Unequally Yoked

YingYangFireWaterWhat an exciting time we live in. I have never seen more voices, claims, philosophies, and disagreements within the realm of what many call Mormonism. I have to thank Tim, and many other people who are open and tolerant of contrary views and interpretations.

Truth will always remain constant and will stand up to any degree of scrutiny, and we must trust that the truth will win out, and that is what we all seek. Such tolerance and civility says a lot about what is happening now. In early Mormonism civil debate was welcome, and all views were heard without fear of ex-communication. Not so today.

Polygamy will no doubt continue to be a point of disagreement, passion, even contention, because of the lack of proof in so many areas of its’ implementation in early Mormon history. Today instead of focusing on who implemented it, I want to show why polygamy is not practical in the next life, perhaps to shed a different light on it than we often hear in the common debate.

josephfsmithfamily.jpgOften when polygamy is brought up, I hear someone (usually a woman) declare how unfair it is. Many don’t like the idea of their husband having sex with other women. They don’t like the idea of sharing their husbands’ affection. I understand.

Almost invariably this leads to people talking about how there will be no jealousy in the next life, and a man can love one woman and still share all of his love with other women as well. The other argument is that one woman just couldn’t possibly pop babies out fast enough to populate worlds, so more wives are needed than husbands.

Lately I have been hearing a lot about how many polygamous relationships work out great here on the earth. The women are happy, the men are happy, so if they are happy, then God would be happy with that as well. I do not doubt that some polygamous relationships have worked out here on the earth, but I believe they are missing some truths might have completely changed their perspective before they jumped in.

Genesis 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

1 Corinthians 7:14- For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband… 16- For what knowest thou, O wife, whether thou shalt save thy husband? or how knowest thou, O man, whether thou shalt save thy wife?

There are other similar verses but these suffice. There is something very special about a man and a woman and their creative powers. When Eve was figuratively made from the rib of Adam, it was like something was ripped from Adam’s body, he would never feel complete without recovering that dang rib!  He was missing a piece of his own body.

The plural wives of Joseph SmithWhen soulmates get together, and begin to overcome spiritual death through the atonement, something amazing starts to happen. They begin to be “sealed” together in spirit. This means that the light and spiritual essence of the wife begins to be infused with the spirit of the husband, and the light and spiritual essence of the husband begins to be infused with the spirit of the wife. This is very literal, and very real.

Some people have come to the conclusion that the man and woman will become one mass of hermaphroditic unity. Sounds kind of crazy but to others it makes perfect sense. They believe that the man and woman will become a single entity.

My understanding is that although the spirits share glory, experience, and intelligence, the two soulmates always will remain separate entities. They will not become one being, although they will become one in unity, purpose and all things just like we can become one with the Lord.

Ok so what then becomes the problem with polygamy? Well there are two separate spirits in the universe, two separate energies, two separate forces. They are male and female. This is almost universally accepted in all religions. Think of the Yin and the Yang, the perfect opposition in all things.

yin-yang-sun-earthWhat makes someone male, even more than the male body, is the male spirit within them. The same goes for females. Now as so many have noticed, the Yin and the Yang look a little like the number 69. Look how the two numbers are equal in size and opposition. This represents one man and one woman equally progressing in glory together. This is the structure of the universe now with equal male spirit (God the Father) and equal female spirit (Eternal Mother.)

Now picture one man hooking up with two women. Spiritually you immediately become lopsided and it looks like this 69. Sorry ladies, you only get half of the male spirit when you are giving all of your own spirit to the husband.

Now let’s look at four females to one male 69 No that is not a period after the number six. That is the number nine representing the puny male spirit next to the gargantuan female spirit. Are you seeing a problem yet?

brigham-youngThe universe can only be held together with equal male and female forces. If it is out of balance, then we run into all sorts of problems. In fact it is interesting that the number 666, the mark of the beast, is the number of a MAN. This earth right now is out of balance but slowly is coming to respect the female side a little bit at a time.

So the real problem with polygamy is not the jealousy, it is not the lust, it is something entirely different in the eternal worlds. It is that Creation, Fulness, Balance, Harmony, Charity, and all the rest of everything virtuous cannot exist in Perfection without equal male and female forces.

Sure Solomon was pretty wise, check out the verses in 1 Kings 4:29-34

29 And God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding much, and largeness of heart, even as the sand that is on the sea shore.

30 And Solomon’s wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the children of the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt.

31 For he was wiser than all men; than Ethan the Ezrahite, and Heman, and Chalcol, and Darda, the sons of Mahol: and his fame was in all nations round about.

32 And he spake three thousand proverbs: and his songs were a thousand and five.

33 And he spake of trees, from the cedar tree that is in Lebanon even unto the hyssop that springeth out of the wall: he spake also of beasts, and of fowl, and of creeping things, and of fishes.

34 And there came of all people to hear the wisdom of Solomon, from all kings of the earth, which had heard of his wisdom.

I think if I had all of that female energy running through me I would be singing songs and writing poetry non-stop as well. Female spirit is fantastic, but look where it lead Solomon in the end. He was unequally yoked, and to have more female than male will always lead to problems, just as having more male than female will result in the same.

Miracles, healing, the powers of heaven and the Fullness of the gospel come only when both of these spirits are working in harmony together. Like Denver Snuffer recently wrote, “polygamy is hell.”

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  1. Polygamy IS unfair to both women and men. No point in making a case about that statement, since polygamy is , but a drop in the bucket, according to Brigham Young.
    Discussing polygamy without the knowledge of the rest of the drops that fill said bucket, and especially trying to formulate how the eternities will be lived, can be seen as a lesson in futility. No offense meant to anyone.
    It seems thought provoking to imagine what those thousands more drops are made of….

  2. Minorityofone

    The numbers didn’t quite work out in the transition but I think everyone will get the point. The second one seriously looked like a 6 and then a ,

  3. You and Denver believe polygamy is Hell, but that’s only because you don’t understand the Adam God doctrine. No worries, it will be clarified by the resurrected Joseph Smith when the church is cleansed in the near future.

    1. Bobby,

      I believe it would be fair to say if there is polygamy, then there is also polyandry … I believe in a God that is fair. When one begins to study nature, one begins understanding that God’s fingerprint is in all things, and that all things testify of balance and harmony in nature which is then translated to having harmony and balance in the heavens. It is incredible that people become scholars of scripture, but don’t stop studying and becoming learned in other things. For God is in everything. The study of Isaac Newton will open your mind to incredible knowledge about our God. Not many people understand that 2/3rds of Newton’s works were religious, but are hidden away in the Vatican. God has patterns in all things … and those patterns tell you the nature of God. And the nature of God is balance and harmony. It will be a disappointment to all Muslims that they don’t have 7 virgins waiting for them in the afterlife. It will also be a disappointment to many men who believe they are going to have concubines in heaven.

      Consider where polygamy originated—first in the line of the murderer Cain, not the line of Seth. The first recorded polygamist was the murderer Lamech (Genesis 4:23–24). Then Esau, who despised his birthright, also caused much grief to his parents by marrying two pagan wives (Genesis 26:34).

      There you have the pattern …

  4. Nate,

    Thank you for a lesson in listening to our intelligence regarding man-made doctrines. Our spirits do not promote tenets, teachings, etc., just what we remember from our eternal nature. We try sometimes to infuse the philosophies of men as if our spirits agree. Our human instrument may want or desire it, but the spirit in us will not. I appreciate your use of reason, scripture and intelligence to help to weave our way.

    The scriptures are sparse and what happened in between or if we were a fly on the wall, would undoubtedly produce many aha moments. Our eternal natures do give us answers if we separate our personalities or subconscious from our soul self. We have God within us. We can know of these things, but we must separate the entities within us to come to happiness, I mean true happiness where there are no more battles in figuring out man’s ways with our eternal understandings within. Opening the mind is imperative to allow our subconscious not to rule over us. When we abdicate our lives to the subconscious, we battle the natural laws with the laws we create to satisfy being driven by the subconscious.

    I always thought and didn’t mind that I had to defend tenets I wasn’t sure of, only to say God will make it right. Our judgement by the Lord himself will not be about how we maneuvered our way through mortality, but how we acted when the Spirit helped us to understand higher laws and whether or not we lived them. We either will have to learn them once again or we will move on. There is no prophet, nor institution that will get in the way of this relationship unless we refuse to listen. Oh, the fear of guilt! Oh the fear of not doing something right by the precepts of men! We can access such beautiful things form our own eternal natures. We can do this by brings our subconscious to the conscious forefront. We will then know.

    Thank you for enlivening us.

  5. New to the blog, this was a great post. Felt the spirit multiple times as i read through. Polygamy brings imbalance. So true! what if our world and universes gravitational orbit was a little off? it becomes unpredictable, imbalanced and raises fear. Polygamy being practiced brings imbalance. Polygamy has never offered balance. I’ve been told this. you can not have more than 1/2 which makes it impossible to be one with God and feel true light. only that by who is all Jesus Christ.

  6. Thank you for taking the time to share. So much truth and wisdom.

    “When soulmates get together, and begin to overcome spiritual death through the atonement, something amazing starts to happen. They begin to be “sealed” together in spirit. This means that the light and spiritual essence of the wife begins to be infused with the spirit of the husband, and the light and spiritual essence of the husband begins to be infused with the spirit of the wife. This is very literal, and very real.”

    This quote is the essence of monogamy and you expressed it so well, it hurts.

  7. I think this is my favorite article of yours, Nate. Beautifully, explained. c:

    A few months ago, my friend and I were having a discussion about race. A Japanese boy who grew up in the Church, he was surrounded by depictions of a Caucasian God created in our Western Mormon culture. He wondered aloud if his own Asian characteristics were part of his eternal spirit. Bemused at him questioning his own eternal Asian-ness, I asked him, “Why not? Why wouldn’t your spirit look like your mortal Japanese self?”
    He expressed his confusion that, if we are all God’s children, then where do all the different races come in? He talked about a theory our seminary teacher shared with him: Perhaps there are multiple Heavenly Mothers of the different races.
    I replied with an “Oh, that’s an interesting thought” and the subject quickly changed. I didn’t think too much of it at the time it was mentioned, but for a few days after, the concept tugged at my brain.
    At the time, I’d sort of accepted that polygamy was a…thing, but it was a thing stuck in ancient history and I didn’t have to worry about it because it didn’t apply to me and probably wouldn’t ever have anything to do with me in the future.
    But now, the possibility that the Father is a polygamist…that bugged me somehow. For a few days, I suddenly felt distant from Him. I tried so hard not to, but I felt mistrustful and even a little betrayed. Praying was difficult and awkward, like talking to a relative who had wronged you somehow and pretending like nothing ever happened.
    One night, I finally decided to bring up the elephant in the room and prayed, “Father, I’m sorry that I’ve been separating myself from you. I’m trying so hard not to be bitter and mistrustful, but I’m confused. I don’t understand this, or why I feel this way about it, but I do know that you are good and pure and perfect, and that all you do is good and pure and perfect. If polygamy is good and You are a partaker of this particular practice, then I will conform to the laws of heaven, and I will to the best of my ability change my attitude towards it.”
    I thought it interesting that it was only AFTER I’d decided to accept and submit to the principle of polygamy (if it was indeed a true and everlasting principle) that God finally came in and clarified that polygamous unions are not eternal ones.
    So that was my answer (or rather, the gist of it). Or maybe I’m still just so close-minded against the idea of polygamy that I’m too biased to accept truth and I’m just making up answers that already appeal to me. But I take comfort in knowing that if I continue in sufficient meekness and go to Him, God will lead me to the truth of this eventually (unless he has, in fact, already given it to me).

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience I was extremely edified.

      You relayed in your comment a touch of what women have been feeling and dealing with in Mormonism for a long time. Thanks for your strength to go talk to God rather than trusting in your priesthood (male) leaders. How quickly the face of Mormonism would change if all the women had such faith. God bless.

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