Zion in the top of the Mountains

Watching the crowds while sitting on the top of a small mountain at Sand Hollow State Park near Hurricane Utah, I experienced one of those moments in life when everything seems right with the world. Away from the daily grind of work, sitting in the warm sun, away from the cold and blustery wind, I felt nothing but peace and contentment. All was right with the world.

Around me were thousands of cheering fans who had just witnessed Matt Wetzel guide an inexperienced off-roader up double Sammy and triple 7, pausing just before the chute. Day one of this three-day off-road extravaganza had reached a high point in the festivities which were being live-streamed to thousands on the Internet, with what looked like to me to be 10,000 attending in person.

I didn’t get close enough to good shots of the chute, but here is a shot from last year. I’ll be there again tomorrow to watch the finals with only the best of the best competing for the win. Being a city boy from California, this is not something I do regularly, but Carol convinced me it would be a good vacation. Besides, she could visit with family while I was out in nature up on the trail.

Click on the link to watch the video

Carol was right. This has been a good vacation. It’s completely different for my lifestyle. I’m used to sitting in a windowless office all day, solving computer-related problems for other people, or, luckily, doing the same thing from the comfort of my home office three days a week. I’m not an off-roader, never have been, but I’ve been fascinated with Matt’s Off-Road Recovery YouTube Channel for the past year since my brother-in-law introduced me to it. It’s a big deal in Southern Utah, where we are right now. Lot’s of off-roaders in this area.

Zion in the Top of the Mountains

I named this post as I did since we are close to Zion’s National park and, on this day, I was sitting on the top of a mountain with a beautiful view. I have written previously about Zion in the Tops of the Mountains, a subject that is constantly on my mind these days. I wonder how many people will prepare the city of Zion before the Lord comes. It will be a physical place and it will be in the tops of the mountains. I don’t believe it will be in Utah but have often thought of Grand Mesa in Colorado or maybe Sawtooth Valley Idaho – pure speculation.

Who is going to build Zion? Obviously it must be the pure in heart. What kind of people will they be? Terrible, according to the worldly, but I prefer to think of these people as kind, caring, unselfish, helpful, industrious, careful planners and builders and followers of Christ. I once wrote a fictional episode of fleeing to Zion, or at least the start of the journey. I have a whole different view of where Zion will be. It won’t in Independence Missouri, at least not at first. It must be in the tops of the mountains, according to several prophecies (T&C 35:8).

Who Will Build Zion in Our Day?

Food for thought. If you’re interested in learning more, consider attending the upcoming Remnant Eclipse Conference in upstate New York in just a few weeks (April 6-8 2024). It won’t be live-streamed, but will be recorded and made available for viewing later. The conference was originally planned to be held in the Kirtland Temple, which I’m sure you know the LDS Church bought for $192 million along with other historical sites and materials. John Hajicek had a lot to say about that as did the LDS Church. Good use of tithing?

The church and many LDS scholars continue to promulgate the false narrative that Joseph Smith instituted polygamy. I can’t see any way the Lord would consider having a large institution like the LDS Church build Zion. It’s certain that the Community of Christ can no longer afford to fulfill the dream of so many that they would be the ones to build Zion. Neither the Brighamites or the Josephites seem to be the ones the Lord will ask to do this work. If I were you, I would look to the nascent Remnant group. Or consider this upcoming conference.