Hyrum Smith

Hyrum Smith – A Prophet Unsung

Having previously read Whitney’s outstanding biography (Joseph Smith Revealed – A Faithful Telling), I appreciated the thorough research and copious footnotes accompanying that volume. In this latest profile of Hyrum Smith, I was pleased with the similar detailed treatment. Although not as much has been recorded about Hyrum either in his day or since, Whitney […]

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Hyrum Smith Resources

Recently, a new biography was published about Hyrum Smith (1800-1844), Patriarch, Prophet and President of the Church. While I know of at least a dozen biographies of Joseph Smith, I was surprised to discover there are only four published histories of Hyrum (of which I am aware). I now have all four of these accounts

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Changing Requirements of Perfection

I have never equated perfection as meaning without flaw or error, rather as having flaws and errors removed. The resurrection is a free gift to all. We will all live again with immortal bodies. But the quality of our life in the hereafter depends entirely upon us and our efforts to be worthy and prepared for the greatest of all the gifts of God – eternal life.

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