Visions, Dreams, Spirit World, Last Days, Second Coming

Acts 2:17 (see also Joel 2:28) When I was much younger I had visions of the future, specifically my own future. Many of those visions came to pass. As they were happening, I recognized them. They had to do with life choices such as education, work or career, marriage, family, and even where I would …

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Civil War, Tribes and Fleeing to Zion

Communication systems have failed. There is no cellular network. There is no central government, either on a national or state level. There is no police force, no military. No fuel for the fighter jets and tanks. Our great health care system with all the hospitals, medicines and lifesaving power has been decimated. Distribution of goods is non-existent. Civilization has gone back a hundred and fifty years. No cars, no working sewage systems, no more water distribution.

The Uncorrelated Church

From a reader: I have a question; I was curious what you meant by “those still in the uncorrelated church.” Are there LDS churches not correlated? Thanks! My response: Ah yes, was wondering if someone would ask about that. Glad to know someone’s reading and thinking about my stuff. Tightly Structured Teaching The uncorrelated church …

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