are: Red Dust, Lounge Act and The Warning Voice. The PDFs are replaced on a regular basis as I revise, improve or otherwise edit the chapters. Some of these are very rough first drafts, others are near complete polished chapters.

1. The Unwanted Lecture – We meet Cynthia, a young graduate student

2. A Day in the Sun – We meet David when the sun goes dark for a few moments

3. Too Many Disaster Movies – David meets the press, doesn’t go too well

4. A Push to the Right – A comet hits Mars and pushes it toward Earth

5. Electromagnetic Pulse – A massive flare and CME cause a huge EMP

6. Red Dust – The red dust causes a near crash of Manny’s jet

7. Sealing the Gaps – A family in Salt Lake reacts to the falling dust

8. Return of the Plagues – Elements of the Dark Discharge Phase identified

9. Lounge Act – Manny presents his theories of the last days for David

10. View From the Top – Astronauts on the ISS encounter the approaching menace

11. At the Gate – David meets Cynthia on the way to Washington DC

12. Coronal Mass Ejection – The team flies to Washington DC for the conference

13. Meet the Press – David sets the scene for Manny’s worldwide announcement,

14. The Warning Voice – Manny finally gets his chance to warn a worldwide audience

15. Bombardment – The initial bombardment of meteorites in advance of the planet

16. The Sun Shall be Darkened – The President is briefed by his science advisor

17. The Caldera at Taum Sauk – We lose Elena in an accident at the Caldera

18. Holes Of The Rocks – Manny, Cynthia & David wait out another meteorite storm.

19. All Hail Breaks Loose – Destruction in Salt Lake – falling hail and an earthquake

20. The Long Trek Home – A new character and a devastating California earthquake

A Few Supporting Documents

1. Doctrinal Foundation for Red Sky

2. Synopses of all chapters written so far

NOTE: All original material on this website, including this fictional work-in-progress is copyrighted and the intellectual property of Tim Malone

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  3. Enjoying your story! I can see some of your Velikovsky inclusions, would like to see more, he wrote powerfully and accurately, even things that scientists have only recently confirmed. (Sorry, I know you already know that!)The Northridge quake was 1994 not 84. I was in the middle of it, quite an experience.

    1. Sorry the links didn’t work for you Lon. I checked them out and had my wife check them out on her computer. Seems to be OK this evening. As far as where the rest of the story…Plans call for two chapters a month through the rest of the year. We’ll see if the inspiration comes in between work and life. The chapters are obviously still rough. Lots of editing before they’re ready. Thanks for stopping by and adding your comment.

      1. Ah, the old Unix – Microsoft case file name mismatch. Thanks for pointing that out. Some browsers accommodate for it – like IE. You’re probably using a different browser. I’ll go in and make sure all the file names in the links correspond to the case in the file names as stored on my server. Thanks for the help.

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  7. Sign preceding the second coming fascinate me. I’d read things in the scriptures like “The earth shall real to and fro, like a drunkard” from revelations. And ponder them. Asking questions only brought irritation from others. Most people don’t want to hear of “The most destructive event to ever happen to the earth since the Time of Man began (Adam and Eve). It’s freightening. But best to be aware of to be prepared and protect our children.
    References of stars falling to earth. A mountain being cast to the earth. Inspired version of Matthew refers to a meteorite called Wormwood.
    Battle of Gog and Magog: Russia and several allies. will circle round about Israel. To destroy it. A shaking of the whole earth will destroy the enemies of Judah. And the “Whole world will be amazed at the power of the god of Israel.
    This meteorite will destroy the Russian leadership. Stopping the war.
    From the BOM: Causing the whole earth to quake. Mountains will flow down. Plains will be broken up, bodies of water will flow beyond their boundaries.
    Three days of darkness due to the dust in the air. Lack of sunshine (cold) will result in hail destroying what’s left of the crops around the earth. I speculate that, that’s when the saints will return to and build the NEW JERULASIM, in Missouri. Where Christ will come to his temple at Adam-Ondi-Adam. Within 125 years after the quaking of the earth. To stop World war three. Armagedon. Save Israel from total annihilation. There will also be a LDS temple built in Israel for him to come to, first. Then to Missouri.
    Think about it. Horrifying at first thought. What the Nephites went through when Christ was crucified. We – maybe, our childre- probably, get to go through that.

  8. Tim.
    I read a small bit of you fiction story about Manny Volynsky and his mission to tell the world the truth about this rogue planet. He’ll stop at nothing to get to the scientific conference where he’ll have a worldwide audience. There he can share answers about the red dust that has started to fall. But Manny is a nutcase history professor who has no credibility in the scientific world. Will they listen to his stories of the ancient myths?

    Have you ever read Worlds in Collision? Your chosen last name for the character Manny and his description sounds a lot like “Worlds in Collision” by Emanuel Velikovsky? Velikovsky has been dead for some time and still our great men of science choose to deny his work. Any student of scripture who reads this book will or should recognize the worth of his work.

    Velikovsky made the university lecture circuit and when done speaking he opened the floor for questions. There was standing room only as all of the heads of all of the disciplines filled the room first. Each department head took a turn and did their best to prove him incorrect. Velikovsky silenced them all. He knew their disciplines better than they did.
    In my opinion science and religion mesh perfectly. Worlds In Collision a book all should read.
    John Mitchell

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