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In between helping Carol put up Christmas decorations, I compiled the Alexa rankings of the LDS blogs I follow. Although it is by no means comprehensive, it helps me understand where my blog ranks among solo LDS bloggers. This does not include group blogs which I define as any LDS-themed blog that has two or more contributors. Click on the image for a hot-link page.

I was surprised to find what I thought was a relatively new blog at the top of the list. How in the world did Believe all things get to the top of the list with less than four months of activity? It is one of the best looking sites I have seen and has wonderful content, but still… I was also curious how the group blogs ranked, so I ran the same Alexa numbers there. No surprises, really:

I am aware that this group blog listing is not comprehensive. If you are interested in adding your LDS-themed group blog to the list, just let me know. And while I’m at it, I decided to compile rankings for LDS-themed websites that are not blogs. Of course it can in no way be considered complete. These are just the ones I visit regularly. Click on image for hot-links.

Here are the links to the three lists so you can add them to wherever you keep your favorite links. I’ll probably update them every few months. They’ll change a lot in the next few weeks as I add to them. Please feel free to send me links to your blogs. If you are interested in getting more traffic, refer to this essay I wrote back in May: How to promote your LDS blog.

1. Alexa rankings of LDS solo blogs
2. Alexa rankings of LDS group blogs
3. Alexa rankings of LDS websites

23 thoughts on “Today’s LDS blog rankings”

  1. hey Tim, thanks for this wonderful post! It will sure to generate more traffic coz I am blogging ABOUT THEM!!! Yeheyyyy! I was a little surprised too that our site went up to the TOP 10 in the solo blogs, but maybe that’s because we are visible from Saudi Arabia, right? heheThanks for your thoughts always. I have some project and would like to ask for your help. I’ll email you. Shokran! Thats arabic of Thank you!

  2. Jon,I could move you to the group blogs list since technically you seem to have a second contributor, but they only seem to have made one post. But that would still put you 32nd on the group blog list. And by the way, I should have given you a hat tip in the essay for the idea to put this list together. I got the idea from your post yesterday. Thanks.

  3. Jon, I make this thought visible in my blog sidebar regarding our site “The data’s and metrics are not that much, but our online presence and blog is not to win awards, gain glory or earn money, but to touch lives and inspire others, ‘to do good continually’ and to live life to the fullest, loving without expecting anything, learning the good things, and to leave a lasting legacy.”You inspired me more than you can ever imagine. It feels so great to befriended you and Tim virtually and be touched by the thoughts and principles of you guys!

  4. Tim, thanks for running these stats.When I started my blog last February I thought I would be lucky to get five readers per month. I never dreamed of getting between 50 to 100 per day. Strangely, my goofy and humorous posts get the most hits, and yet my more serious theological posts are by far the most important.The admonition of Jesus to “Feed my sheep” (John 21:17) and the parable of the lost sheep (Matt. 18:10-14) reminds me that reaching the one may be as important as reaching the many. Numbers are great (I wish I had more), but they are not the full picture, of course.By the way, if yours is not a top 10 blog, then I don’t know what is.


    That’s ok Tim, I was just fascinated to see where everyone ranked. I just did not take the time and effort to do a solid job of it. Yeah, still mostly a solo blog at this stage.

  6. I admit I was quite surprised by the lists, and have managed to comment on the same.Thanks for this information.

  7. Tim,We’ll be far down the list if we are even on it but we would love to be included in the LDS Group Blog rankings.www.fromthedust.orgThanksDH

  8. Tim, probably a very ignorant question, but what do the numbers associated with each blog mean? I’ve never tried to publicize mine that much, so I’m fine with 30th, but I just don’t know what the other number means.

  9. Hi Papa D,Alexa is a website ranking service. When first introduced, it worked primarily by gathering the history of visits from users who have installed the toolbar on their web browser. They have since changed their data gathering technique using web crawlers.Nobody really understands how they arrive at their rankings, thus they are not considered a primary source for realistic web traffic patterns. Nonetheless, they are highly visible and the service is free to the public.The numbers represent the ranking of popularity of all the web pages they include in their database. That is why some of the blogs on the bottom of the list are not included – they have such a small amount of traffic that they do not yet have an entry in their database. Thus, the lower the number, the higher the ranking.

  10. Hi Tim – I just saw your post this morning, and let me tell you, I am even more surprised than you about Believe All Things‘ number one ranking in Alexa! From the inception, it was intended to be an “SEO-sandbox”. However, not all the content is optimized – I am just playing around with various plugins and widgets and techniques to see what works. But as you note above, Alexa is NOT a reliable measurement of traffic. In fact, I bet if we compared web analytics data with each other, the rankings would be quite different.

  11. I was just surprised to have my blog even listed when I ran into the rankings by accident a little while ago. I take some perverse pleasure in being the very last one on the list. 😉

  12. Hi Tim,We’re here to pitch a link to you. Our link. While we are not exclusively LDS (or religious for that matter), we do pull from LDS resources and blogs, and we very much appreciate Mormons’ active contribution in protecting and defending traditional marriage and family values. We would be honored if you would add us to your blog roll and send a few of your fantastic readers our way to help us spread the good word of marriage between one man and one woman.Sincerely,Kingfisher ColumnP.S. You might find, on our site, a few more delightful links for blogs similar to the infamous and brilliant Beetle Blogger as well.

  13. I was surprised to see how well Our Thoughts did. I would have thought the MA founding blogs would be higher than us.

  14. My blog, “Flooding the Earth” ranks about at the middle of your 80 solo blogs, at 5,2437,856.

  15. Hi, Tim. Thanks for the ranking info. Fyi, the LDS Anarchy Blog is a group blog with 6 contributors, so far. Just thought I’d let you know.LDS Anarchist

  16. Morgan Deane

    And sorry I got your name wrong Tim! I would still appreciated being added to the list, my mistake withstanding. Thanks.

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