The Heavens Are Open

I’ve been wondering when the next conference would be held. A new site has popped up that provides the beginnings of some information about the next conference in the United States, to be held March 20-22 in Hurricane Utah. Note there is also another conference planned for April 3-5 in Japan. You can see archives of past conferences at Restoration Archives. There are also some archives of Regional Conferences there.

I know the remnant movement of the restoration is taking place all over the world, but it’s clear from the Fellowship Locator that the majority of the gatherings are in the United States, and particularly along the Mormon Corridor. Even here in California, I feel a little out of touch with what is taking place in the movement. I am glad we have email and websites like Restoration Archives to keep in touch and learn of upcoming events.

There is also a Book of Mormon Language Conference being held January 16, 2020 from 6:45 to 8:45 pm at the Provo City Library. Speakers include Stanford Carmack, an independent scholar based in Cape Cod, Massachusetts with a dozen publications related to Book of Mormon linguistics, Mac Platt, Jon Durfee and Ya’akov ben Y’hudah, a Messianic Jew with no institutional Mormon affiliation who sponsors a blog at dedicated to teaching the Book of Mormon to other Jews.

The Remnant Movement

Carol asked me the other day if the remnant movement was dead. I told her I thought the focus had moved more toward the fellowships, and not so much on the conferences. A book on fellowships was published last July. That’s where the real work of preparing for Zion is taking place. It’s in learning how to get along, to take no offense and give none if possible, in spite of differences of opinion about social, political and world events.

We do the same thing right in our own ward. That’s where Carol and I fellowship with the saints. I still like calling ward members saints, because in so many ways they model saintly behavior in the way they serve one another and strive to raise their children in love. There continues to be a healthy focus on teaching in our ward and stake, both in the home and in Church each Sunday. And the teaching seems to focus on Christ.


Teaching About Christ

I meant to mention another series of books that came out awhile back from Nancy Genys. They are designed for children, but are chock full of doctrine. I have copies and am very impressed with the foundation they provide. In fact, one of them is entitled, Foundational Teachings of Jesus Christ. The others are The Answer and Covenant from Jesus Christand A Case for Zion and Dwelling With Jesus Christ.

“You, to be competent in teaching your children, must first have the Holy Ghost as your guide. Then, once you have that, you ought to have familiarity with the scriptures, just as Hyrum was told to first learn what was in them before trying to teach others. Then you are qualified to go and teach your children, and you have an obligation to do that. Children are the means to preserve Zion. Without the conversion of children, Zion has no chance of surviving.” (Denver Snuffer)


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