The Truth about the Retreat

RemnantFamilyReunionOver the past week there has been a great deal of misunderstanding and accusation concerning the Remnant Family Reunion. It is time for this drama and divisive contention to end. It is time to clarify truth amongst all of the chaos and rumor.

For the purpose of placing our focus back on the Lord Jesus Christ. And for the purpose of clarifying error, so that we might all move forward, I offer the following:

In November of 2014, I was directed by the Lord to facilitate a “Remnant Family Reunion.” Since that time He has given me some direction through the Holy Spirit concerning this event. These messages have been received in the usual manner-and are simply the result of sincere prayer.

This morning, I went to the Lord and first begged Him to forgive me of my sins. Then I  simply said: “Oh Lord, what would thou have me say or do? Direct me, and I will obey. Lead me, and I will follow.”

JesusChristDelParsonThe Lord Responded: “A revelation will not be provided, so that it might be mocked and create more mourning among this people…I will however continue to speak unto you and unto all of my children, for I am a God of Mercy and I love you all.”

“As your Savior, I have travailed the darkness of wrath, and each of you, who walk after me, must do the same. Fear not, to abandon fear. For in so doing, you find Me.”

“I see all things, and know your heart. I see all things, and I know the heart of Samantha. Carry on, focusing on me, and I will bring you home to a place you have not yet known.”

“Those who have eyes to see, will see…Let the residue go.”

“Those who have hearts to hear, have already heard, and already seen the Majesty and Power of My Father.”

“I allow you to answer once, but I forbid you from rebuking evil at this time. For my ways are not your ways, and in me the course is sure.”

Bret: Is there anything else Lord you would have me say?

The Lord: “Tell the people watching, that you do not speak for me. That I speak for myself through each of you. That I am both the Father and the Son, that in me, we might become ONE.”

“Tell them, that they need not rely on any man, for if they do, the gates of hell will swallow them whole, leaving the Zion that could have come, desolate and bare.”

And finally, tell them that my angels are watching, that they might know who to “watch over,” when the destructions come and the people flee.”

Tell them these things Bret, and if the gates of hell open wide the mouth after thee, know thou my son, it is for thy good, and I will lead you home.”


77TruthsI understand that sharing this message will invoke more judgment and harassment from those who are under the influence of darkness. I cannot control the misinterpretations and persecution that some choose to inflict. However, I can do, and will do, exactly what the Lord directs. Nothing more. Nothing less.

With that acknowledged, the Lord allows me to clarify some issues at this time. These words that follow are my own-and they are not perfect. So I ask in advance that you forgive me for my weakness. With my wife, we have prayed for the pure love of Christ to overcome our wounds and selfishness. What is written below is our best effort to share the truth, without creating more contention.

Clarification #1:  God is truth, and there is great peace in Him. In relation to attending this Retreat, I have repeatedly pled with people to go directly to the Lord for confirmation. Many beautiful souls have felt led to come, and many beautiful souls have not felt led to come. Follow Him. Do as he leads you, and for those who believe this gathering is all an inappropriate deception, I say again: Go in peace and serve the Lord as He so directs you! We send you only His good will and best wishes.

Clarification #2: There will be no apologies for what the Lord has spoken. There will be no minimizations of what He has directed. I cannot own the exaggerations and intentional distortions which have been promulgated. It is important that those who are coming know  nothing has been “dialed back” in response to these fears and rumors. God willing, the Retreat will go on exactly as the Lord has directed. Ironically, and as an example of the insanity we have all endured, there never was going to be a “honeycomb dance” at the Retreat. There was then, and is now, going to be sacred Jewish dance that introduces the participants to the sacred beauty of worshipping through the vehicle of praise. I must say, some of us Remnant Saints tend to think we are “out of the box,” but then when  something greater is simply introduced, we still fly to pieces like glass. No wonder Joseph struggled and struggled with the early Saints, but despite our weakness and unbelief, all that God has directed continues to be provided. No apologies. No compromise. No fear.

Clarification #3 My wife Samantha is a Holy Being of Light. If the Lord would allow me, I would rebuke all evil away from her, nevertheless, I submit to His wisdom and simply witness that my wife is respectful of sacred things. In contrast to what was reported, she does not trifle with that which is holy. If there is anyone to blame, it is me. Last year when our family visited Lynne and her husband, we had a nice conversation. Because Lynne was so obsessed with deception and everything relating to Heavenly Mother, and because I had tasted some of the Holiness that attends the Honeycomb event, I had a strong desire to share with Lynne that not everything occurring in relation to Heavenly Mother was a deception. In my desire to offer an alternative perspective, I encouraged / pushed Samantha to share some of her experiences. This was a mistake on my part, and even though my wife spoke very little about the honeycomb, (probably less than three minutes), Lynne has now taken those “sound-bites” out of context and turned them into a mockery of fear. If you must blame someone, blame me. Samantha is Holy. I am the one who in the past has been impatient and impulsive. I do not believe Lynne has intentionally done this, but I do believe her wounds and fears about being deceived overcome her words and actions. Perhaps all of us, including myself, could now go forward-and leave the judging to the Lord.

Clarification #4 Language is powerful, and much of what I shared with Lynne on a personal basis has been distorted and exaggerated. I want to clarify that when the Lord commanded this Retreat to occur, He suggested that there would be 8 Speakers. I immediately hoped Denver Snuffer could be one of them, but the Spirit said “no.” I then hoped that I could speak, and the Spirit again said “no,” I was told that I was to facilitate this event and testify with the group when led to do so. Then the names of those who were called to speak came very clearly. It was direct and it was exact. Lynne McKinley was one of those names, and I have no regrets in obeying the Spirit and asking her to speak. I did not know at the time she would choose to play this role, but the Lord did, and so the wisdom of God plays out before us. He is the Master of this storm and every storm! In Him, the miscommunications and misleading assumptions become clear and discernible. In Him, truth prevails.

Clarification #5. We all have a testimony of Christ, we all have personal revelation, and we all need to become prophets and prophetesses within our own ministries. Instead of appealing to the lowest common denominator, and living in constant fear of having a “strongman,” wouldn’t it be wise for all of us to instead be strong in the Lord?

When I write of the Lord personally talking to me, or calling me, or giving me a message to share, it is indeed very personal. With that said, if it helps the reader in some way, I have not yet received the Second Comforter in the flesh and I do not claim an interest in leading anyone. I mean I have to laugh, haven’t we all had enough of organized religion? Haven’t we all had enough of some leader mistakenly thinking we need them? In response to this “strongman” stuff, I say: Go to God, stop projecting your issues onto me, and I assure you that in response, I will honor your personal and unique experience with the Father. (I shouldn’t write this, but I can’t help myself. I mean can you imagine trying to “lead” Rock Waterman? It just isn’t going to happen!…In response, I say smiles to all, let’s move forward. Go in peace as the Captain of your own soul!) There is no strongman here.

Clarification #6:  Finally, there are so many accusations and distortions floating around out there, I can only respond to most of them in this summarized manner.

  • We are not attempting to establish Zion, but we are attempting to repent deeper, that in time we might be gathered by the Lord and His Angels, unto His Zion.
  • We are not interested in starting a new church, but we are interested in being saved by the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We do not all have an LDS background, but we are all committed to Preserving the Restoration and receiving the Truth of All Things.
  • We are not rushing up the pass, but we do intend to contribute to the sacred nature of the Grand Mesa. If you feel like it is inappropriate to gather on the Mesa, then honor that intuition within you, and follow Him in your way.
  • We are not taking our eyes off the Savior, but we do acknowledge our Mighty Father and our Holy Mother. Without apology, and without omission.
  • I am not deceived, but I am not the point, and it doesn’t matter if it looks that way to others.
  • I was gratefully rebuked by Denver Snuffer, (but for the hundredth time), his correction was not about this Retreat. The fact that this continues to be used against me is quite amazing, and another example of how honest communication with those who have an agenda is impossible.
  • It is true that this Retreat is not a party, and it is not just a social gathering. Those who come out of curiosity, or to fault-find, will experience exactly what they expected. If you come in a spirit of fear and fault-finding, you will go home spiritually empty. In comparison, those who come to Know God, and be lifted up by His Spirit and His angels, will experience that also. One of the great ironies about all of this chaos, is that in reality this retreat has nothing to do with men, leaders, speakers, and people, and everything to do with your personal relationship with the Divine. For the last time, if the Lord hasn’t led you to come, please go in peace and serve Him in another way. You will not be comfortable here in this space. Let it be understood: I will not own your criticisms, and I will not own your self-sabotage. If you come to destroy, you will destroy yourself. I have my own sins, and will not carry yours. My wife and I have no agenda or need, or attachment to having anyone come to this Retreat. If necessary, Samantha and I will go up the mountain alone, and in fact, in many ways, we already have. For in the end, all of us journey unto The Christ alone. He is the miracle, and nothing less will do.

Clarification #7: In closing, I want to share a personal witness about the Lord and this Remnant Family Reunion.

A long time ago, when the plans for the Retreat were just coming into focus. My wife and I knew that we would be misunderstood and misjudged.

This past week has reminded us of another time-when we stood before the High Council at our church trial and assured the brethren that we as a church were not being loyal to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. During the excommunication process we read from scripture, while they referred to the church policy manual. We testified of Christ, while they talked about the brethren. It was really quite telling, and the Lord smiled on us all. At the end our church court, the vote to end my church membership was not unanimous, and now the “Alma” which sat on the High Council – who had opposed the decision, will also be worshipping with us in May,

But the greater point, is not about our life experience. Rather it is about how the Lord suggested I end the church trial, and how He now suggests I end this message.

Trust in the Keeper of the Gate

O, my beloved brethren, give ear to my words. Remember the greatness of the Holy One of Israel. Do not say that I have spoken hard things against you; for if ye do, ye will revile against the truth; for I have spoken the words of your Maker. I know that the words of truth are hard against all uncleanness; but the righteous fear them not, for they love the truth and are not shaken. O then, my beloved brethren, come unto the Lord, the Holy One. Remember that his paths are righteous. Behold, the way for man is narrow, but it lieth in a straight course before him, and the keeper of the gate is the Holy One of Israel; and he employeth no servant there; and there is none other way save it be by the gate; for he cannot be deceived, for the Lord God is his name.

2 Nephi 9:40-41

For surely! Holy, Holy, Holy, is our Lord!

A long time ago, Samantha and I determined that we would trust in the Mighty Keeper of the Gate!  We promised that when He spoke, we would do His will, enact His direction, and share His message.

We make no apologies. We offer no minimizations. There will be no compromise.

And so it is.

Now and forever in The Christ,

Bret and Samantha Corbridge


19 thoughts on “The Truth about the Retreat”

  1. Thank you for these words. I am one of those who asked the Lord about coming to the retreat and have been lead not to come. Not because it isn’t an acceptable event to Him, but because I, me specifically, am, for unknown reasons, needed elsewhere. And honestly I’m a little bit bummed. However, I look on it as a beautiful opportunity and am certain, as you said, that those going who wish to be enlightened and filled with love and unity will absolutely receive that in going.

    We receive back in fuller measure what we send out. Love for love. Joy for joy. Goodness for goodness. I’m grateful for that eternal truth and that I’m able to “make” my world.

    Perspective is everything. Thank you for being a witness of that.

  2. That truly was an amazing piece. But I say, who must contend? What benefit is it to contend? Negative energy does not make us whole. This event is an opportunity for those who relegate themselves to this. Why must we judge? My spirit has told me numerous times that I shall not attend. I don’t know why, it could be for other reasons than it isn’t right for me. I honor those who use every bit of their very heartfelt soul to seek God. I congratulate the enduring quality of this arduous plan.

    God bless you in your efforts. May God always be with you..

  3. Bret, I believe you. I believe the words you shared from the Lord were actually from the Lord and you were merely voice (or in this case scribe). God bless you for your faith and your brilliance. I have received my own witness that I should attend. I pray the Lord will help all those he intends to be present. I could hope for nothing more in this matter. Lastly, please express my appreciation to your wife for all that you two have sacrificed to make this happen.

    Holy, Holy, Holy is his name, the Lord God Almighty. It is so, It is so, It is so. Amen, Amen and Amen.

  4. Bret and Samantha, I understand why you felt like you needed to respond. I can only hope I would have been as restrained were I in your position. I know many wanted (needed) to hear from you, and you accommodated. That said, I wish you could have stayed above the fray. There was great dignity in your silence.

    That said, I echo Rock’s sentiments:

    It will be SUCH an honor to meet you (both) in person.

  5. Bret…. you had an Alma!!!!!???!!! That is so incredibly awesome. I look forward to meeting him. This is the first Alma, of which I have heard.

  6. Wow…it was nice to hear your personal side of all of this Bret. This whole shit storm was so unsettling. It hurts down deep to see so many hardened hearts.I still believe, however, that Love conquers all. I appreciate the honesty and the bold declaration of the message you received. I prayed about attending and never received a “no” from The Lord…Therefore I shall put my faith in The Holy One of Israel and seek for light and truth next month.

  7. Thank you Bret. And Rock… your comments on the last post hit the nail on the head.

    I have not taken all the contention and commotion very seriously as I am aware that the adversary is unquestionably at work. Boy, it is certainly hard to break the chains of his grip, which we all are striving to do as we stumble around banging our heads and bruising our knees.

    Unfortunately, I will not be attending. I knew early on that I would not be attending this time. I was disappointed as I was also looking forward to visiting with my 85 year old uncle in Grand Junction. However, the Lord was wise in his counsel as an urgent personal matter has come up that will have my attention at that time.

    I believe there’s spiritual strength in meeting as a group to worship. Like Rock, I was also looking forward to meeting “like minded people” that I have met on several blogs. I was hoping that online “handles” would be included on the name tag as well as their own names. ha. ha.

    I will be praying that the event will go well for everyone. When you all get home… remember to share, share, share with us who were not able to attend, that we all may be edified.

  8. Thank you Bret for your comments. I mentioned in one of my comments that it helps to know the background of situations and I appreciate the clarifications.

    I hope what I share comes off the way I would like, and so you know I am not trying to project anything or be evil with condemnation….I just want to share my feelings..
    I can see why there were concerns. I think it is human to have perceptions about the Godhead and many other spiritual things. As it has been said there are many things that are of God and rooted in/from the Godhead that many people never heard of and don’t understand. Plus of course there is the opposite that is not rooted in God. I personally believe there is a sacred dance to Honor Heavenly Mother-tho I am not familiar with the details. I greatly appreciate Margret Barker and what she has shared about Heavenly Mother.
    I also believe that everyone (basically those that believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ) desires to be close to Christ and to do HIS Will. I do believe many people do pray for understanding, direction, light and truth, and so forth. I believe no one wants to be deceived either but it does happen; it can be a learning experience, we can continue to seek the Lord for correct understanding, or it can keep us in error of those subjects. I also believe that for some reason the Lord gives one person a certain answer and a different answer to someone else, tho it could have to do with what An OutCast mentioned (paraphrasing..)” that it takes a great deal of study, seeking and even asking questions, not to mention prayer or we may end up with the answer we were looking for or wanting”. I know we all deserve to ask the tough questions to the church about a myriad of subjects. It would be nice if we all already stripped ourselves of fear, unbelief, contention, strife, etc, etc…..but the truth is we haven’t….and it sure would be nice if we could all understand that, but yet we are still working on ourselves. I am so sorry about the pain it has caused for everyone involved. In a way I am glad that all of this occurred. I believe this can help in many ways….probably not the same way as some think though.

    I noticed the quote by Joseph Smith- “about flying a part like glass”…First, I agree that many that have been a part of “The Remnant” think outside of the box, but there are still many things that people may not be aware of and as we have been mind -controlled and brainwashed it can take a long time to study something new out and time to pray and learn precept upon precept-right?? Also, JS was trying to teach the Saints things that pertained to their Salvation?? Right?? I know I have only studied a small portion of what there is and I believe we are trying to do the best we can. I do not begrudge questioning anyone… is so easy to misunderstand. I am not trying to diss the wonderful sacred dance at all, I believe it can be an added gift, but to expect people to accept and understand something they are not familiar with so quickly can end up badly.. In the first lecture DS mentioned that there could be people in Zion that can have such stark beliefs about gov’t, or gun-control, or a child should be able to carry a gun, etc….maybe it can also be that some can believe differently about that dance, I don’t know…..I really mean no offence. I believe you, your wife, Lynne, and all of us so desperately want to do the Lord’s Will. Can we all forgive and not label people and let the Lord work in each of our lives?? I have no doubt that the Lord will direct each person the way He will. I wish everyone the best . I pray for everyone, and I would also appreciate your prayers. I hope everyone will pray for everyone…..the trial is ON and it can be ROUGH!!

  9. Thank you Brook, that was really beautifully said. I will continue to work on not judging and not using labels. I love what you say about there being differences in Zion and about the importance of asking questions. I hear you. I agree. God bless you.

  10. Thank you Bret. I need to work on myself as well, and I hope we all can check ourselves for what we need to work on. I bet there will be many differences of opinions on some things for those that will be a part of Zion-yet it will because they were true and faithful to Jesus Christ and have that unconditional Love of God within them. I hear what you are saying too. God bless you and your family.

    1. Denver said that the only thing we must agree on is the Doctrine of Christ. That’s the only thing we have to “get right” . . . and it’s so incredibly plain, set forth in Jesus’ own words.

      Everything else, we can work on. Praise the Lord!

  11. To all who have commented:

    If we look at our journey as experiences in creating a higher self, the exactness of what we believe or venture into will be moot. It seems everyone wants to believe everything is a certain way that they believe only by reading the scriptures they themselves are able to purview. Look at it globally. What about all them? Are they all privy to your readings and beliefs? It is their journey overcoming their natural state and progressing as they have contracted to do.

    The higher levels of reality are not privy to many. Because someone thinks one way you say will damn them? There are many variations of thought concerning Heavenly Mother, whether Christ and the Father are one, and whether one has repented or changed. The variations go on and on.

    It is our duty, based on what we know to not judge, and to show forth love to all beings. Remember, what you think you know may just not be what reality is. The higher beings of light have transcended all we think we know. Blessed are those who ponder, search and act according to their thinking. Whether they are right in anyone’s eyes are not for us to repudiate or to call it truth. Truth, remember is light, higher vibration, and love is the highest of vibrations. The Lord and angels all have to condescend or change their vibratory state to deal with mankind.

    If we are filled with love, we will be in position to come upon the way and commune with the beings of light. God truly is love, which is the highest state of being. I pray this event will raise the level of all who attend and not to worship Christ and replace him as an idol, but as a being of love who seeks all to rise to his thought and level of light and truth. Whatever we do, perhaps we should keep in mind seeking this true worship IMHO. My congratulations to all those who endure in this quest.

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