Doug Mendenhall Jedi Workshop

Yoda1We mourn the passing of Doug Mendenhall on 18 Dec 2020. Doug was so kind to me over the years as I read and wrote about his books, attended his seminars and visited him as a friend to encourage him in his work. I am personally grateful to Doug for his masterful work on Conquering Spiritual Evil, which has so richly blessed my life and given me courage.

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How do you condense twelve hours of being immersed in the heavenly element into a few short paragraphs? It’s an impossible task. There is no way what I am about to share can be understood unless you were there. I prepared myself for the instruction offered by reading and praying about ALL of Doug’s and Denise’s books as well as ALL of Denver Snuffer’s books, blog posts and lectures. I also prayed specifically to ask the Lord if I should attend Doug’s Jedi workshop.

Conquering Spiritual Evil

No, you don’t have to go to that extreme to understand what Doug shares, but at the minimum, read, ponder and pray about “Conquering Spiritual Evil.”  I suppose my initial preparation came at age sixteen when I encountered a gaggle of those little demons Satan sends out when he wants to take possession of someone’s soul. I’ve shared it before, but you can read about it in this post if you want. I don’t think I’m all that unusual. Lots of people have dealt with these little buggers.

Dealing With Unclean Spirits

ConqueringSpiritualEvilAnother preparation for me came in my encounter with two unclean spirits last year, which, of course the doctors explained away as a hypnagogic episode. Whatever. I know what I saw. I know what I felt. I’ve shared the experience before. You can read it in this paper if you like. So I guess what I’m saying is it helps if you have an open mind to the idea that we do indeed live in the spirit world, meaning we occupy the same space as they do. We just don’t normally see them.

Understanding One Eternal Round

Oh, two more books I read that helped me tremendously with what Doug presented were “You Have Been Here Before” and “The Unquiet Dead,” both by Edith Fiore. And, for what it’s worth, I’ve read and reviewed several dozen books on Near Death Experiences. Again, I emphasize, you don’t need to have read all this stuff. I suppose if you are familiar with the literature in the early history of the LDS Church, you’ll have a good background. We were more open back then.

Doctrine of the Spirit World

EnergyWorkRobertBruceBy that I mean members of the LDS Church, including leaders, believed in and spoke openly about the spirit world in a way that is not taught by today’s leaders. Heber C. Kimball had an encounter with the adversary and a whole bunch of little devils and demons while in England. Jedediah M. Grant, a counselor to Brigham Young, taught Heber about his visit to the spirit world just before he died at the young age of forty. I’m sure you can think of many others.

Energy Work and Healing

I guess the best advice I can give for anyone wanting to understand what the Jedi workshops are about is to think about how you feel about alternative healing, faith healing and such as that. Is it a part of your belief system or not? Oh, what about energy work? Have you read “Energy Work” from Robert Bruce? How about “Remarkable Healings” from Dr. Shakuntala Modi? It’s long but very thorough. One that I really love and use is “The Emotion Code” by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Spirit Attachments and Negative Entities

FoolsCrowFools Crow: Wisdom and Power” from Thomas E. Mails is wonderful preparation. You might want to investigate the works of Dr. Melvin Fish, especially “Healing the Inner Self.” There are a dozen more including “Spirit Releasement Therapy” and “Healing Lost Souls” by Dr. William J Baldwin. And of course I always recommend Karol Kuhn Truman’s book, “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.”

Discussion of the Priesthood

Now on to the workshop: I came away with a couple dozen handouts so I’ll use those to jog my memory. There was a lot of information presented about priesthood. We had quite the discussion about the history of priesthood in scriptures and in LDS Church history. We discussed what constituted the fullness of the priesthood, the function of the higher priesthood and offices in the priesthood, which are actually only offices in the LDS Church and are not priesthood at all.

Verify Everything with the Lord

Doug was very open to questions as he presented his thoughts. One of us in the room – and there were a dozen of us besides Doug – would ask in conjunction with what was being presented, if such and such a thing might be possible. His answer was invariably: “That’s a good question. Why don’t you take it to the Lord and ask him?” I don’t think that was a cop-out. Doug was speaking from experience. Denise doesn’t want to be anybody’s “Oracle chick.” Doug is not our answer man.

Dealing With the Unusual

DowsingRodWere there some weird and unusual things presented? Yes, of course there were. We talked about dowsing, or divining rods. Many people don’t know that Oliver Cowdery had a gift in working with the rod. (D&C 8:6) The original wording of the revelation was “sprout.” The word sprout meant “the end of a branch or shoot” In other words, Oliver would walk around looking for water with divining rods. This was a perfectly normal practice back in the early 1820’s.

Working with Energy – Practice

Doug talked quite a bit about working with energy and why it is applicable to us or something at which we should become proficient. He talked about practicing by putting a piece of paper on a needle in a corked-up bottle – just to hold it in place – and then to practice making it spin, first one way and then another, simply by focusing energy on it. He also talked about practicing cloud dissolving, something I had never considered but certainly harmless enough. Yes, a little weird.

Energy Balls, Chi and Spoon Bending

EnergyBallProbably the most unusual part of the workshop for me was the idea of creating energy balls, manipulating them and using them as a tool to achieving focus in your life. I’m very familiar with the idea of Chi, having been introduced to the energy meridians many years ago. Some people call this quackery. I have written an entire website on my experience with energy work. We also talked about spoon bending as an exercise to practice and develop psychic energy.

The Gospel in the Stars

One of the handouts shared is entitled The Zodiac Testifies of Christ, published by John Pratt in Meridian Magazine. John, an astronomer specializing in ancient calendars, has written numerous articles for Meridian. In fact, if you visit his website, you’ll see he is quote prolific. I’ve enjoyed John’s articles over the years. I’m pleased I’m not the only one who finds them worth studying. I have a special fascination with the stars and the planets especially as they relate to the last days.

Opposition in All Things

YingYangFireWaterWhen speaking about some of the things Denise and Kitten have viewed or shared, Doug was careful to point out such knowledge did not come without a price. Both women have suffered terrible physical hardship, pain and near-death. Living without a veil is not a life of roses. He shared a handout with a few quotes, some from Denver, on the subject of opposition.

“Light and knowledge are not gained in abstract reflection, but gained in battle in the trenches … you cannot simply learn. If mysteries are given to you, you are going to have to fight in the war.”

“There will always be opposition to the truth. No truth goes unchallenged. No event will be testified to without an alternative explanation of the event offered in opposition.”

“Opposition is required in all things. However wide heaven opens to you, hell will open just as wide. The adversary gets equal time. There must be balance. When you walk in a room full of light, the adversary takes notice. It is unavoidable.”

A personal note: Because of this law of opposition, it will manifest itself even among those who should be promoting loving kindness, openness and teach-ability. In other words, those who are in positions of authority will warn you against the things you learn in this workshop or from anyone who has become enlightened. Even leaders in the LDS Church will come out against having an open mind. There is nothing worse than bigotry toward truth from such individuals.

Four Basic Concepts

BD1234-001.jpgKnowledge comes through reading. Leaders are always readers. How much scripture study do you do every day? Do you attend workshops or lectures? The best way to gain knowledge is through information shared one on one, verbally. Seek for a mentor in the scriptures, or better yet, ask the Savior to be your teacher. The scriptures can be a Urim and Thummim for you. If you seek a mentor, find one who has accomplished what you are trying to do – see the Savior.

We must be teachable or coachable. We must have the mindset to listen to everything and not challenge it by disagreeing but also never blindly follow what we learn. It’s okay to question but not okay to judge upon first learning something new. Listen, take notes, then go home and think about the things you have learned. Ask the spirit to teach you as you ponder, then take all of it to the Father in prayer for a witness of the truthfulness. Using this method you’ll never be deceived.

Thinking or the thought process is 99.99% of what is needed to accomplish anything in life. If you focus on the how something is to be accomplished you will fail. What you think are facts are mostly people’s opinions. When your thought processes are right, the rest of your body will get for you what you want. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Thoughts and feelings always go together. Thoughts are energized by things that go on in the heart. This is the WHY of life.

Our goal should be to raise our vibrational frequency to match that of the heavens. If you want to be a master, you must master the basics. The biggest secret is that there are only a few secrets. The key is in mastering them to a level that most people never achieve. Your brain transmits and receives frequencies. Everything on earth is nothing but a combination of vibration or frequency. Frequency affects physical matter. You must transmit what you want with intensity and power.

Note: I recommend the book Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration by Penny Peirce.

Taught by the Angels

In order to understand these concepts or anything in life that you desire, you must be taught by the angels. You must have the powers of the spirit world teach you. Your main motivating force in life is love – your love for your Heavenly Father and your love for one another. It is a triangle with Heavenly Father at the top. You need to focus your heart and mind in prayer to receive the spirit of the Lord. Make everything a spiritual event. Meditate, breathe, and focus on the light.

The Importance of Meditation

DogMeditating1I am often asked by readers why their prayers are not answered or why they don’t hear the voice of the Lord speaking to them the way the scriptures teach. My answer is almost always to urge them to learn how to meditate, to focus on altering their vibration or energy state. The way we live, think and act in this world will not bring the results we want and need in prayer. It truly is about changing our vibrational state to match that of heaven. It can be done with patience.

Calling and Election

We also talked about the difference between receiving the Second Comforter and having one’s calling and election made sure. They are different. We discussed the patriarchal priesthood, the fullness of the priesthood, making it through the veil and bring brought by the Son into the Father’s presence. It is the Father who confers the highest priesthood upon a man. We need to focus on the first step which is to make it through the veil. The Son will then teach us from there.

Loss of the Higher Priesthood

We discussed this subject but most people in the room were already familiar with and accepted the idea the Higher Priesthood had been lost. In 1841 the Lord stated to Joseph, “For there is not a place found on earth that [Christ] may come to and restore again that which was lost unto you, or which he hath taken away, even the fullness of the priesthood.” (D&C 124:28). I have written extensively about this on my blog so I won’t go into it in any detail in my notes here.

Spiritual Shields and Swords

SwordAndShieldAnother unusual subject, but one that is covered fully in Doug’s book is the idea of spiritual shields. Having read his book a few years ago, I have practiced this for the past few years. To me, it is real. I have always said I gained something special from Doug’s book that was an answer to prayer and something I needed at that time in my life. I have noticed a difference in my life since I started placing spiritual shields in my home and around my office at work.

Multiple Mortal Probations

There was quite a bit of discussion about this concept. Doug was very careful to introduce it by ascertaining what we already knew and believed. I shared my experience of having been totally opposed to the idea when I first learned about it, then slowly being introduced to the truth of the concept and finally embracing it once the Lord revealed to me the right way to understand it. The bottom line is it is not essential to our salvation to understand or believe in the idea of MMP.

Difference Between Satan and Lucifer

I confess this was a relatively new concept for me. I had only been introduced to the idea a few weeks before the workshop. I am also still studying it and have not made up my mind how I feel about the idea of Satan and Lucifer being two separate beings – one the brother of Heavenly Father and one the brother of Jesus Christ. I’m not sure how important this knowledge is for our eternal progression. Maybe it is for others, but for me, I still ask “what difference does it make?”

The Third Eye or Pineal Gland

PinealGlandI loved the discussion of the third eye. I have had much direct experience with the mind’s eye throughout my life. It is real. The pineal gland is in the exact center of the brain. It secretes a number of essential fluids required for good mental health such as melatonin, which allow one to sleep, and serotonin, which gives one a sense of wellbeing and happiness. In addition, it helps us to visualize images in our mind. You can read more about this in DMT by Dr. Rick Strassman.

A Few Miscellaneous Subjects

We talked about the idea of adoration or hero worship. It is poisonous to the soul. Adoration should be reserved for God and Christ only. Doug discussed and provided a great handout on spiritual senses and using your mind to see, hear and even feel others in our mind. It is an awesome concept that has a lot to do with how well you can communicate with the powers of heaven. There was also a handout on the meaning of numbers and one on ancient cosmology.

A Few Thoughts About Marriage

MarriageHandsDo not make the LDS Church an idol and do not judge God by that idol. Realize the church is an organization staffed by frail men trying hard, but with very difficult circumstances facing them in this fallen world. Be charitable to these men.

The “role” you occupy is not just your test, but also a test of your husband and Mormon men in general. The Lord has allowed your husband to “suppose” he has “a little authority” when in fact, he has nothing more than an invitation to arise and receive it from heaven. (D&C 121:39)

The Lord intends to judge your husband and all Mormon men on the basis of how the man conducts himself to see if he uses the wrong kind of “authority” to impose and control and exercise dominion (D&C 121:37)

No authority can be claimed by virtue of the priesthood. Men, especially those in a leadership position, can lose their priesthood by attempting to exercise dominion or control over others.

To prove the heart of a man, it is necessary to put you and your husband into this probationary relationship to see if he follows the Lord or is blinded by the craftiness of men who deceive among all sects, including our own (D&C 123:12)

The typical man chooses to ignore the Holy Spirit and proceed ahead on his own desire for patriarchal supremacy. The Lord intends for you to ultimately be his judge because you are now apparently subject to him and will learn best what is in his heart.

The conditions for the salvation of men are different than the conditions for the salvation of women. They will be judged differently by how well they have met their obligations.

The primary obligation of men is to preserve correct doctrine, God’s approval to bestow ordinances, and practice correct faith. How well have men performed this obligation throughout history? How well do men perform this today?

NewFamilyWomen have a primary but not exclusive obligation to bring children into this world, care for and nurture them and live chaste lives. Women will be judged primarily in their role as mothers. How well have they performed this obligation throughout history? Unlike men, there has never been a worldwide “apostasy” by women where children were no longer born or cared for in the world.

The illusion of man’s patriarchal and priesthood power allows them to put on display what is in their hearts. (D&C 121:35) When they begin to “exercise a little authority, as they suppose” in a way which gratifies pride, or exercise control, dominion and compulsion over the soul of another, they “prove” who and what they are. The one most immediately affected – the wife – would be the one most able to judge the man’s performance.

Therefore a wise man will seek to elevate his wife, and a fool will abuse and dominate her. A wise woman will trust in the Lord and know that He is the judge of the living and the dead, and He will always restore only what is right, pure, merciful, just, true and worthy. (Alma 41:13)

Marriage was intended by God to be cooperative. The relationship is intended to make of the two “one flesh.” (Gen 2:24 and Matt 19:4-6). It is in the becoming “one” that both the man and woman become like God. The real value of the man and the woman is to be found in their unity, not in their disunity. Therefore, we must look to what the unity should include to know the real answer to questions that alienate, divide spouses from one another, and make women feel subjugated.

Women come into this world to pull men up spiritually. Women have natural tender loving hearts. They have come into mortality to help men become men.

A Few Concluding Thoughts

Doug’s workshops aren’t for everybody. If you have the opportunity to attend one, be sure to ask the Lord first if you should attend. Seriously, it takes both an open mind and a bit of spiritual maturity to not be threatened by some of the stuff we discussed. If you do feel this might be helpful or useful to you, don’t listen to the detractors. There are plenty of them.

For example, the first time I was introduced to muscle testing as a tool to help me determine answers for my own health, I was blown away by the things I was discovering. I tried to share my excitement with others. Several well-meaning friends were very put-off by my enthusiasm. One of the things they said was, “I don’t think the Brethren approve of this kind of stuff.”

That’s always been a big problem for me. I guess I’ve always been much more unorthodox than I thought because I immediately knew what I was learning was good for my soul. Just because it’s not taught in an LDS classroom or across an LDS pulpit doesn’t mean it’s not beneficial. I wish I could shout, “wake up” to some of these well-meaning people. They’re missing out on so much.

35 thoughts on “Doug Mendenhall Jedi Workshop”

  1. I loved attending Dougs Jedi workshops. It is wonderful to me to be taught by someone who testifies openly that he has Patriarchal Priesthood from the Father, in our day this is such a blessing, that we can know God chooses righteous men.

    Also, to be told by Doug that Denver is 100% behind every teaching taught at the workshops is also assuring to me. Doug insists that Denver sets the agenda of what is to be taught so really, these classes are an extension of the 10 lectures, Denver just doesn’t want to be the ‘front man’

    I wonder why Denver would not charge for the lectures but to attend a workshop it is quite expensive?

    1. There was no charge for the workshop we attended. But we, as a group here in Southern California, agreed in advance we wanted to reimburse him for his travel expenses. Those who wanted to did so anonymously.

    2. Denver does not endorse the workshops. I have never said that he is “100% behind every teaching….” I have never said that Denver sets the agenda or they are an extension of his 10 lectures. The workshops were started three years ago, long before he did his lectures, so how could they be an extension of what he has taught? If this is what you got from attending then I did indeed fail in the presentation.
      I enjoy Tim’s friendship but really don’t want to be a “promoter.” Would rather just stay home with my wife and not do any of this. Didn’t want any of these things discussed. I have found that things taken out of context, especially without the proper foundation laid, makes for some really weird sounding ideas and concepts. Though I don’t really care if any of you agree with any of the concepts or not. The only thing I care about is being right with my Lord Jesus Christ and doing what He has asked. Nothing more.
      It has always been my hope that the last workshop will be the last workshop.
      Tim is right, there was no charge for the workshop in CA, I traveled on my own nickel. They did donate for my expenses and someone did get me a hotel room which was greatly appreciated.
      Doug Mendenhall

      1. A thought on promotion: Carol is a self-published author. Besides writing X number of hours each week, She spends a set number of hours each week on promoting her books. For the most part she doesn’t leave home. She does “blog tours,” makes comments on other people’s blogs, sends out newsletters – as you do – and makes occasional appearances at book clubs.

        But for the most part, she promotes via online work so she rarely has to leave home. Her objective is to get people to Amazon. She gives away sample chapters, holds contests to give away free copies and in short, does everything she can do to bring attention to her books via online resources. She has even become a professional editor for other people’s books.

        My point is: I think “Conquering Spiritual Evil” was a landmark, breakthrough book that made a huge difference in my life. I only wish more people knew about it and how it could help them. I’m not suggesting book reviews where you go out every night to someone’s home to speak to a group of people. The world has changed. So much can be done online, especially on a blog.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    To the above comments. I do not believe Denver is the ‘front man’ of the Jedi classes not do I believe that he endorses what is being taught in his name. I will be bold to say it is a sham and name dropping to get customers. He has implied, NEVER does anyone speak for him also I believe that following the teachings of Jedi and things Denise has taught will lead you further from Christ.

    1. Hi Rainer. Thanks for your honest comment. It’s good to consider both sides of an issue. You are correct about Denver’s statement – nobody speaks for him. When I spoke with Denver about Doug, he said, “He does his thing and I do mine.” But they are obviously friends. Doug recorded all of Denver’s lectures. They have spent much time together over the years.

      Doug is a publisher and a bit of a promoter – not enough in my opinion. While his catalog is limited, the job of a publisher is to promote – thus the Jedi workshops. I wish I could help Doug get the word out about his books more. Thus I felt the desire to share these notes online. God bless and Happy Thanksgiving to you and all who read this today as well.

  3. Learning comes by Faith (Remember Moroni 7 I think verse 36-38, no miracles, no angels than there is no faith), but as all not has faith (ability to do miracles or be taught by angels) we can use also study.

    118 And as all have not faith, seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; yea, seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith (D&C 88:118)

  4. Can you explain what you meant by this statement? “The conditions for the salvation of men are different than the conditions for the salvation of women. They will be judged differently by how well they have met their obligations.”

  5. Even though I don’t agree with the things Doug (or Denver, for that matter) presents, I’d like to understand them a bit better. I’ve heard before the idea that Satan and Lucifer are different beings before, but I do not understand how one can believe that. It seems to me that scriptures and temple clearly equates the two. Even though you are indifferent with respect to this idea, would you like to explain the reasoning behind this in more detail? Or, is there some other source you could point to me?
    This whole idea reminds me of something Fred Collier spoke of in Sunstone (something about Samael? was it 2011?), and I don’t buy into that either.

    1. Niklas,

      If your interest is in things Doug (or Denver) presents, why not ask Doug (or Denver)? What will Tim give you, other than Tim’s interpretation of what Doug (or Denver) said, which will not give you any information about what Doug (or Denver) presented, since it will only be Tim’s claims about what Doug (or Denver) presented?

    2. Hi Niklas. Log is right. Anything I provide will simply be an interpretation of something I don’t yet understand or believe. I have not studied the subject. I have not prayed about it. I did not think it relevant to my spiritual progress at this point in my life. I have a copy of the handout I could provide in a PDF. It is two pages, entitled “Heavenly Father’s Brother,” and frankly, is not a polished document. It contains grammatical errors, run-on sentences and missing words. I don’t believe it was written by Denver. I don’t know the source. I have Googled it and have been unable to find anything like it.

      As noted in the original post, I have only read someone suggesting this idea for the first time in my life a few weeks ago. After fifty years in Mormonism, I thought I had heard it all, but then I live in California, not Utah. I have thought about the subject a little this morning. I looked for clues on Denver’s blog. As far as I can tell, he does not seem to differentiate between the two and at this point in my life, neither do I … yet.

      However, I can conceive of the idea as being truthful based on the fact I believe Father went through the same experience we are going through. In other words, there must have always been someone willing to play the role of the adversary because the Lord said worlds without number have rolled into existence over and over throughout eternity. I like Bruce R. McConkie’s expression when he spoke about the Father of God. “Let’s not get hung up on that” or some sort of similar expression. All I know is there is a being – Lucifer or Satan – who opposes the work of Father and Christ and I don’t want to have anything to do with him or those who follow him.

  6. My wife is a strong believer of these teachings and I find it extremely difficult to listen to after she has attended a class. Here are some of the things being taught.

    Denise said Denver came to her in the spirit one night and told her there was a certain number of Zion ready people, but two had since fallen.

    Also satan has sex slaves that he keeps chained up with which to mate with and have offspring. If you do not shield your own baby at its birth, satan will take your babies spirit out of your babies body and replace it with his own. Satan will then torture your babies spirit in hell which torture is unimaginable, such as tearing apart the babies body.

    Cloud busting: Clouds are always in a state of forming or dissolving, Look outside and clouds will form and disappear before your eyes, people think they are controlling this? For what purpose?

    Lets learn levitation and transmigration for Zion?

    Can we really meet each other in the spirit and have Christ perform ordinances, even sealing’s to already married people because they are bonded?

    It is a concern to me, those who believe this stuff. You really think Denver is the author of this? Both messages couldn’t be more further away from each other.

    “Ascend” is the new natural drink promoted by Doug, a secret recipe that was received by certain women through the veil and adjusted by Denise. Christ originally set the Price of $100 a quart, now He (Christ) has said it can be sold for $50 a quart. That’s half price! Thank you Lord.

    I cannot take seriously anyone who really believe this to the point it is their whole focus. When I read testimonies of people receiving Christ and having beautiful spiritual experiences, I am happy for that person. Then later I read or hear them talking about Jedi classes and other classes where this stuff is taught and my heart breaks and I have to dismiss their testimony.

    Rise up and do what you are supposed to be doing, be faithful unto the Lord and earn His trust. Get Authority from Him and He will teach and show you all things you should do.

    1. Hi Anon. I always appreciate those who are willing to express their views and take the time to do so. It is good to see both sides of every idea being considered. Would you mind sharing your sources for the two claims near the beginning: 1) The one about sex slaves and 2) the one about Satan stealing babies? Are you quoting someone? Is this in a written form somewhere? I had read every book written by Doug or Denise and listened to every talk published by Doug as found on his website over the years.

      I didn’t hear anything about levitation or transmigration in the workshop. Care to elaborate? What’s your source for “meet[ing] each other in the spirit and hav[ing] Christ perform ordinances, even sealing’s to already married people?” Having been to the workshop, I’m concerned when I read stuff like this. It wasn’t in the workshop I attended. Are you adding stuff you’ve heard second-hand or did you hear it from Doug or Denise? Are you suggesting we close our minds to anything that is new or different?

    2. I would like to remove this comment. I have no right to judge another and what they believe. Please forgive my misunderstanding and judgement Doug and others. I am sorry I have laid this on your blog Tim.

    3. Jean Piere Peralta

      “Ascend” is the new natural drink promoted by Doug, a secret recipe that was received by certain women through the veil and adjusted by Denise. Christ originally set the Price of $100 a quart, now He (Christ) has said it can be sold for $50 a quart. That’s half price! Thank you Lord.

      Lol! Man, that was good.

      Do not agree with everything the post says. I do believe everyone should follow the dictates of their own conscience, and that that may indeed be the best way to approach Christ…but if I am reading right, I think I can relate how silly it may seem where the conscience of some people are taking them to some of us who aren’t as “enlightened” yet.

      Who knows, it may all be true, and in a couple years I may be the one advocating such precepts. I consider myself a fool but I don’t like to admit it too often 😉

      1. Hi Jean Piere. I’ve enjoyed your comments on my blog over the past year. I hope you’re well and are enjoying this Thanksgiving weekend. I’m grateful for good people like you who read my blog and leave thought-provoking comments.

        You probably know I have a bit of a technical background. That puts me in line with a scientific approach to life. I like things like double-blind studies, tests that can be repeated in a laboratory and genuinely scientific explanations for things.

        There are so many things I can’t explain nor do I understand how they work. A few of them are mentioned in this post. That’s why I like Doug. He is a man of faith. He has seen and experienced things I have barely encountered in my life.

        I have been “through the veil” several times in my life. Two of the experiences were not pleasant at all. I encountered beings there who wished to do me harm. On other occasions, I met beings who filled me with love beyond understanding.

        I may have done Doug a disservice by sharing some of these things. I know it opens him up to ridicule, but I’m pretty sure Doug has a thick skin. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be proclaiming the Lord asked him to share some of these things.

        I don’t doubt Doug nor what he has shared in his workshop. I don’t doubt Kitten and Denise did indeed receive the formula for the Ascend product he is selling. Why should I doubt? I have never met either of them. Have you?

        It’s okay to be skeptical, but to openly mock someone you have never met seems a little harsh to me. Do you know Denise’s story at all? Have you read any of the books published by the Mendenhall family? I strongly encourage it.

        I didn’t share half the things we learned in the workshop. I only commented on the handouts and my own preparations to understand what Doug shares. I feel to keep an open mind about things such as these until I have experienced them.

        In the meantime, please be kind and non judgmental in your comments here, especially about Denise and Kitten, two people I don’t think you have met. You do realize we are judged according to the way we judge others, don’t you?

  7. Thank You Tim! As an avid Jedi, you did a great job of capturing “moments in Heaven”. (Giving additional resources I can check out!) How grateful I am for Doug, Denise and others following the Father to create His workshops. . I know of no other classes or workshops on the planet where you aren’t constantly told “don’t believe a word I say – go home and ask Father”. . (Moroni 10:3-5) Denise, in her books and her lectures, gives us the gift of believing that YOU too, can have personal relationship with CHRIST … Have YOU gone home and gotten down on your knees and on your face to find YOURS yet? Doug gives us tools to strengthen us on our individual missions on the planet! Have YOU discovered YOURS yet? In gratitude, Jedi workshops have deepened my relationship with Christ, which strengthens me in my nursing, wellness clinic and in my service to my fellow men.. dead and alive… May we all continue in the spirit of John the Beloved, to seek and serve the living Christ, who can be as alive in OUR lives now, as he was on the paths in Galilee. . Let us have the courage and humility to constantly seek HIS will, not ours. . Thank you Jedi workshops in helping to get us there…

    1. Hi Ellen. You and I have both pointed out one of the main themes of Doug’s presentation, which was, go home and ask if this is right for you. He continually said, “I just present the information for your consideration.” I didn’t mention half the things he talked about. What I shared in the post were from the handouts and a few recollections from memory. For example, he / we talked about the dream mine.

      Now it’s a historical fact you can read about online ( He didn’t endorse or preach anything. Doug just brought it to our attention for discussion. I greatly appreciated that. I found Doug did no harm in what he shared and came away further enlightened in many areas I had previously pondered and considered. At the end of the day, I felt a greater desire to seek to know Christ and serve others.

    1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing, Aww. I especially liked the closing statement, “Even when these dowsers were confronted with the truth, they preferred to retain their delusion.” It’s always good to consider both sides of any claim. We should do the same for any new phenomenon, including muscle testing, of which I’ve seen similar double blind studies.

      Yet, it causes me to ask, why would the Lord tell Oliver, through Joseph that he had a gift of working with the rod? I have found the same with muscle testing. There are those who seem to have a gift and can use it for making apparently legitimate health determinations and others who use it to sell vitamins and such, causing me to doubt. Who knows?

      Can we extrapolate this and ask ourselves how we should feel about promises of gifts made in patriarchal blessings, such as gifts of faith and healing, gifts of prophecy and revelation? I pray for the gift of charity, kindness and compassion every night. Over the years I have felt the Lord has helped me develop those gifts. Maybe I’m just convincing myself?

      What do you think?

  8. The teacher of these classes had openly shared that he has Patriarchal Priesthood and that Denver is multiple prophets from the past come back on our day…this seems to contradict what DS has posted recently about MMP and Priesthood, only one at a time on the Earth. What is truth? I have heard from this teacher that DS is supportive of these classes and quite often gives this teacher the things to teach…this also does not make sense with what Denver says…who is telling untruths?

    1. I have never openly shared such a thing about PP. I have related an experienced I had when directed by the Spirit and let those in attendance come to their own conclusion. The majority that have attended the workshops have never heard the experience. Never have I taught that Denver is “multiple prophets come back from the past on our day”, what a bunch of bunk. You have never attended a workshop, so you have no idea. In the past I attended two years of Denver teaching the book of Mormon at his home every Friday night. I learned much that he taught and incorporated that into workshops. For example Abraham 3, which I believe he has taught publicly since, examples of the church and priesthood, astronomy, Venus, and so much more. In the past we have had dozens of lunches together where we discussed much and ideas were also incorporated from those discussions. Plain and simple. Some of what we discussed was later taught in his ten talk series. As Tim showed I am not his spokesman, I don’t speak for him and don’t pretend to. When have you heard me say that “Denver is supportive of these classes”? Are you now my spokesman? Nevertheless Chase, you can rest easy, the workshops are over. Also, why do you hide under a fake name?
      Doug Mendenhall

      1. It just does my head in, how people come up with this stuff out of left field… You can explain yourself as clear as can be, yet if something is just too completely foreign to someone’s paradigm, they start dragging in all kinds of randomness like rent prices just prior to the sinking of Atlantis. You can scratch your head until you reach grey matter and still not know how to respond in a way that will get through to them.

        I, for one, have frame of reference for just about everything listed up there, and it’s things my husband and I have both had lifelong experiences with, preparing us to have revelations starting a few years ago (2011 or so) taking us ever deeper down those particular branches of the rabbit hole. In addition to those, we’ve had preparations and revelations regarding natural healing, what it takes to live sustainably in a small community, and what the secret combinations are doing right now (and in the future) that will make it necessary for us to know these things.

        We may very well end up gathering in person with some of the folks we come across on here… though I’m wary of screening out those who are prone to contention, or who can let disagreements and misunderstandings become a point of hang-up.

        In this post, the thing that leaps out the most at this moment is about the personal energy and vibrations. I believe it’s not the conferrence of priesthood that enables someone to withstand a heavenly presence, but rather that personal purity resonates at a higher frequency that jives well with celestial frequencies. This is what will cause the burning of those who cannot withstand Yeshua’s coming; they have not taken care to purify their bodies, minds, emotions, or spirits, and the discordance of their frequency will result in immediate physical disintegration.

        I think it is also what caused the physical changes that “Spencer” noticed during one of his “Visions of Glory”; God will be making changes which will affect everyone’s vibrations. Cleaner environment, purer food – people will have less desire to eat meat (i.e. dead food) because it won’t resonate well with us. Meat-eating is part of the enmity between man and beast, and carnivores can smell what we’ve eaten once it becomes part of us. If we smell like mostly plants, we don’t smell so much like dinner to them.

        I’m rambling… it’s become obvious my melatonin has kicked in.

        Random fun fact, since I’m fond of random: The Holy Ghost isn’t a single person, but a Priesthood office which changes out approximately every 1000 years, with a bit of overlap, and is held in turn pre-mortally by various Gods-in-training… which would probably put us on #6 about now, if we get another during the Millennium, and another during the “little season” when meat-eating and Gadianton-types return.

        Now that I’ve revealed the utterness of my nutterness, I can retire for the night.

  9. … Or not… on reflection, that “screening out” comment just sounds woefully exclusionist – especially when it’s basically the opposite of the purpose of whatever community we would organize.

    My patriarchal blessing states that I shall have the opportunity to serve as Joseph of Egypt did, and it is my one of my deepest dreams to realize that blessing. I wish to turn away no one who is in either temporal or spiritual need, especially having lived with so little for so long myself. I do not know how to go from having so little now, to having so much with which to bless and save people… but I know that the God of Miracles uses the weak things of the earth when He truly wants to show His power and love.

    That ought to teach me to type comments when my brain is woozy on melatonin…

    Love to all – Andi

  10. On June 23rd, on Denver’s blog, there was a post regarding “Disputations”. Denver noted that he had been contacted by two people who had been participating in a Southern Utah fellowship where a dispute had broken out. This dispute originally involved differences of opinion about parenting philosophies and styles between a host and a family that lived in the home of the host. When the family abruptly moved out of the home of the host, the host was obviously offended and distraught.

    In response, the (former) host wrote her concerns in a rather lengthy document. She let others review it…and apparently, that document ended up being widely distributed.

    Somehow, that document ended up in the hands of Doug Mendenhall. And when Doug became involved, it appears the dispute morphed from a difference of parenting philosophies to a full-fledged “Conquering Spiritual Evil” drama of the likes covered in Doug’s book. Demonic portals had to be closed, ritual sexual child abuse was alleged, etc…all without any proof which could possibly be taken to the police or to Child Protective Services.

    It turns out that the family who lived with the host had previously been critical of Jedi trainings and much of what had been taught in books published by the Mendenhalls.

    I cannot say one way or the other whether Denise and “Kitten” are truly “gifted” in a manner that permits them to discern whether or not a family is perpetrating ritual sexual abuse on their children. But the counsel by Denver to let the matter drop seems sound in this particular instance. Denver commented that those contributing to such a conflict would be dangerous neighbors to have in any New Jerusalem.

    By their fruits ye shall know them.

    1. Here we go again. My involvement was just this. I was contacted by the person you call the “host” and asked for help with what she felt was some evil on her property. I had several gifted people look and they confirmed there were portals there. I informed the host of what they had seen. She said he had some gifted people from her area look and they said the same thing and had tried to close them, to no avail. So I took two sighted people down there and the portals were closed. End of story, I thought. But no, observers like you keep pushing this thing to new heights. Denver said to let it drop as you wrote. Why didn’t you?

      We told the host that the portals were old, that they had been there for a while. She talked of the persons you mentioned that had badmouthed us a year or more previous. We did not discuss them, she did. We discussed what she could do to get rid of what was on her property. Once again, we did not discuss “ritual sexual child abuse” and the accusations that were thrown around.

      I don’t know what the family you are discussing has said about us, just that it was negative. I have no idea if it was about the jedi classes or what. I have since made a call to some people to have a chat with this family. Seems many people are throwing around all kinds of wild stories about this family. I have not participated in this, just have wondered why this family has thrown crap around about me and others. Especially if they are “so Christ centered.” Just wondering. I will ask them what it feels like to have stories thrown about that they claim aren’t true. Just what they have done to us. We have never met, never supped together. Are they “truly gifted in a manner that permits them to discern whether or not” we are doing wrong? Do you see what I am saying?

      Denise and Kitten are very gifted and could see if the Lord told them to look, I have no doubts about that. I don’t know that He ever has. This family is not a subject we bring up. I was told the mother of this family you have brought up has said some very negative stuff about Denise. Why? They have never talked, but I believe they were in the same room once. I asked Denise about her and she said she had no opinion as she never talked to her, but that she seemed nice from a distance.

      You have now contributed to this joke of a problem. I was sent the document by the woman, I did not “somehow end up with it.” And I never “became involved” more than what I said, we closed some dark portals and gave some advice. End of story.

      I don’t expect that I will ever end up in Zion. I am a poor example of a Christ like man and have too many faults, make too many errors and can just be a plain old jerk some days. So you will be safe in your Zion neighborhood, not to worry.

      Just wanted you to get your facts straight before you keep this crap going as you have done here. This jack*** has spoken and you can quote me.

      Doug Mendenhall
      PS Why do you also write under a fake name?
      PSS I apologize to you Tim that this crap keeps coming up on your wonderful site. I warned you about putting this post up though, didn’t I.

  11. Thank you, Doug, for confirming the essence of my observations, with clarifications on some particulars. I agree my post did not serve the cause of “dropping it” from your perspective, and for that I apologize. After weighing the circumstances, I posted solely because the persecution of this family continues, particularly by the host who had received counsel directly from Denver to “drop it”. As you are aware, the involvement of “gifted” people to this dispute has inflamed and fueled the accusations, and has provided the host and others vindication for continued persecution despite Denver’s counsel.

    Anonymity is used because the consequences of appearing critical might be cause for “gifted” people to detect sin, real or imagined, on my part. Who I am really shouldn’t matter. “Gifted” people I presume would know who I am regardless. The name isn’t fake…in fact, I am an observer making an apparent lame attempt to be a peacemaker. If the truth doesn’t hurt, why the bullying regarding the anonymous name?

    I understand the family in question has not “bad-mouthed” you or your family. Their focus was critical of doctrinal teachings in the “Jedi” trainings and from your books. No criminal accusations have been made toward you or your family, as it has to them. As with everything else, in this I may be wrong.

    If anyone has bona-fide evidence to present to police, let it be presented. Absent this, it is impossible to sustain criminal accusations inflamed by “gifted” people whose evidence cannot be accepted in a court of law. Even when witnesses with a woman caught in adultery confronted the Savior, still, the Savior declined to accuse. We would do well to follow that example. The accusations and continued persecution should stop, including any attempt by you as noted above to confront this family.

    Only then is the matter “dropped”.

    1. You see I understand that the family did badmouth us. I had heard about it for a long time but didn’t care about it until I kept being drug into this fiasco. Anyway if it was just about the workshops which they have never attended, why bad mouth it? Why not contact me and ask me directly. I have no desire to continue their “persecution” as you call it, just want to know why they did what they did.

      As far as anonymity goes, I feel that if anyone posts anything they ought to own it and print their name. I stay away from most of these blogs and don’t do social media. What I have seen though is how crass people can be with each other because they are anonymous. I don’t agree with it. If you have something to say, then own it, plain and simple. Otherwise don’t offer it. But that is just my opinion and it surely is worth what you paid for it.

      “Gifted” people would not know who you are unless they were quite gifted. Most aren’t. The ones I know are so busy doing His work they don’t have time for this stuff and wouldn’t want to be involved anyway. That is why when we went to take care of the dark portals and information was offered we declined to really hear it or get involved. We took care of what was asked and went home.

      I told the host to drop it the other day, as I didn’t want to hear it. We have had many accusations against us the past 15 years, so I know how this family feels. Yes I have had criminal accusations against us and had family services come for a visit after being given false reports and peoples opinions about us. After 15 minutes the woman was upset because she saw there was no case and the accusations were a waste of her time. But believe me I know the feeling when “they” give you a call. I have no dog in this fight and don’t know why it continues. Just don’t like being drug into it like you did with us. Heck, I never really even read the document that “somehow ended up in (my) hands.” Didn’t want to, didn’t want to hear it.

      It wasn’t the gifted people I deal with that caused this to become inflamed. I don’t now about those you are talking about, so don’t drag us into that. I know people go to gifted people for validation and confirmation. I have in the past and have learned not to unless the Lord directs.

      This reminds me of the last talk in Snuffer’s series in Mesa. I was chatting with a man the night before and he showed me some things he had worked on. I asked him to take his material and use some different information I offered and to look at it with respect to his material. He said he would. He came up the next morning and said that he didn’t agree with it. I told him that was great and walked away to get the room prepared for the talk. He followed me asked why I didn’t want to debate it or talk about it. I told him that it didn’t matter to me one bit if he didn’t agree with me. But then I decided to “play” with him. I said, “So what if I told you that it was Snuffer that gave me the material I told you about?” He said that he would then believe it. “So,” I said, “if I Snuffer says it then it is the truth, but if I or someone else says it then it’s suspect?” “Absolutely,” was his reply. All through Mesa you could hear this great big kissing sound……….

      We get the same with gifted people. Just because they say it people believe it is sacrosanct. Baloney. In reality it doesn’t matter if someone is gifted or not. Snuffer is quite gifted, but I still and go check about everything he says, as I would for any gifted person for that matter.

      It has been good to have some “fun” with you and dialogue. Please just leave me out of what is going on down there. My main reason for calling the “accused” is to just say that I had no part in what is being done, I have enough problems of my own and a book to get done. This is all just diversion.

      Have a great one “Observer”.

      Observer: to come to realize especially through consideration of noted facts.

      If you need any FACTS about me or what we are about, please come to the source, not from those that don’t know or assume they know. As I said I am a flawed individual that will probably never make it to your Zion and I can be a jerk, but a nice jerk………
      Doug Mendenhall

  12. Doug, please forgive my comment. Everyone is crying lo here and lo there. It is a hard time to live in, i know we have to get our answers from God alone. May He bless you and your family.

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