Why I Write

Why I Write

1. I write to connect with people. I’m an introvert, naturally shy. I love to read, although not much fiction. I write book reviews and opinion pieces. I appreciate those who comment on my blog. They help me consider things I had not noticed. I learn and I grow as I see things from the point of view of others in their comments.

2. I write to express myself. Everyone wants to be understood. I am no exception. Everyone has a story to tell that helps others understand why we see life as we do. I write to share my life’s experiences, hopefully in an interesting and helpful way.

3. I write to learn. I am motivated to study a subject if I know I’m going to write about it. I especially enjoy relating the learning experience – what I discovered as I read and studied what others have written about the subject. I often discover I am wrong. Perhaps I have assumed incorrectly or learned incorrect facts on a subject.

4. I write to grow. I want to develop my talents. I never thought I would be a writer especially after a horrendous experience in High School English. College English was a whole different story. I loved what I learned as others shared their stories, their essays and their points of view. I became better because they shared with me.

5. I write for enjoyment. I love it when I can write a persuasive or informative post on my blog that garners a lot of comments. I was amazed to see comments on one of my posts exceed 700. I realized it wasn’t so much what I wrote but the ideas that were being discussed. In some ways the blog is like a forum for open dialog.

6. I write to keep myself informed. Writing about current events requires a lot of reading. I specialize in one particular area. I believe I’m connected with the opinion leaders in this area. I also like to think I am influencing others for good. My desire is to be helpful where I can. Well-crafted words are our best tool for righteous persuasiveness.

7. I write to entertain. I love stories. I love to tell stories. I love sharing good stories that both enlighten and entertain. I know I’m unusual in that I rarely read fiction. I have only one piece of fiction I want to write – a trilogy of books about possible end of the world scenarios and how they affect the people who live through them.

8. I write to invoke thinking. I want others to think about my ideas and opinions. I recognize I am sometimes unorthodox. That can be a little daunting. I need to be prepared to defend myself and my conclusions. I also need to be willing to engage in the give and take that comes from different points of view expressed well.

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  1. Fred Proulx Jr

    How does one find groups that meet, in the Utah County & Salt Lake County areas ?
    Denver Snuffer’s expounding of D&C 124 “rejected as a church with their dead” …….

    ( Nauvoo permanent, to be defended against all, promised to not be ‘driven out’, …. the curse is clearly the sad deaths on the plains, ……the “gentiles prophesied to reject the Fullness of the Gospel” in D&C 45 & 3 Nephi 16 )

    ….this is the apostasy, that started all the other lies & false doctrines, … of the last 180 years.


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