A Time of Reflection, Part Four

When I was baptized in September 2014, there was no central website where one could go to request or arrange for baptism. I simply put it out there on my blog and within a few hours I had received several offers from authorized individuals who were willing to come to California to perform my baptism. I am forever grateful to the individual who took time out of his schedule to perform this sacred ordinance for me on that day.

Once baptized, I wanted to make sure my name was recorded in the book that is to be presented to the Lord when he comes to the temple. You can read more about that on the Recorder’s Clearinghouse site. Especially note the wording that the names submitted will be “handwritten in the Books of Life which will be placed in the Temple of our God, and maintained there throughout the Millennium.” I want my name to be in that book.

I have reflected often on this event that was such a turning point in my life. It meant a lot to me then and it still does today. It is significant for several reasons, but perhaps the most significant to me is that it was and is an outward sign to the Lord that I accepted the message of his servant. I chose to follow the Lord by going into the waters of baptism. I accepted that the commandment to be baptized had been renewed again so I obeyed.


An Authorized Baptizer

Only a few people know how many have been baptized and have submitted their names to be recorded. I’m not sure I really care. I know the number is small, probably less than 10,000. I’m fairly certain the majority of those who have been baptized are also former members of the LDS Church. They typically reside mostly in the Mormon Corridor along the Wasatch Front. However, note the worldwide focus illustrated in the graphic above.

I don’t know if this is one individual who does a lot of travelling or multiple individuals who happen to be available over the next few months in the cities indicated. It’s nice to see the site is kept up to date. The efforts to bring those desiring baptism together with authorized baptizers is obviously ongoing. This is no temporary movement that faltered after the initial wave of interest generated by the 40 Years in Mormonism lecture series.

Those who are baptized in remote places throughout the world can get together through the fellowship locator. The fellowships of the remnants are occasionally organized as online groups first until enough individuals in one geographic location can get together. Regular readers of my blog know I’m a little bit of a unique case in that I still attend LDS church services each week with my wife, who is a very active faithful Latter-day Saint.


Baptism and Re-Baptism

Nevertheless, I fully accept the idea that the LDS Church is missing quite a few things required to prepare us fully for the Second Coming of the Savior, the return of the City of Enoch and the establishment of Zion. I suppose this is the hardest thing for orthodox members of the LDS Church to consider – that there may be something missing from what is taught and practiced concerning these important events that are at the door.

Because the LDS Church teaches and most members fully believe that Zion has somehow already been established, and that the LDS Church constitutes the kingdom of God on the earth, it’s easy to dismiss what many who have dug into these matters claim as truth. We are considered heretics, apostates, deluded and perhaps even brainwashed. We are to be both pitied and shunned. The remnant movement is considered but a temporary schism.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to attend LDS Church services each Sunday. I take the Sacrament there but also administer the Sacrament in my home on a regular basis. I came to question the teaching a long time ago that the sacrament is somehow a renewal of the vows or covenants we take upon ourselves at baptism. This doctrine crept into the LDS Church back in the day when re-baptisms were being phased out as unacceptable.


The Work of the Lord in our day

As I pointed out in a couple of posts around the time I was baptized in 2014, baptism is an outward sign to the Lord and others that you accept what He is offering. And make no mistake about it, the Lord is offering something in our day that hasn’t been available for a long, long time. Not since the early days of the Restoration has the Lord made such obvious efforts to prepare a people for what He desires to give to those who believe.

It’s not my intent to attempt to convince anyone in this post of the need to leave the LDS Church. That was my choice. I am aware that hundreds have been baptized as I have and yet continue to attend the LDS meetings each Sunday. Where they are discovered they are excommunicated or asked to resign. It’s clear the LDS Church feels threatened by what Denver has done. They do not consider Denver to be a servant of the Lord as I do.

This post is simply meant to be a reflection of another sign given of the Lord in our day. I have covered the Davidic Servant, new Scripture, the work of the Scripture Committee, and now baptism. I have three more topics I wish to consider and reflect upon before the upcoming General Conference April 19-21 in Colorado. One has been realized – the new Covenant, and two have yet to be established – Zion and the Temple. What exciting times.

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