That They Do Always Remember Him

SacramentMinervaTeichertI ask myself why I do this. I go to Sacrament meeting each week with my wife, because I don’t want her to feel alone, but I don’t partake of the Sacrament. As a non-member, I could partake. It’s clearly spelled out in the handbook that those who are not members of the LDS Church are not to be prohibited in any way from partaking of the Sacrament. Funny how that rule works.

The Sacrament in the Home

I go home after Sacrament meeting and administer the Sacrament to myself because I have no local community with whom to associate. I started partaking of the sacrament at home when my bishop prohibited me from partaking of it in church because he said I didn’t sustain the prophet. I told him otherwise. I accept President Monson as the authorized leader of the LDS Church today.

An Unauthorized Requirement Imposed

He said that wasn’t good enough. I’m not sure what more he was looking for. I guess he wanted me to say I accept President Monson as the only person on the earth today who possesses and is authorized to exercise all the priesthood keys. Because I can no longer say that, nor do I believe it, he imposed discipline in not allowing me to partake of the sacrament. Funny how that works.

Vague Definition of Priesthood Keys

I’m still not sure I understand what all the priesthood keys are. I know what the LDS Church teaches about them. They represent permission to perform an ordinance or preside in a quorum or to carry out an assignment from a priesthood leader. I’m not sure this is what the Lord had in mind when he used the word keys in the scriptures. I believe it refers more to sacred knowledge.

Forbidding to Partake of the Sacrament

So he forbade me from remembering Jesus Christ as commanded by partaking of the sacrament because I would not accept Thomas S. Monson as the only mouthpiece for the Lord on the earth today. That just seems wrong to me. Obviously I still have strong feelings about it or I wouldn’t be writing about it some four months after the fact. A man has come between me and the Lord.

Don’t Blame the Local Leaders

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying my bishop has come between me and worshiping the Lord. I’m saying that because I will not pledge allegiance to a man, one I have never met, because I won’t take an oath-like sustaining vote to the man millions of LDS members sustain as God’s living mouthpiece on the earth, the LDS Church forbids me to partake of the sacrament.

Let no One Come Between You and God

That is not right. Let no person come between you and God. The Sacrament is a commandment. The LDS Church does not have exclusive rights to administer the sacrament. Anybody with the priesthood can do so. I have the priesthood and am grateful for that blessing in my life. I have always appreciated it, but have come to appreciate it more so since I resigned from the Church.

Can’t Really Blame the Prophet Either

In other words, a man millions call prophet has enacted a rule that forbids me from partaking of the sacrament. Can you see how wrong this is? Actually, he inherited this handbook or this set of rules, which contain this abomination. I do not blame President Monson. I am happy to pray for him as well as Presidents Eyring and Uchtdorf every night in my personal and our family prayer.

The LDS Church Has Become Anti-Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to partake of the sacrament regularly in remembrance of him. Why does the LDS Church think they have the right to forbid a man from obeying this commandment? This is anti-Christ. Yes, I just called the LDS Church anti-Christ. I am morally worthy. There is no reason to forbid me from partaking of the Sacrament to remember the Lord.

Priesthood is Not Controlled by LDS Church

The LDS Church does not control the priesthood. It was restored by John the Baptist to Joseph and Oliver before the LDS Church was organized. The Church depends on the priesthood, not the other way around. I received the priesthood from my father so I have no problem feeling I am authorized to administer the Sacrament to myself in my home just like Moroni did for years.

We Should Use Wine in the Sacrament

Besides, I asked the Lord in prayer if I could do so. “Oh, Lord, bless thy servant that he may carry out this work with holiness of heart.” I then knelt and blessed the bread and wine using the prayers from the Book of Mormon. And yes, I use wine because it is more symbolic to me than water. The bitterness reminds me of the bitter cup the Lord drank to redeem my soul from hell.

The Sacrament is a Soothing Balm

I need the Sacrament. I struggle with the stresses of life. Pressures from earning a living in this Babylonian world weigh upon my soul during the week. Kindness is not the prevailing sentiment in getting things done in the business world. There is intense pressure to perform, to deliver, to conform and to get things done. Kindness flies out the window if you neglect to deliver on time.

There is Power in the Sacrament

When I partake of the Sacrament I feel the Lord’s healing hand upon my heart and soul. I feel His presence. I feel He is pleased when I remember Him in this manner. I feel power entering into my soul – power to forgive, power to live in a more Christ-like manner. Power comes upon me to return kindness for disrespect or demands for compliance.  I feel I can go on in Christ.

True Order of Prayer

I miss the temple. I can no longer attend the temples that President Monson owns. Yes, he is the Corporate Sole that owns everything related to the LDS Church. So I have dedicated an altar in my home in order to worship the Lord in the true order of prayer. I often dress in the robes of the priesthood, offer the signs and pray with power the Lord has given me through the endowment.

Tithing to be Used to Help the Poor

I look forward to the day when I can contribute financially to the building of a temple where I am welcome. I have paid 10% tithing on my gross income to the LDS Church for all my life. I now choose where I use that tithing money. I want it to be used to help the poor, not to build malls of commerce where Babylon is flaunted. I don’t think City Creek Mall pleased the Lord.

A Prophet should Prophesy and Reveal

I hope you can perceive I’m feeling a little passionate right now. As much as I love the good people in my ward in stake, I struggle with some of the testimonies I hear on days like today – a Fast Sunday. So few focus on what Christ has done for them, so many pay homage to a living prophet. We know he has dementia, so why do we keep saying he speaks for the Lord today?

The Lord has Sent His Servant

I have listened to, read, studied and prayed about a message delivered by a servant of the Lord. When I read and study this message, I feel the spirit of the Lord testifying to me what is being taught is approved of the Lord. The Restoration was real and the Lord intends to bring about Zion. In a coming day, His voice will be heard in global catastrophes. Will we give heed then?

A Community of One

Today I cannot administer ordinances in the priesthood beyond my own family. I continually pray for my wife’s support just as I seek to support Carol in her tradition of worship, handed down through generations of LDS Pioneers. I am looking forward to the conference called by my friend Bret in Colorado this coming May. I pray the Lord’s blessings upon our communities.

God Bless the Growing Communities

I pray those who are meeting in communities will strengthen one another. I pray the Sacrament will be an uplifting experience for you and your families. I pray you will remember the poor in your midst. I pray you find strength in knowing the Lord fulfills His promise to comfort us in our weaknesses and will visit us when He determines we are ready. I seek that promised blessing.

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  1. Tim,

    “…….and I employ no servant there.”

    Your feelings are deep and poignant. Is this what Nephi meant when he resurfaced Isaiah’s treatise on the persecution of the Saints? We must eventually give up everything for Him. This may have been your everything. Peace be unto you?

  2. If I were to call a man a unicorn killer, that is, one who has killed a unicorn, would I be a liar?

    There is relevance to the question.

    1. A profound question. It depends on many assumptions, including the idea that unicorns exist, and if they do, that they can be killed, and if one has been killed, that the person you have named “unicorn killer” is responsible. For your original statement to be true, all these assumptions must also be true.

      I guess we are often guilty of complaining about the misuse of authority that has no validity to begin with, the less-than-perfect behavior of people who don’t have any responsibility for our choices, or which person is is the source of policies or doctrines that in the end, have no bearing on our relationship with the Savior anyway.

      Thanks for the good question. I have some major revisions to make in my life.

  3. Isn’t it life changing to see the church from the outside? How many have been told they are “unworthy” to partake of the sacrament, not only in the last year, but in the last 2 centuries wrongfully?
    If this is “anti-Christ” now, then we must not be silly and believe it was not the same a hundred years ago. And don’t think only of those who are not members. Where did the idea of “probation”, or not taking the sacrament for a certain number of weeks come from?
    How about the fact that if you ever rejoined the corporation that you could never hold certain callings? Pharisaic nonsense began creeping in since the beginning.
    If anyone would have the faith to pray about it you would know that whitmer, lyman wight, many many others retained their priesthood despite what joseph smith said, yet all the saints would have been shaking their heads at them for claiming authority to bless the sacrament.
    But all these things are helping to wake people up, so we can begin to see the backwards view that has been held for decades. Denver snuffer was not the first denver snuffer. There were denver snuffers in the time of joseph smith. Who will consider it?

  4. Actually lyman wight I believe left the “saints” after joseph smith but did not need brigham young any more than anyone needs thomas s monson.

    Amen about keys equalling “sacred knowledge”. That is if the knowledge is coupled with the power of God. That is the operations of keys. You apparently are gaining keys above and beyond the LDS church as your eyes are being opened to greater truth.
    Would to God that all men were prophets, and not only prophets but seers and revelators also!
    The LDS has been doing the sacrament wrong since pretty much the beginning anyway. Even in the doctrine and covenants, there is nowhere that claims a deacon can pass it, let alone how far we have strayed from the Book of Mormon. How about kneeling as a church together in the blessing of it?
    Trivial details? You decide.

  5. Yes, I agree Tim. The church is doing many things that are anti-Christ. The sacrament is as personal as receiving the Second Comforter – which I believe is what the Sacrament is teaching us; to ALWAYS have HIS Spirit to be with us. It’s our covenant with HIM to receive Him. How dare an institution try to step between the Lord and me and tell me I cannot do it the way He has told me to.

    Thanks as always for your great insights!


  6. Tim…you say ” I’m still not sure I understand what all the priesthood keys are. I know what the LDS Church teaches about them. They represent permission to perform an ordinance or preside in a quorum or to carry out an assignment from a priesthood leader. I’m not sure this is what the Lord had in mind when he used the word keys in the scriptures. I believe it refers more to sacred knowledge.” I have been sitting in this mud hole for quite a long time. It has held me in one spot for years until someone gave me more insight. The Keys given to both Josephs were the keys to the economic portion of the heavenly government. Only one needs it because it is not necessary for each man to have it. God gives it to the worthy Josephite (or rather he and his sons lines) and he can give it to appendages to take care of the storehouse. Just think the coat of many colors story.

    1. On the question of what keys mean, what is it that the Deacon’s quorum president (who has keys) can do that the Beehive class president (who doesn’t have keys) can do? Both can receive inspiration to run their quorum/class.

  7. D+C 46:4 for the Lord’s rule about not allowing “trespassing members” to partake of the sacrament…of course the book should just be called the “C” because the Doctrine (the Lectures on Faith) was removed without a vote of the membership in 1921.

    1. I think verse 5 that says again… is in context with the 4th verse. These are unbaptized members as spoken in 3rd Ne. 18:28-29. This has been a much maligned understanding of what unworthy means. Our willingness to partake of the Sacrament is a repentant state of which the Lord brings His spirit upon us. It is not for man to deem worthiness, though men are apt to say, “we don’t need God, He has given all his power to men”. I will forever seek the sacrament in my repentant state.

  8. “Pressures from earning a living in this Babylonian world weigh upon my soul during the week.”

    I can relate to this. This pressure is draining spiritually, although I didn’t begin to notice how draining until I began to more actively reject it, and attempt to flee it. I’m so over Babylon.

  9. StillStruggling

    Very interesting indeed. Thanks Tim. It is difficult attending and discussing issues at church when so many are blinded by the craftiness of men. Yet even those doing the blinding error ignorantly as they were blinded by the craftiness of men before them and the craftiness of present men. To remove the scales and shake off the shackles is difficult and takes a lot of faith, but also, first, a willingness to even see things differently. Differently than the traditional narrative. I try to make comments that help others see things differently but the comments have to be subtle or you will most always be shut down by tradition. I feel in many ways I am just planting seeds and hope next time they come across these concepts that perhaps the Spirit can reach them better.

  10. Tim,
    Thank you for that reminder of the power of the sacrament of our Lord and Savior. I too, perform and partake of these emblems in my own home. My prayers for us all. God bless.

  11. Tim, I dont see a problem with taking the sacrament or using priesthood power.The Lord is the only one who can rescind your priesthood and the only one to ratify the blessings you pronounce. All the best.
    Rob (Dialogue with the Devil)

    I get baptised today 13th December

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