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In my previous post about the Restoration Archives, I noted it contained many links to sites important to recovering and continuing the restoration. One of those is the Hebrew Translation of the Book of Mormon. I knew about this project and have been following the progress. There was a recent update on the site dated 1 October 2022 that the initial draft of the translation is complete and they have begun the editing work. I don’t know about you, but I think this is an exciting and astonishing development.

I was astonished to read that “The project has cost over $250,000 so far, and it is anticipated another $150,000 will be required to bring the editing work to completion, plus $50,000 for typesetting and publishing.” The cost is used 100% to pay for the professional translators. The organizers and sponsors of the project are contributing their labor free of charge. Just as I offered thanks to those who created and maintain the Restoration Archives, I offer my thanks to those involved in the Hebrew Book of Mormon.

Why is this important? It is the fulfillment of prophecy. It will be an even greater fulfillment of Revelations Chapter 11 when someone takes the Hebrew Book of Mormon to Jerusalem and proclaims the message of the book to the people there. In fact, there will be two who bear this witness. That day is fast approaching. It is one of the many signs of the last days, the end times, which is the primary subject of this blog. Like Jesus, these two witnesses will have to “set their faces like flint” to fulfill this prophetic mission.

Other Hebrew Translations

I’m sure you know this is not the first time the Book of Mormon has been translated into Hebrew. I know the LDS Church undertook to do this work, but withdrew it from publication as part of their agreement to open the BYU Jerusalem Center. I am also aware of two other versions. One is from the RLDS Church and the other is from my friend Tom Irvine at his site Vibration Data. Tom is an aerospace engineer and has labored many years to produce a Hebrew Book of Mormon for personal study. However, as he shared on his site:

“There is freedom in religion in Israel, where proselytizing has always been legal. In order to obtain permission for ongoing construction at the BYU Center in Jerusalem in the 1980s, the LDS Church signed an agreement not to proselytize ‘so long as such activity is prohibited by the government of Israel.’ Since the government of Israel does not prohibit proselytizing, the reason that Mormons aren’t preaching in Israel now is because their leaders voluntarily choose not to do so, not because they don’t have a legal right to share their beliefs.”

It seems strange to me that the LDS Church has not been more aggressive or assertive in sharing the most important message of the restoration, the Book of Mormon, with the people of Israel. It strikes me as being along the same lines of not being willing to establish and promote the City of Zion, an actual place in the tops of the mountains (not Salt Lake City) as a refuge from the world. Well, if they’re not going to declare this message in Jerusalem, I know a people who are about to take on that mission in fulfillment of Rev 11.

A Sign of the End Times

My wife and I have often said to each other, “When we see the two prophets in Israel, then we’ll know time is getting short.” My friend Steve Gorton’s dad, who wrote as Ask Gramps, quoted Bruce R. McConkie. The two witnesses are “followers of that humble man Joseph Smith, through whom the Lord of Heaven restored the fulness of his everlasting gospel in this final dispensation of grace. No doubt they will be members of the Council of the Twelve or of the First Presidency of the Church.” (Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, 3:509)

I don’t know if I believe what Bruce R McConkie wrote about these two prophets. I just can’t see any members of the Quorum of the Twelve or the First Presidency going to Jerusalem to share the Book of Mormon, especially since the LDS Church has withdrawn their version of the Hebrew Book of Mormon because they don’t want to risk the BYU Jerusalem Center. What is more important – declaring the message of the Book of Mormon, or hanging on to a piece of property where LDS folks can send their children for a year of study abroad?

I think most people will agree that the day of the Gentile has just about drawn to a close. The last days are upon us in earnest. We, the descendants of white European ancestry, are the Gentiles. The day of grace has almost passed. We are about to see marvelous signs and wonders come to pass to a greater degree. This is one of them – the declaration of the Book of Mormon in the streets of Jerusalem. This work is not being contemplated or undertaken by the people who have claimed to be the caretakers of the Book of Mormon. Why?

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    1. And thank you, Adrian, and all those who are laboring with you, to bring forth this modern miracle. As Keith noted, the Israeli scholars must indeed be getting a real education.

  1. Tim, I think we are much closer to the day of the two prophets in Israel than you realize. During the talk in the most recent conference at the Layton park amphitheatre, Denver said those chosen to take the message to Israel had been called and set apart. With an announcement like that coming from outside the LDS church it doesn’t sound to me like the two will be leaders or even members of that church. And with a temple in the offing for Israel prior to the return of the Lord, it would seem best to me that those two prophets be able to direct those chosen in Israel to build that temple, to one who is familiar as to what a real temple is to be like, and the covenants it is to administer. IMHO there is no one in the Book Of Mormon believing community, save one, who knows anything about that. And he is not a member of any of their institutions.

    Can you imagine the education those Israeli scholars are receiving as they work their minds around a translation given by God to Joseph Smith in English, and put that pure translation into biblical Hebrew? Keith

    1. Keith Henderson

      Tim, I said the wrong talk. It was the previous Hilldale talk in which the information about calling and setting apart was given. But all that does is make the time closer than before that those two emissaries will be in Israel. Keith

      1. Thank you Keith. For those who want the link, it is on page 29 of the Hilldale talk (the prepared paper). Here is the quote: “We have an obligation to the descendants of Lehi, and have called and set apart individuals for that purpose. We have an obligation to the remnant of the Jews, and have been working for more than two years to have the Book of Mormon translated into Old Testament Hebrew. Although there are at least two modern-Hebrew translations, they are not of a quality that reflects the seriousness of the obligation imposed on us. We have some of the best Old Testament Hebrew scholars in the world working with us on the translation, and the project is now entering the final editing stage. It will be expensive to complete and publish, and those who have been supervising the effort wanted me to mention that anyone who is willing to do so can contribute to that effort. If you are interested in knowing more, go to the website hebrewbookofmormon.com and read about the project. Following publication of the Hebrew language version, we have those called by God and set apart to take the message to the remnant of the Jews. We are not waiting for someone else …

      2. Hi Keith. Thanks so much for the reference. I am constantly amazed by how patient the Lord was with the institution that claimed they were the sole caretakers of the Book of Mormon, and yet would not proclaim it to one of the groups, indeed the very people for whom it was written – the Jews in particular. It is almost frightening to realize how The Lord is moving so quickly in these last days. He has taken matters into his own hands and is doing his own work. The things that are being accomplished by the few who believe is a marvelous work and a wonder. Those who have doubted and dismissed the message delivered by the servant of the Lord would do well to take another look and read it seriously (the Ten Talks).

  2. I understand that the two prophets are Enoch and Elijah—in that neither have died and will suffer death on their mission–and raise after three days–rj

  3. a speck of dust on a pale blue dot

    I may be mistaken here, but I do not see where Denver specified that it was only *two* individuals called to take the Book of Mormon message to the Jews. So perhaps one might be “jumping the gun,” as the cliche goes, to interpret some being “called of God and set apart” to assume it is the two prophets foretold in scripture? I confess, it sounds more to me like missionaries have been called and set apart, which is wonderful and important work imho. I am just not sure it is accurate to interpret it to mean prophesy is being fulfilled. But I am just a speck of dust, so if others can enlarge my understanding I would be appreciative.

    1. Hi Speck of Dust. I concur with your observation that it might be a stretch to assume missionaries being called and set apart to take the Hebrew Book of Mormon to the Jews is in direct fulfillment of Rev 3:15.

      Nevertheless, it was astonishing to me to learn there are individuals and resources committed to making this happen. As Denver said, “We are not waiting for someone else.” I look forward to learning more about the efforts of these missionaries.

      I ponder the response to that very question as to who these two prophets really are and if we are about to see the scripture fulfilled.

      “Question: What is to be understood by the two witnesses in the eleventh chapter of Revelation [Rev. 3:15]? … Answer: They are two prophets that are to be raised up to the Jewish nation in the last days at the time of the restoration, and to prophesy to the Jews after they are gathered and have built the city of Jerusalem in the land of their fathers.” (D&C 77:15 LE or T&C 74:15 RE).

      A simple Google search reveals dozens of articles written on this very subject. It is of intense interest to many as it is clearly one of the signs of the end times.

      I appreciate your comment. It caused me to think and dig a bit more.

      1. a speck of dust on a pale blue dot

        And your comment reminded me that I have often thought the two prophets would be born into Judaism and come from among those people rather than “sent to them.” That whole “raised up to” is what makes me think it is a possibility. I mean, who would be most likely to be welcomed and listened to: outsiders or those who are completely enmeshed in the culture and understand the ways of Jewish people? I believe this is what is meant when scripture speaks of the gospel being preached “unto every nation, tongue, and people.” And this is also why the gift of tongues is needed, which can point to outsiders being called. Additionally, the pattern Christ follows seems to suggest He calls those from within a group to be a messenger to that group, i.e. Denver Snuffer being a messenger to Mormons (first), then Christians, and now Jews. Who knows? Maybe Denver will be one of those two prophets?

        I truly do not know or understand much of these things. It is definitely interesting to learn some (however many) have been called by God and set apart. (By whom?) But I’m not in the need-to-know group on this one.

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