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Update 5-8-21:

Today, I moved my site to GreenGeeks from My wife, Carol has had a good experience hosting there for the last few years. There were too many limitations hosting directly on even with the business account – too many plugins I wanted to install and couldn’t. In the six years I was on, I watched my traffic decrease steadily each day from a regular stream of hundreds of hits from new and returning visitors to a small trickle of about a hundred.

Of course, it’s hard to know if the decrease was due to the lack of SEO on the hosting site of simply poor or limited-interest content. I do write for a fairly specialized or focused audience. My core readers are former members of the LDS Church, who, like me, have decided to leave the church or have been excommunicated because of their acceptance of the teachings of Denver Snuffer. As noted previously, there was tremendous interest in my writings culminating in September of 2014.

So, over the years, I have moved from Blogger, to Dotster, to GoDaddy, to BlueHost, to and now to GreenGeeks. I have been working in WordPress since 2007 or 2008, both as part of my professional employment and for my personal blog. I still only seem to be able to get one or two posts published each month but have a goal to increase that to weekly again. I find I have a lot of things bouncing around in my head that I would like to post, always with a prayer that is does some good.

Tim Malone
Camarillo CA

Update (Oct 2018)

Looking at the chart above, it is clear my blog hit a peak in September of 2014, the same month I decided to resign from the LDS Church and get rebaptized. I slowed down again in my writings because it became clear to me I had hurt a number of people I dearly loved. At one time I announced I would never blog again, yet…

Healing from an NDE

I have always had an interest in healing – spiritual and emotional – brought on by some difficult experiences in my youth that severely crippled me for life. I’ve hinted at some of them over the years, but never came right and said what it is I have struggled with for more than forty years.

I was introduced to an amazing method of communicating with our subconscious mind over twenty years ago and have studied and practiced this technique ever since. I continue to search for methods of freeing myself from doubts and fears that have plagued me since my youth.

My interest in Near Death Experiences stems from my own brush with death at age 17. I have spent a lifetime trying to learn all I can about the adversary in an effort to free myself from the fearful NDE that almost destroyed my sanity back then and drives me in my quest for healing.

Putting it All Together

I have probably reviewed over fifty books on my blog, many of them relating to NDEs and to the spirit world. Besides reading Denver Snuffer almost every day, I have been reading a book called Remarkable Healings from Dr. Modi and just finished The Unquiet Dead from Dr. Edith Fiore.

My essay on Doug Mendenhall’s book, Conquering Spiritual Evil, is typical of my focus these days. My review of Mel Fish’s work which caused him to be excommunicated generated a lot of attention. I got a lot of interest in my essay on Eternal Lives, based on an earlier book review.

My review of Visions of Glory continues to be my number one read essay each day. Obviously people are just as interested as I am in prophecies of the last days. My focus is on preparing myself to meet the Savior and be invited by the angels to join the Church of the Lamb of God.

Future Direction

I intend to write a number of additional essays about what I am reading in Denver’s books. I would also like to write a review of The Unquiet Dead (now completed) because of the significance it has in documenting cases of people who have uninvited guests and their memories of past lives.

This blog has always been about documenting my spiritual journey. Like you, I live in the latter days, some would say in the last days, just before the return of the Lord. I feel strongly we will soon see political, economic and societal upheaval that will simply turn our world upside down.

As long as there is electricity, the Internet, freedom of religion, free speech and freedom of the press, I plan to continue to write with a focus on what we can do to prepare ourselves spiritually for the return of the Lord. I pray for stability for our nation so we can achieve that preparation.

Update: 10-31-15:

A lot has happened in the last eighteen months. I left the LDS Church about a year ago, but continue to attend with Carol each Sunday. I enjoy the fellowship of my ward and stake family. I moved the blog to Bluehost because of the high traffic and a desire to have greater control over the look and feel with a hosted WordPress site. I moved it back to this week because the traffic has died down and there was no need to pay the high price for a premium host.

I haven’t done much blogging over the past few months and in fact, had pretty much made up my mind I would let the site die a natural death. But once I copied everything back to the free site on, a lot of things changed to make me reconsider. I spent a week in the hospital with a serious intestinal infection that could have required surgery. I had a miraculous recovery, took a week off from work and decided I’ve been giving way too much time and energy to my career. You know the deathbed saying, “I wish I had spent more time at the office – NOT!” It’s time to change priorities – to put the spiritual over the temporal.

There’s something about this blog that gets my blood going. Writing makes me feel alive. I can’t explain it. I don’t understand it. I just know the Lord blesses me when I write. He has provided for me temporarily and spiritually. I would be ungrateful to not respond by using the talents and gifts He has given me to encourage and bless others. I am blessed at the same time. It strengthens my faith to write about the gospel, especially when I share thoughts about books or articles I have read from others who are seeking Zion in these latter days.

I still have all the posts (580 now) and most of the comments (about 11,000), but I lost the stats / hits in the latest transition. There were about 580,000 hits during the year on Bluehost, so technically the blog has over a million hits. I enjoyed having guest authors write posts with me over the past year. We’ll see if any want to continue now that the site has changed and doesn’t have as many features a self-hosted site has with all the plugins. I miss them already.

Original entry (2013):

If you look at the archives, you’ll see I started blogging in late 2007. I was very active in 2008 and early 2009, usually posting two or three essays a week. I had a lot to say back then. I wanted to rebut a lot of misinformation floating around the Internet about what Mormons really believe.

I liked to think that I was somewhat controversial. I would scour other LDS blogs for subjects that got a lot of attention, then write my own views, which usually opposed those of the masses. A good example of those days is my post on General Authority Training – Advanced Subjects.

So far, I have posted about 577 essays with about 13,500 comments [updated 10-6-18]. Of course many of those comments are mine because I like to engage my readers. Over the years I have moved from Blogger and then to WordPress, first on Dotster, then on, then on Bluehost and then back to

Life Gets in the Way

I slowed down during 2010-2011, pondering my subjects for weeks at a time. Some months I posted just one or two essays, but they usually got lots of comments. My family and I were going through a transition period in those years, dedicating time to our health and additional education.

After Carol recovered from cancer, we spent a couple of years taking a lot of classes at our local community college. We both wanted to become writers. I posted a number of essays from those English and Philosophy classes on my blog. I also threw in some early drafts of fiction writing.

I still sought after the controversial subjects, did my research and tried to make the essays as engaging as possible. I also continued to write about the works of Anthony Larson, one of my favorite authors. His book, And the Moon Shall Turn to Blood continues to enthrall me today.

I begin to study Snuffer

I was introduced to the writings of Denver Snuffer in early 2012. The blog took a decidedly different direction. I was no longer so adamant in posting the orthodox LDS viewpoint. For the first time, I was beginning to see some issues from a completely different angle – more open.

Some of my online friends expressed legitimate concern that I had gone off the deep end, at least spiritually. I’m not sure why they find Denver’s writings to be so threatening. I find them to be uplifting and liberating. Remembering the Covenant contains links to ten essays on his books.

I am still in the midst of reading his books. I continue to discover new things every day that delight me. The man is intense in his mission to persuade the Latter-day Saints that we need to wake up and complete our intended gospel progression until we meet Christ in this mortal life.

29 April 2013

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