Determining Your Mission in Life

JacobBlessesSonsFirst of all, YOU determine your mission in life. Nobody else can do it for you. YOU decide what you want to do with your life. YOU decide what it is that God would like you to do with your life. If you feel God would like you to be a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, then you be the best damn member of the LDS Church you can possibly be.

If you feel God wants you to become an expert on LDS Church History, then by all means, do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Obviously you’ll want to be balanced in your pursuit. We all have a regular life – you know, work, school, family, sleep, church, social and the like. But if God has given you a desire to pursue something and you feel it is right, then give it your heart.

Don’t take crap from anybody who tells you how wrong you are to be focused on something that gives you pleasure and provides you with enjoyment. Especially beware of well-meaning people who want you to adopt their modus operandi in life as yours. Just because they can’t understand what makes you tick, doesn’t give them the right to tell you how wrong you are for your focus.

May God Bless the LDS Church

For example, on my last post, a well-intentioned individual decided to let loose with all kinds of advice that apparently works well for that person in their life, but is so full of judgement and fear I could hardly read it without laughing out loud. I won’t name the reader. I value their comments and they are welcome to post them as they please, but it was so, so very wrong for my situation.

LDSChurchOfficeBuildingI love the LDS Church. Always have. Always will. It has a special and sacred mission. It was established by divine mandate. It was led by the Lord for many generations. The hand of the Lord prospered the LDS Church and just about everything it did. No matter how many ways the imperfect leaders and members messed it up, it always came out on top because God blessed it.

The Lord is still blessing the LDS Church, the members and the leaders. They are sustained by the prayers of the faithful members. I continue to pray for them, every night, by name, and ask the Lord to bless them in their work. I pray for those who are sick. I ask the Lord to join my faith with the faith of millions of members of the LDS Church all over the world praying for them.

How You Judge Reveals You to Others

I was a member of the LDS Church for over fifty years. I continue to attend the LDS Church. I love the local leaders and pray for them each night. I enjoy listening to the counsel of these leaders and see the hand of the Lord upon them. There is no doubt they have prayed for the help of the Lord to magnify their callings. They are blessed according to their faith and prayers.

speaking-in-churchPlease don’t judge my motivation as to why I write about the LDS Church. Don’t assume to know what makes me tick. Don’t think you know what my mission in life is. Don’t proclaim I have a fixation with the LDS Church when you have no right to proclaim any such thing. You have no idea what my mission is. You don’t know what the Lord has shared with me about this.

Just because you are offended by any mention of the LDS Church doesn’t mean I have to stop writing about it. You don’t have to read my blog. Go elsewhere. What you’ll find here are good things about the LDS church, the leaders, the programs and the much good accomplished by the LDS Church. I don’t care about the cost of City Creek mall. I gave my tithing willingly. So there.

Seek to Find Common Ground

My desire is to minister to the good people of the LDS Church. I am most familiar with the inner workings for the church, having served in a local leadership capacity for over twenty-five years. I have no desire to tell, persuade or convince anyone to leave the LDS Church. There is too much good in our local wards and stakes. I look forward to my continued association with my friends.

josephsmith.jpgYou don’t know my mission. I am not here to shake anything up. I am here to bless and bring attention to good things wherever they may be in the LDS Church or in the culture or in any one of the many Mormon groups that claim to be part of the restoration movement. If you know and love Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon then you and I have a lot in common.

I love the LDS Temples. I wish I could go. I miss attending the temple. The LDS Church has not done me wrong in any way, shape or form. They have gone out of their way to be nice to me, to see to my spiritual needs and to truly befriend me as best they can. Nobody is perfect. No leader can be everything we think they should be. The burden we put on local leaders is so very unfair.

Seek to Strengthen Your Marriage

I pray for the success of the mission of the LDS Church. I pray for the continued success or the missionaries, local and foreign. I pray they will be a good example and not mess anything up. They are young and inexperienced. I am so grateful they are blessed with good and faithful mission presidents and mothers who look out for them. Some were my missionary companions.

EldersBookOfMormonIf you choose to leave the LDS Church out of your life, that’s your prerogative. It will be a big part of mine until the day I die. The LDS Church has a mission. I intend to watch it fulfill that mission. I will never be a member again but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a friend. I am married to one of the most dedicated, faithful, loyal and protective members of the Church in all the world.

I have watched her become stronger in her beliefs, her practices and her prayers. She is studying the atonement of Jesus Christ and shares with me her observations as she reads. Carol reads the scriptures every night before she goes to bed. I’m more hit and miss in reading. I tend to spend a lot of time on Tuesdays and Saturdays in the scriptures – the days I work from the home office.

Your Mission Is Not My Mission

Your claim that I have a fixation with the LDS church is wrong. Your statement I am looking backward not forward is wrong. Your claim I must forgive the LDS Church is erroneous. Your proclamation that I am full of judgment and fear more likely applies to your own life, not mine. People tend to see in others what is most bothersome in themselves. I suggest you repent of that.

new-heavens7You ask why I feel the need to talk about the LDS Church now that I have resigned. Has it ever occurred to you maybe that Lord wants me to write about the LDS Church? Have you thought maybe the Lord and I have discussed this and have come to the conclusion my best work can be done by reaching out to those like me who have been faithful all their lives but have questions?

You don’t know me. You never will. Nobody can. My family doesn’t know me. My wife doesn’t know me. The only person who knows me is God. He and I talk every day, all day throughout the day. We discuss the challenges I face. We talk about solving problems together. We laugh about the silly things people do and say. We cry together about misunderstandings and injustices.

Come Place Your Name in the Temple

recorders-clearinghouseWe cry together about the calamities that are coming upon the earth. We discuss ways we can do more to reach people to warn them without sounding like a fool. We mourn for those who judge me and my friends because we are so adamant the Lord is actively moving among the good LDS people in a way most of them don’t recognize. He is finding a few here and there who will listen.

There are thousands who have heard the message of the messenger He sent. Yes, thousands. I wish more people would come forward and record their names on the register. Do they just not realize how important this is? This is the list of names to be presented to the Lord in the temple when He comes again. My name is on that list. Is yours? Why haven’t you sent it to be recorded?

You advised me to let go of the Church soapbox. Sorry. If what I write offends you, don’t read my blog. This is what I know. This is how the Lord works with me. Maybe he works differently with you. I honor that. You can best serve your creator by honoring the choices of others. Don’t pretend you know what is best for another. Only God can tell them that. God reveals missions.


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  1. Tim, do you believe that Denver’s message (and call for rebaptism, etc.) applies to every person on this earth? Or even every Latter-day Saint? Do you believe obeying this call is the only way to qualify for ZION? I plead with you to discuss it with the Lord before responding. And these questions are open to anyone else who wishes to comment as well. Peace.

    1. Yes – see page 32 of Preserving the Restoration: “You need to be baptized and offer baptism to others because the LDS Church no longer preaches the doctrine of Christ, and have added to it the commandments of men. In the baptismal interview, the second question asked is, ‘Do you believe that [current Church President] is a prophet of God? What does this mean to you?’ You can find that on page 206 in Preach My Gospel. As a condition of being baptized into the LDS Church, you must offer up as a catechism, your confession that the current church president is a prophet of God, and then explain what that means to you. This is been added, and therefore does not conform to the Doctrine of Christ. It ‘cometh of evil’ according to Christ’s doctrine. Therefore, you need, as part of preserving the Restoration, to practice in the way outlined today.”

  2. There are thousands who have heard the message of the messenger He sent. Yes, thousands. I wish more people would come forward and record their names on the register. Do they just not realize how important this is? This is the list of names to be presented to the Lord in the temple when He comes again. My name is on that list. Is yours? Why haven’t you sent it to be recorded?
    I wonder if this statement above condemns The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? I could very well be wrong, but doesn’t adding your name to the list mentioned mean leaving The Church led on Earth by Thomas S. Monson? And if you do not want to leave, might the church excommunicate you for this act being listed?
    Otherwise, I love your posts. Keep going!

    1. While there are thousands who have been baptized, only a few hundred have submitted their names to the central recorder. I don’t believe the act of baptism condemns the LDS Church. The Brethren encouraged rebaptism in the early days of the church – it was called the reformation period. I know many people who have been baptized but have not left the church. But yes, the church could excommunicate an individual for being baptized. That’s one of the reasons why I resigned.

  3. I am guessing the commenter was the seven something of truth commenter. (Not me by the way)

    It IS silly because the person who commented could ask you similar questions. How do you know The Lord did not tell that person to write exactly what they did in their comment? I mean it obviously had an effect on you that influenced what you wrote in this piece, and even influenced this comment now, so obviously the hand of The Lord was in that comment.

    Why are you suggesting the importance for somebody else to register their name somewhere? How do you know The Lord didn’t tell them that that is the last thing The Lord wants them to do? In fact, how do you know that whoever the commenter was doesn’t know your mission or know you or know all things? You see how circular this can get?

    Zhuangzi and Huizi were strolling along the bridge over the Hao River. Zhuangzi said, “The minnows swim about so freely, following the openings wherever they take them. Such is the happiness of fish.”

    Huizi said, “You are not a fish, so whence do you know the happiness of fish?”

    Zhuangzi said, “You are not I, so whence do you know I don’t know the happiness of fish?”

    Huizi said, “I am not you, to be sure, so I don’t know what it is to be you. But by the same token, since you are certainly not a fish, my point about your inability to know the happiness of fish stands intact.”

    Zhuangzi said, “Let’s go back to the starting point. You said, ‘Whence do you know the happiness of fish?’ Since your question was premised on your knowing that I know it, I must have known it from here, up above the Hao River.”

    1. The comment was from 7 Elevations of Wholeness. Here’s the website: You are absolutely right, Nate. I pondered the comment all week. I thought about leaving my thoughts in a comment but felt they belonged in a post after I composed them. The commenter was indeed inspired. It was good stuff. It got me thinking, pondering and praying. For that I am grateful.

      It is important that those who are baptized have their names recorded as a part of the book to be presented to the Lord in His house when He comes. What Keith records “will generate a record in heaven binding those names it contains, and the record will be kept in the temple for at least a thousand years where it will be researched by many, and will stand as a testimony to the faith through obedience, of those pioneers who entered the waters of baptism in this age, in accordance with the Doctrine of Christ.

      “What you record will be a witness containing your testimony and the circumstances of the event to your descendants, and to those others who will stand in awe at your faithfulness. I have no doubt that my record and your record will be combined in heaven as a binding law, which shall never be annulled.” My record is this blog and of course, my own personal journal. I had friends there at my baptism that day. I am grateful for their friendship.

      “Now the nature of this ordinance consists in the power of the priesthood, by the revelation of Jesus Christ, wherein it is granted that whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven…or, in other words, taking a different view of the translation, whatsoever you record on earth shall be recorded in heaven…”

      “It may seem to some to be a very bold doctrine that we talk of–a power which records or binds on earth and binds in heaven. Nevertheless, in all ages of the world, whenever the Lord has given a dispensation of the priesthood to any man by actual revelation or any set of men, this power has always been given. Hence, whatsoever those men did in authority, in the name of the Lord, and did it truly and faithfully, and kept a proper and faithful record of the same, it became a law on earth and in heaven, and could not be annulled, according to the decrees of the great Jehovah. This is a faithful saying. Who can hear it?”(D&C 128: 8-9.)

      1. Thank you for those quotes, Tim, very enlightening. Are those from Denver and Denver quoting Joseph?

        I wondering if you’ll address some of my questions and, I see, Nate’s, about whether you believe these things address or apply to everyone, etc.

        Who are you and/or Denver and/or others who are following him – and by that I mean believing/following/obeying his words/messages as if they are coming authoritatively from the Lord (I know we start to get lost in semantics here) – extrapolating that the audience is meant to be all people? i.e. that it is a global message, that one cannot achieve (or abide) ZION without complying, etc.? In essence do you believe that Denver’s transmission is now the one true message and way (to ZION, exaltation, the top of the mountain, etc.)? (Please don’t read any snark into my voice here, I am sincere. I, like you, have been LDS all my life and I know how we think in our culture/tradition.)

        Or do you believe it’s possible that Denver’s message/mission actually applies to only a small group of people? That the Lord has other prophets and other methods of reaching other peoples toward the same grand goal? That some LDS are not meant, in this estate, to follow Denver at all? In other words, do you believe it is possible that Denver has possibly overstated/overstepped his message and mission by using such sweeping and universal language in some of his declarations and predictions? That others might have a direct channel to the Lord Himself (as great or greater than Denver’s own claims) and therefore do not need to listen to nor follow Denver’s guidance at all to achieve the greatest/highest?

        Do you believe that Denver has seen the Lord in His flesh (not in Denver’s flesh, but the Lord’s flesh) and literally physically touched the Lord’s physical body, prints of nails in hands and feet and scar in His side? If so, why? If not, I’d love to hear that too.

        What gives you confidence/faith/trust that everything Denver is transmitting and teaching is accurate, true, and free of his own opinions, interpretations, and extrapolations? Do you believe Denver has been mistaken in any of his teachings, declarations, or predictions? I observe many giving him carte blanche, Praise to the Man like prophet, true messenger, etc., status, as he seems to do with Joseph Smith.

        I am not attacking you or Denver. I seek to get to the root of why you (and many others like you) believe what you believe about him and his message. Do you differentiate between what the Lord has actually and clearly revealed to you and what you may have extrapolated from it? (Like many LDS do, interpreting the Spirit bearing witness of one truth to mean all of it is true, essentially an all-or-nothing paradigm).

        Thanks again for sharing.

        1. Sorry, just read part of your reply to my first comment. Thanks for that. These questions add more clarity to what I am getting at. Thanks again.

        2. Ezekiel: I’m not sure I can help you but I’ll try. Shall I assume you have not read the hundreds of posts I have written over the past three years in which I documented my journey from “never heard of Denver” to resigning from the LDS Church? Yes, I’ll assume you haven’t.

          I’m not sure what you want. You say you want to get to the root of why I believe what I believe about Denver and the message He has delivered. Can’t the same be said for anyone who believes Joseph was a prophet or the Book of Mormon is scripture? Doesn’t the process work the same?

          The bottom line is prayer and what I interpret as a confirming witness from God. Yet many have quoted others who say they have prayed about Denver and got a dark feeling. My wife is one of them. I’m grateful for the article of faith that places us on equal footing about what we choose to believe. I believe the message delivered in the ten lectures was from God.

          How many hours have you spent reading the lectures? Have you pondered them? Have you prayed about them? I’m going to assume you have. Perhaps you’ve spent as many hours reading Denver’s writings as I have. There really is nothing we can say to each other to change things. I suggest we each be patient and watch to see how this all unfolds.

          I am nobody. My opinion means nothing. If you have read Denver’s writings and reject the message as being from God, fine. Everybody has to make a choice. That’s what life is all about. Yes I believe Denver. I believe there are others who have met the Savior. Did I miss anything?

    1. Ah, if only I could master the art of quickly switching back and forth between the two modes of writing that seem to come with inspiration: writing creatively and writing on this blog. I spend far too little time in the creative writing department. Yet the story coming together in Red Sky brings more joy with each chapter I write. It does no good to set goals. I never seem to get more than one chapter written each month.

  4. You must have really went through something to write this post. Or I mean, I’ve been affected by somebody else’s rude comments. I am so sorry this has happened to you. People just don’t get it.
    Our family has been forced out of the closet, so to speak, lol I texted you about my son being sent home from his mission. I keep asking myself, why can’t people just leave us alone? Why can’t people leave us in peace? Why does the bishop keep calling to set up interviews? I don’t go to them though. Honestly, my feelings are that I have nothing to say to him. He is not a bishop full of love and understanding. & I refused to give him ammunition against me.

    My son went once to see him since he has been home, and he came home so upset. His interview with our stake president went much better. Our stake president is much more loving and kind, and basically told him, you have to choose. You cannot believe in what Denver snuffer says and also believe that the church still has the priesthood keys etc… he did not know anything about Denver Snuffer, but he also wasn’t accusatory, acidic, or attacking. My son came home and said to me, this is going to be a little harder than I thought lol. he’d gone thinking he could get his temple recommend back. His mission president had taken it away. After his bishop interview, he just came home furious. Our bishop was not kind or loving. Our church leaders handle things very differently. Based on their personality and experience. That is why I refuse to go in and have interviews with him myself.

    My point is, I was very happy sitting back, letting things go on their merry way. I now I feel like the Lord is pushing me to do more. I have not been re-baptized, and was waiting for the right moment, because I did not want my actions to affect my children adversely. But now that is happening anyway lol

    My son was sent home because of me. Because of the things I taught him. He is going through so many hard trials because I taught him about these new truths. So many of his friends are dumping him and it is very hard for him. But he is strong and I know the Lord is grooming him for something important.

    Do you have to be baptized to add your name to the list? If so, that will probably happen soon for my family. I hate making this break from the church. I am like you, Tim. I love the church as well as the gospel. I love going and sitting in relief society with my friends. I love hearing the beautiful music. I love listening to the talks. I love the comradery. I love the support. It has been my way of life 44 years. But I also have very good friends who support me and what we’re going through now. They are the ones who introduced us to Denver snuffer.

    We have had quite a few trials lately. And I mean serious trials. A friend of mine said to me just the other day, I hope things work out for you because it seems like you guys have had a lot of bad luck. I laughed and said, no, it’s just the refiner’s fire. But I wonder if other people look at our situation and think we are being punished lol I don’t care. I have had so many blessings lately. So many miracles that have helped us through this hard time. I see the hand of God in everything, and he supports us and will get us through this also.

    keep your chin up, Tim. And don’t read those awful posts where people say cruel things. I am a writer, but I never read my reviews. I don’t have that many anyway lol but even so, if somebody hates my story, I don’t want to know. You might want to adopt that philosophy also, Tim. Don’t read them. They will only make you unhappy, angry, irritable, etc…

    Hugs to you and your family. You are doing a great work. And you have no idea how much I look forward to your posts. You strengthen me and so many others, and that’s what matters.

  5. 7 Elevations of Wholeness

    Tim, I am so sorry that the words I wrote were so offensive to you. My intent was not to offend you in any way. I have been through my own Gethsemne with the church and its leaders and my choices. I have learned things that were hard to hear after living in darkness for years. I love and appreciate all the truth that comes out of any source, regardless of the person speaking it. And I have come to a place of peace in my own path. My bad to think that maybe you were still struggling with the discrepancies between the church, it’s leaders, the members and the Lords love. Each person must find that place for themselves. Each will have to reconcile their experiences with truth – things as they are, things as they were and things as they will be. (D&C 93:22-24)

    You are completely right, the Lord always honors our desires, and our mission is fashioned after those desires. I was wrong to try and influence your desire when indeed I do not know or appreciate your particular experience. I only meant to express my love and understanding that the cleaner (meaning only in love and not fear or anxiety for ourselves or others) we are, the more perfect our mission will be. The greater the fruit we can produce. Yes that of course means the farther out of judgment we are the more people we will influence and bring into the Love of the Lord. Of course we cannot always make sure that our true intentions are seen or felt. Only that a good tree can only give good fruit and a bad tree can only give bad fruit. The intention in the tree was the only factor of the state of the fruit. We confuse this at times with the fruit being received in a good or bad manner and think that just because the person eating the fruit didn’t like it or really appreciated it means the fruit was something other than what was intended.

    I accept your call to repentance and ask your forgiveness. I love and appreciate all the work you are doing to try and further the Lords kingdom here on Earth and if you have taken and constantly take your desire and intentions to the Lord, always knowing that they can be further purified and sanctified and repenting of any fears or doubts, then I have no doubt you are getting there. Each of us must be called to repentance constantly because it isn’t just the fruit we are producing that shows what we are but the state of our heart that matters. Paradoxically, we being the tree can only produce pure fruit to the degree that we are pure, and none of us is perfectly pure yet. Thus the amount of fruit we produce is relevant to the state of our heart. some 30% some 60% and some an Hundred. Each one of us is on that path of becoming pure, especially me! i clearly have a ways to go!

    You said that I do not know you, and you are right, on this earth I don’t know you but someday we will know each other and someday when we are made “ONE” again in the Lord we will know one another’s heart. I know that at that time we will see and feel and understand perfectly and with great love the intent of the other and appreciate each others experiences. When we’re made “ONE” again through the at-one-ment we will feel the degree of love the Lord has for each of us and be able to see who the other is and love their experiences, even if on this earth those experiences came with a pinch of pain. Maybe we could even do it before then if we both receive the atonement now and get clean of our own perceptions, judgements, and fears for each other and ourselves. The trick is to become whole – undivided – at-one in ourselves. Truly that was part of the fall and as we realize that even on our best days we aren’t completely out of fear, doubt or unbelief. The question ins’t whether we’re supposed to do something or not, but whether we’re doing it completely in love and without any unclean thing in us. Who knows what’s possible with Gods LOVE – even becoming ONE might be possible!

    Having said that, I promise to love you in the Lord, regardless of what you do or say about anything that you believe that I did or said that I either did or did not intend. I promise to appreciate your experience and be more aware of your love of the Lord and intentions to honor him in the best way you know how – for I know He knows your heart, today, yesterday and tomorrow. I commit to appreciate your dedication to the Lord in the way you desire, and trust the Lord has you and will show you all you desire to know. I hope and pray you can extend to me some of the same, but if you cannot I completely understand and appreciate your experience. Life is hard and love is even harder. We all are learning to love to the next degree that’s before us and none can say which one is learning more. It is all perfect for us. That’s whats so great about God – He can see and help each of us where we’re at. If you ever desire to continue this conversation in any other way, I would be more than happy to apologize in person or on the phone so you can more fully feel my intentions and love. 801.953.4272. I put myself and your disposal.

    1. Karen: I apologize. I was overly harsh in my response to your comment. I read back through what I wrote. While I did not use the word offend, or offended – indeed I was not offended – I was annoyed. I was annoyed at so many who turn and criticize the church when they leave it. I am tired of being lumped in that category. That all came out in my post based on your astute comments. I am sorry. Please forgive me.

      I should have either kept my thoughts private between you and me or kept is as a comment on that post. As I wrote above, in response to Nate, “The commenter was indeed inspired. It was good stuff. It got me thinking, pondering and praying. For that I am grateful.” And I am grateful. I guess I have a funny way of showing it. Please forgive me for the cold harshness and overbearing repetition of my comments.

      You were very gracious in your response. More than I deserved. It reflects well on who you are and what you teach. I took some time to review your website. It is not something that appeals to me as my focus in life is more on the idea of repentance and forgiveness. Maybe that is also your focus as well, but I didn’t see it right away as I searched through your website. Please show me where I missed that focus.

      Let me explain: No matter what we do, no matter how much we want something to be a certain way – a relationship, a physical condition, a weight problem, an addiction or just about anything that is problematic in our lives, unless we get to the root of the time in our lives when we took offense or created negative energy around some event or condition, we will never be able to be completely free of that difficulty.

      No, that’s still too obscure. Here: There is a method whereby we can question our own intelligence and find answers to questions about our health – spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, whatever… There is an art to knowing how to ask questions in a manner that we can be assured we are not being deceived. Our intelligence does not lie. It simply records and reveals the truth, once it is asked in the proper manner.

      Some people who use and practice this modality are Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of the Emotion Code, Dr. Jan Graf, practitioner at Graf Stress Management in St George and Dr. Mel Fish in Cedar City. It is a difficult concept for some people to accept. The bottom line is we are influenced by negative entities. We have taken on some of that negative energy from these entities at various stress points in our lives.

      Once we discover the source of the offense in our lives, the point where the stress began that continues to manifest itself in our daily lives, we can eliminate it through a very simple process: forgiveness. We forgive others for causing the stress of for being the source of the negative energy – or entities – and forgive ourselves for taking offense of allowing the negative energy – or entities – to jump from them to us.

      We are beings of light and darkness. So while I agree with much of what you wrote about balance, the LDS Church is something I must balance. It is a part of my life, my heritage. At one point in the history of the LDS Church, the doctrine of evil sprits was taught and understood as truth. Indeed, casting out evil spirits was one of the primary focuses of the Savior in healing while He was on the earth. I tell you it still is.

      The ministry of the Lord is all about healing us. He seeks to bring us to the point where we can, through faith in his healing power, cast out the influence – and the entities if necessary – that have caused us pain and kept us from progressing. In short, His mission is to remove fear from our souls. Faith and fear cannot coexist in the same person at the same time. You judged me as being full of fear. Tell me more.

      I cannot and will not speak about the doctrines of the restoration without speaking of the LDS Church. They are intertwined. I know the LDS Church messed it up royally, which statement is very offensive to many I love, but it is the truth and until others come to accept it they will be bound by false tradition, keeping them from what the Lord intended for them in this life – a personal, healing relationship with our Savior.

      I think we are actually very close in our viewpoints of healing. In your comments, you write of repentance and removing judgment. I agree. You write of removing anger. I also agree. You write of acceptance of others, not matter their “unusual” views that may differ from ours. I agree. But I don’t agree with the divorce from the LDS Church which I read in your comments. I do not recommend people leave if they can help it.

      I would be a member of the LDS Church today if I could. But the handwriting was on the wall. It was only a matter of time. Local priesthood leaders were under a great deal of pressure from local members who read my blog. They were pressured to take action in the form of censorship through informal probation and many requests to stop writing my blog. It did not seem to matter to them I was doing what God asked.

      The Lord would have established Zion through Joseph Smith if the people would have accepted what he was trying to do. Now that four generations have passed, the Lord has put forth his hand again a second time. The heavens are open. We have, if we will accept the message delivered through the messenger the Lord sent, the rare opportunity to establish Zion. The restoration can yet be completed. This is important.

      My mission, in a nutshell, is to bring attention to what the Lord is trying to do. I asked for this mission. I was shown the cost. I am willing to pay that price. Some of the things I was willing to lay upon the altar have been taken. Others have yet to come to pass. I will not cease my efforts until I get it right. I am a weak servant and have made many mistakes. One of them was my response to you. Please forgive me.

      1. 7 Elevations of Wholeness

        I sent an email. Hope that’s ok. 🙂 I didn’t want to take up so much space on your blog. Thank you for your amazingly kind response! Your such an good man in my opinion and so full of love and the spirit. I know because I asked and was shown your beautiful heart and spirit! I’m grateful to be able to say I kinda know you. LOL!

        1. I don’t know what to say other than Karen is right and I was wrong. I judged her and you know what happens when you do that. My post was defensive and based on some level of fear. Karen invested considerable time to write a detailed response to my comment above explaining all this. I greatly appreciate her kindness.

          For those up in the Bountiful area in need of assistance with healing, take a look at this short video clip of Karen teaching:

          Can you feel her energy and enthusiasm?

          Ask her about R&R – Repent and Replace.

          Keep checking back for progress on her book:

          I know I want to read it when it is published.

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