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4 thoughts on “Guidelines”

  1. I am very interested in the signs of the times. It seams that most people get confused and lump the signs into one big event. The end of the World (preceding it’s celestialization). End of Time (meaning the end of the time allotted for mortal man to be on the earth.
    There are two great events. 1- The second coming of Christ. 2- The end of Time.
    I believe that, what many christians refer to as “The Rapture” (Burning of the world, Righteous caught up into heaven, wicked burned as dros). Refers to the End of Time. After which the world will be turned into a sea of glass, celestialized. All will be resurrected, judged, and held accountable.
    My focus is on the events leading up to the Second Coming of Christ.
    Battle of Gog and Magog. Interpretation of the beats prophesied by Daniel and John. Mountain being cast to earth. Quaking of the earth. Mountains flowing down. Building of the New Jerusalem in Missouri and the temple being built at Adam-ondi-Adam. Plus the temple to be built in Jerusalem where Christ will go first, to stop Armageddon (the third world war) to save Israel from total annihilation. There is a chronology to follow in putting it in order. In the Pearl of Great Price. Revised Matthew. Christ talks to the three apostles that are to remain on earth, until he returns. he puts things in order. The meteorite called Wormwood. Refers to a generation as 120 years. I’m currently understand that to mean that Christ will return within 120 years after the meteor strike that will cause the catasclismic evens.
    Looking for input.
    Most people don’t want to hear about it.

  2. Kurtis.
    The “End Time” is not the end of the earth or of the allotted time for man to be on the earth. Contained within the Bible is conformation of the restoration and the last prophet, Joseph Smith. I am not speaking of the usual faith based stuff. I refer to i speak of empirical evidence. Evidence based in mathematics. I am just now reaching the point of submitting my two volume set to unfold all of these things not before identified. Actually the End Of Time occurs before the Second Advent of Christ. If you would like to figure this out I will email you a paper built upon the instructions contained in the Doctrine and Covenants explaining how to accomplish it. My name is John Mitchell and my email is If you are interested I would like to know something about you. I will reciprocate including a photo so we can both know who we are talking to.
    John Mitchell

  3. “The Last Days Status 2020” is a new publication now available on Amazon that describes the prophecies fulfilled and shortly to be fulfilled as of 2020, and also describes the state of the gentile nations in which we live. The book well describes the characteristics and substance of much of the controversy you mention exists in the world, and provides sound arguments for why things are unfolding the way they are. Perhaps your followers might be interested in this new publication.

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