Skin in the Game

Skin-in-the-GameDear Tim,

There’s something about your new blog format that doesn’t quite sparkle for me anymore. Sure, I got used to, and miss the old uncluttered visual layout with that main topic so short, sweet and to the point in the center. But what I really miss is you: a real man standing there under his own name. You plowed the ground and showed us what vulnerable, honest, transparent and striving looks like: our brother in Christ, swimming upstream, trying to make it home to the headwaters.

Now, in kindness and generosity you hand over your hard won readership to others. Anonymous authors may truly be wonderful people with a lot of good stuff to share, but essentially they’re cowards hiding behind anonymous blog names, benefitting from your credibility by association and inclusion.

Nowadays a writer doesn’t have to actually publish with a Deseret Book imprint to set himself up with a following.  He can be “paid” by loyal blog readers who go to him for advice about what scriptures mean, instead of going to the Lord directly themselves to find out what scriptures mean. This is priestcraft.

I think it’s important for your readers to be able to see clearly who is behind which written word. Tim, you have street cred as a writer, as do all the others who put their name on their opinions at great personal cost and risk to their reputation. So who are your anonymous authors? Where have they been? What have they been doing? How have they suffered with us on the journey home? What has it cost them? What is it costing them now?

Tim, I think I understand what you’re trying to do by opening up your blog as a forum so that all can have a voice. It’s noble and generous, and I don’t doubt for one second that you’ve been impressed by the Lord to do so. But as you fine-tune that impression, in your willingness to act and obey, I have a question for you.

Wouldn’t we all be more edified and uplifted by your handing over page space only to those writers who, like you, have laid it all on the altar by taking off the blogger name masks and standing in the light under their own real name and true identity?

Tim, people can find you, call you, email you, look you in the eye and shake your hand. You’re real to us. You’re one of us. We know your name, your face, and your history as you’ve shared it. Therefore we readers can discern your motives from your past posts: Tim the man, the brother, is authentic and agenda-free.

The angst, the course corrections and comebacks, these parts of your real human journey give us confidence about where you’re heading in any particular post, because we know where you’ve been. I believe that most of us read your blog because we trust your motives and value your perspectives borne of past experience.

It’s entirely understandable that some timid readers who only venture out to comment in your blog occasionally may still be weak in their faith, terrified of peer censure, and feel the need to hide behind an anonymous name to buck up their courage to post. I get that.

But for those prolific posters who author frequent, lengthy, heavily scripture laden articles expounding, exhorting, and imparting from their own wisdom speaking to hundreds of your hard-won readers, it should cost them something: their true identity.

Whenever anyone directly or indirectly excuses their anonymity by implying that they have a significant visual leadership position in the church, or access to high-level intel which could be compromised if unveiled, or is concerned that if he “uncloaked” and people knew who he actually was they might be unduly impressed and want to follow him so it is therefore “better” to stay hidden in order to more effectively impart knowledge, understanding and wisdom, then I call it out.

Some of us have finally reached the priestcraft pain threshold. We’ve had enough of anonymous committees interpreting God’s word for us, speaking down to us, writing our lesson manuals and our history – telling us what we should do, can do, must do. The condescending tone of anonymous imparters of further light and knowledge is becoming spiritually nauseating to those sensitive Zion hearts trying to break out of the entropy cycle and move up the food chain towards the light.

At this point in the last days timeline I don’t care to hear from “anonymous” writers here on your blog, or anywhere else. I think it’s high time now, as Rock Waterman says, to put some skin in the game.

Very sincerely,
Lynne McKinley, Orem

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  1. Lynne
    Go click the interview that Tim gave. My name is nathaniel Aaron Krivanec. Do you want my address as well? Why do you not ask me personally and address someone else and call people cowards instead of talking with me? I am happy to answer any inquiries? You have my photo and my families photo and my full name. What else would anyone like? Attack the message if you find fault in it. Better yet, if you feel inclined to bear testimony against it and claim revelation to the contrary I would love to read it. Thank you.

  2. Preach it. I’ve found the guest posts good reading, but I do miss Tim’s voice and listening to what he feels inspired to share about his life and experiences. Essays are fine and do have their important places, many are thought provoking and inspired, but I miss reading about an authentic life being lived in real time. Perhaps it is time for Tim and us to accept a new direction though…

  3. Tim, I have to say I agree. I miss when this blog was just yours. I just don’t know these other people and I’m not invested in them. I miss you. Your genuineness. Your vulnerability. The way you inspired me. The blog just doesn’t seem as shiny and bright to me as it did before. I am very sorry to say it. And I’m sure these other people have a lot to offer, but I am just not as interested in reading their posts as I was in yours.

  4. Also just a thought Lynne,
    Anybody can go onto ldsff and write any post they want that hundreds of people will read. It is not a difficult thing now days to have thousands of people read an article. You voiced what you think my motivation was for writing posts for Tim’s blog, to extend the same favor in return would suggest that you yourself are writing on Tim’s blog for priestcraft. Would that not be judging you in the same manner that you have casted judgement at others?
    I forgive you for calling me a coward. I understand your concerns and I hope you will consider the possibility that my motives for writing were based on my love of the Savior and nothing else. I will assume you wrote for the same reason.
    Tim, I love you and your writing as well. This has put Tim in a tough position and I will make it easy on everyone and stop writing. Enough has been said. Hopefully you will grant me the courtesy of commenting from time to time. Now you all know who I am, you have my email, if anyone would like to contact me please email. Thank you – Nate (Minorityofone)

  5. Lynne,

    With all the events transpiring in these amazing times, do you think the importance of your agenda is is best served? Focusing on the individual is not the issue in our quest to become one with the Father. It is nice that you have a pet pieve, but I think the great amount of spiritual feast found on the blogs is the key, not who it is that presents. There are other blogs I am sure that would fit your format and I am sure you would be welcomed there as well. The message inspires, not geniunely who it is that comes forth. There are far greater issues than this to wrap ourselves around. Much peace to your troubled mind.

  6. Minorityofone Lynne wasn’t referring directly (just, only) to you, Nate, but to the concept in general. “Anonymous” commentary lacks the “skin in the game” that Tim obviously had (and paid for).

    I can appreciate why some wish to remain anonymous and I can support that. But Tim wasn’t — and that made his voice especially poignant.

  7. No one person can speak about the cost of suffering and
    sacrifice of any other person, anonymous or otherwise. Thus we are commanded to “love one another.”

    Does knowing someone’s name, or job title, or appearance tell you something about their ability to speak with the Spirit? Samuel 16:7 reads, “But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.
    And simply put,
    Tim’s blog is Tim’s.

  8. For the record, Lynne sent this letter to me with permission to publish it if I felt it would benefit someone, anyone. At first I was like, “No way, I have enough controversy on my blog. I don’t want guest bloggers to feel they have intruded.” But the more I pondered and prayed about it, the more I felt the Lord wanted the letter published. So I did – under Lynne’s account, because it’s Lynne’s letter.

    It addresses a valid point – anonymity in the LDS blogging world. When I first started this blog, I could always tell the comments from kids with no experience. They were all anonymous. Later, some of my anonymous bloggers turned out to be bishops and stake presidents who didn’t want to risk anything by having “skin in the game” but enjoyed the intellectual stimulation of the gospel topics we discuss.

    Lynne is right. We are in the last days now, not just the latter days. Something fundamental has changed in the LDS Church in the last few years. I experienced it firsthand from a leadership position. I saw more and more clearly as the years marched on that we had become a corporate entity and not a church. The correlation, the handbook, the subtle efforts to control. It’s all real.

    I decided I wanted to speak out and knew from the start I wanted to have some “skin in the game.” Yes, it has cost me dearly. Would I have eventually been excommunicated as so many of my friends have been, simply for sharing honest observations in a blog, as invited to do so by church leaders? I cringed the other day when a long-time reader told me his bishop said “stop writing on Facebook.”

    What? Are our local leaders so afraid of discussing the gospel in an open forum? Can’t the truth stand up to scrutiny? And why aren’t local leaders reflecting the message of the General Authorities who are asking, begging, pleading with members to get involved online. Yet so few do, either because they feel they have nothing to say or are afraid of having to defend their beliefs. That’s sad.

    I opened up the blog for guest posts because the Lord asked me to. Yes, there are a lot of other forums where one’s voice can be heard. I am especially fond of LDS Freedom Forum. I know Denver closed comments on his blog years ago because it distracted from the message he was trying to deliver. I have felt the opposite. I love the comments and the discussion. They bless me.

    Lynne, I thank you for your letter and for encouraging me to share it publically. I thank you for your friendship, for being able to share ideas and lectures together. I know you also have “skin in the game.” Our choices cost each of us dearly. This goes for Will and Adrian and Rock and many others who are standing up for what they believe is a new era in the latter-day restoration.

  9. The writer definitely makes a difference. Everybody has their own experiences, their own voice, their own tonand, their own style. People who have been reading this blog for a long time are here because of Tim. They liked him. They are moved by his words, his voice, his style, his experiences, his Spirit. I agree with Lynn. I think if somebody wants to write a blog they need to start their own. I miss Tim. I miss his frequent posts. I did not read his blog because of all the people who commented, who are now posting on his blog. I’m sure they have great experiences and are fine people, but I would like it if Tim put it back to the way he had it. That’s just my opinion. No hate mail please.

  10. That is true that Lynne may not have only been referring to me. I guess I have never cared who the writer is when I read good articles. Some of the greatest poetry and even books are written anonymously.
    That being said here is a completely wild thought… Tim’s frequency in writing his own posts does not seem to have changed, could one not simply skip over other author’s posts and only read Tim’s posts if they were not liking the other ones? Or can I chalk this idea up to craziness?
    Again, I felt the spirit when you opened up the opportunity and The Lord told me to write. I had no plans of becoming a blogger. I still don’t. I do not want followers and I believe anyone who would receive what I have shared would not be a follower anyway. I have always preached to follow God and none else. We do not need a dictator or a president unless it is the Savior.
    I have been ridiculed, banished, called a follower of the anti-Christ by my own family. I have watched “leaders” testify in deceit straight to my pure wife’s face that they know polygamy is a thing of God, and she just doesn’t understand it, and the list goes on and on. I do not mind being called a coward but Lynne, you did not receive that I am a coward by revelation and you falsely accused me of something. Tell me otherwise….

  11. mjcunningham Tim and Crol have been over my home. I have discourse with Tim quite regularly. When Tim posts, I read, not because he is Tim, but because of what he writes. Assuming hate mail is a little juvenille I think. That really is not part of the discourse.

  12. Tim
    This is totally off topic but I hope you might really consider this. Did the LDS church change in the last few years, or did God change you? Did he open your spiritual eyes a bit more so you began to see problems that have always existed in the church?
    I can guarantee you that all of the same complaints and the abuse of authority and the corruption with money and all of the other things have existed in the church long before the last few years. Sure the internet has provided a way for people to be more vocal about it but have you considered yet that it is still the same corporation today as it was 100 years ago?

  13. tmalonemcse Thank you for your input on why Lynne’s view is posted. I can see her side of the issue. The following definitely has a valid enough emotional tone to it: “Some of us have finally reached the priestcraft pain threshold. We’ve had enough of anonymous committees interpreting God’s word for us, speaking down to us, writing our lesson manuals and our history – telling us what we should do, can do, must do. The condescending tone of anonymous imparters of further light and knowledge is becoming spiritually nauseating to those sensitive Zion hearts trying to break out of the entropy cycle and move up the food chain towards the light.”

    Now, I for one, am OK with the anonymous posts. It gives me the opportunity to go by the spirit to learn discernment. I’m not yet at the priestcraft pain threshold that Lynne speaks of, but I see the need for transparency when the spirit directs. As far as I understand, Samuel the Lamanite was unknown and obscure beyond what he shared of his identity…”Samuel the Lamanite.” Yet, I’m fine with his preaching on his level of anonymity. Then we have the temple movie sharing that Peter James and John were instructed to go down without disclosing their true identity the first time when checking up on Adam and his posterity. The second time they were instructed to disclose their real identities once they shared of his faithfulness. 

    I am enthralled with the messages that Minorityofone has shared and I have seen him as anonymous…I had no clue that he has shared any part of his identity anywhere. I am disheartened that he would feel that he should now keep silent because he may no longer be “allowed” to post “anonymously.”

    I figured that if I wanted to know more about any poster, anonymous or otherwise, then I could ask directly. As suggested earlier, anyone can overlook any poster they don’t want to read from, rather than judge “skin in the game” as what isn’t shared of their private life isn’t known and very well could be where their skin IS in fact in the game. Give them the initial benefit of the doubt and use your own discernment of the sincerity of their posts and the reasons for their anonymity, be it their own security or the inspiration from the Lord. If someone feels that another poster is insincere, I’m sure they could feel free to call them out publicly or privately email Tim about the concerns.

    I want to read more from Minorityofone and if he isn’t compelled to start a blog, then let him post here in his personally reasoned anonymous “comfort” without further judgement of “skin in the game” based on anonymity.

  14. If there were any “holy men that ye know not of” (D&C 49:8) out there that felt a need to blog, it would be unfortunate if their message went unheard because the readers demand to know their identity.

  15. Nate – please don’t stop posting!  Your post of “Missing Mother” inspired me to also seek Her. Words cannot express what came of that.  I am humbled beyond belief…thank you so much for that post.  

    It doesn’t matter to me one whit the name you post under.   As another poster said, it makes us rely more on discernment rather than to trust in a certain name.

    1. Thank you for your testimony concerning Heavenly Mother. What a beautiful thing to come to know Her.
      Sometimes I wonder what is going to come of this world and I am so disheartened when I see the suffering of all of the children and the sadness and wickedness and abuse that is going on.
      I am coming to understand why Jesus said at some point the work will be “cut short in righteousness”. Isaiah spoke often about how there was none to answer when they were called.
      God will soon come out of His hiding place and save us all. We are all just children running around under strong delusion and the scales need to fall from our eyes. Such is the case of apostasy on the earth. I think we are seeing the Martin Luther’s of our time though in guys like Denver snuffer and good things are happening. But we do not just need a reformation in my opinion. We need pruned back and then rebuilt save for our foundation of Christ. There is so much false mortar and bad fruit and branches that no one knows the end from the beginning.
      Ah and now I have gone off on a rant. Thank you again for sharing. Your testimony was touching.

  16. Like it or not…. a name does make a difference… not just the
    message. I’m an online webmaster and online marketer.  In internet
    marketing… a name and face make a difference in getting traffic to
    one’s site.  I have clients recoil at having their photo taken for their
    blog.  I say, “Get over it.” If you want readers, you must have a name,
    and face, as well as your message. 
    In fact… The About page is
    the most read single page on any one website.  Folks what to know about
    author and what they look like.  Also, the more personal the information
    on the About page, the more likely a reader will return and respond. 
    It’s a way to build a level of trust, and compatibility.  
    real life, we don’t expect to see a “hooded” man at the pulpit or at a
    seminar. We expect to see face and know his name.  In fact, it would be
    rude not to know his name and be able to see his face. Those things are
    apart of the over all message as well. And for sure… he doesn’t
    profess…. I’m incognito because I don’t what you to get “attached to
    me” and “follow me” but take my message seriously.  Really?
    should expect no less social decorum from online messengers than we do
    from folks presenting a message in person.  Ha… can you just see Pres.
    Monson with a hood on?  “From now on… don’t follow the me… the
    prophet… but follow Christ first.”  
    If bloggers are not after
    readers… my suggestion is to put their thoughts down in a personal
    journal and don’t clutter up the broadband.   
    Tim has followed
    good “Online Marketing and SEO techniques” and has gained a large
    readership over the years. He has endeared himself to us, (not only his
    message) but, his style and his personal journey. His name and face has
    made a great difference. Yes, Tim… and we know who you are and you
    have built a level of trust, so we come back for more. There is a
    certain accountability in “getting out there.” 
    And… it would be stupid to say, I’m not following Tim’s blog…
    because I am.  It resonates with me and it is a place where I found like
    minded people.  (This “Don’t Follow Me… I’m a Nobody” nonsense has
    gotten out of hand and smacks seriously of “false modesty.”)
    When a blog has good frequent content and read often,
    Google calls it “Authority.” Because of Tim’s “Online Authority” he
    ranks better with the search engines than many others who may be
    blogging about the same material… therefore he shows up on the first
    page for many keywords, therefore he get his message across to more
    readers…. which is the point.  Why blog, if you are teaching, offering
    a service, a product or information if you are not interested in being
    found?  You mine as well take your blogging time to take a nap.
    fact… That is how I found Tim’s blog in the first place.  I Googled
    “Denver Snuffer” and Tim’s smiling face showed up just under Denver’s
    name.  I thought… “This guy must really have something to offer.”  I
    clicked on and found that I was right and have been reading and
    commenting ever since.  From Tim’s site I found Rock, Will and Adrian…
    and now Bret.
    I know it takes a lot of effort to post new
    material as much as Tim was doing. Having guest posts gives him a little
    breather now and again. I can appreciate that.  However… I agree with
    some of the others, guests should be just that… occasional
    guests…..And like Lynne says, their posts should have a full name at
    the very least and preferably a photo also.
    Although, I have
    enjoyed some of “Majority of One” Sarah and “Log’s” posts I have missed
    Tim’s voice.  Sure would like to know what the guests look like. There
    is a credibility factor that goes along with the message… at least
    there is for me… and it looks like it is important to others as well
    which supports what Google already knows.
    Will and
    Adrian would do well to post photos of themselves on their blogs…. It
    makes a difference.  After knowing what Rock Waterman looks like… can
    you imagine reading his blog without picturing his striking face. It’s
    all part of the game if bloggers want their message to be taken

    P.S. My comments are coming from a “Marketing and Online Etiquette” point of view.

  17. Is there any hope left for this world?! I know there are people that are true in heart! I have felt the spirit with a lot of comments and individuals on this blog. There are those that I know trust in god and know the voice of God. The laborers are few though!
    what does this world want? What do the people want? A Moses to climb the mountain for them? A Moses to go talk to God cause no one else wants to do the work or they are too scared? A prophet to tell them what to do? A golden calf to worship?
    This is the reason that we are in apostasy! We are an idol worshiping world! This world is 6 times more wicked then it ever has been! The people in Joseph smiths time and in the time of Moses had their chance to live the higher law but it was all for not because the people trusted in men or worships idols and the ways of The Lord were perverted!
    I have seen no change in this day, other than more pride and wickedness. I have seen more evidence of idol worship. I have seen people jump from worshiping and trusting everything that Thomas s Monson says to other idols or people such as Denver Snuffer. Yes I have felt the spirit about Denver Snuffer and I have a testimony that he is helping prepare people but he can’t do the work for anyone! I have felt the spirit about many other people as well but I have also founds faults in every single one of them. No unclean thing or lie can enter heaven. We are all unclean and have faults, even the so called prophets, apostles and spiritual leaders have lies within them somewhere.
    There should be NO LEADER, KING, OR PRESIDENT but JESUS CHRIST in whom we should put our trust! I know who my leader is and I know where to put not 90% of my trust in him and 10% in myself or another man but 100%, all of me to The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost! For they are all ONE! Perfect with ALL TRUTH!
    Who of you seek the lords face and seek to walk and talk with him rather than Nate (Minority of One) or any other person? Where are those that have the faith to seek after The Lords face!? Yes you may ridicule Minorityofone because he isn’t out in the open looking for recognition but I have a testimony that he is a man of God! He seeks to give all glory to God! Not even Jesus Christ himself taught people to worship him but he taught all people to worship God the Father!
    I pray that the hearts of this people will be softened and many will be brought to the knowledge that the only way is trusting in God and seeking the saviors face through the atonement. I pray that we will all be humbled into being of one heart and one mind in order to start building up Zion! I pray that we will be able to do so before the great earthquake hits here in Salt Lake! I pray that those who need to be gathered to start building up Zion before the earthquake will gather. Christ is coming with avengeance! Who of us will be able to bare the coming of The Lord?

    1. TheRevenger, I couldn’t have said this any better myself. I agree with you full heartedly. There is only one KING for me, my Savior Jesus Christ. I can feel of those who truly strive to represent Him when my heart is softened and have only felt that minority of one, mother’s disciple and others here like you are striving to do the Lord’s will. Those who have closed hearts will surely find the negativity they want to find. It is not comfortable for anyone to step out on a ledge and share the most sacred parts of his mind with the entire world. I will forever be grateful to those who do this for the greater good whether they are anonymous or not. Who cares? All will be revealed in the end anyways. We should not bother with trivial matters but try to just do as much good as the Lord will allow us until our time is up.

  18. My heart is heavy.
    Not so long ago some members of LDSFF
    tried to get ‘readers’ of DS to use their real names. It was, to me, an
    obvious attempt to add to the list of known ‘snufferites’. Am I wrong?
    I do know the world is full of people who are trying to
    commandeer the agency of others. It is most certainly true of the LDS
    church. How I wish this life was easy, it is not. It would be so nice if
    my circumstances were, likewise, easy, they are not. 
    now,… now the cries of ‘coward’ and ‘priest-craft’. Even DS has spoken
    of the ‘widening’ gulf between those “informed by fear” and God…
    because, no doubt, the church instills fear very successfully. Thus
    saith the Lord?
    Well,… I am nobody, I… am… dross. I’m not
    important to anyone but I do not see any validity in calling out the
    guest writers who have been uplifting and thought provoking. I get that
    things are not the same, can they remain so? 
    Lynne &
    company are privileged to have their opinions, but…  you see,… I now
    know I am not welcome… as is. I’ve not gotten that from my heavenly
    friend. I accept the criticism upon we ‘nameless’ because I
    self-identify that way when reading your letter. Pitch forks and
    opinions can cultivate or drive away the unwanted. I’m certainly no good
    at farming, and I really don’t mean to offend. 
    I am so disheartened. Does this have to be a ‘zero sum’ game? Doesn’t Christ have “skin in” and what’s His desired outcome?
    am sorry for this response. I doubt any good can come from my response,
    even though I’ve re-written it 4 times. I guess the blessing in this is
    realizing that I really only have the Lord.
    Anyway, should they
    cease to post, I will miss ‘Minorityofone’ and ‘Log’ whose posts I have
    kept with some of Tim’s. I know if they cannot gain acceptance as they
    are, I have no chance at all.

  19. I disagree!  Tim,  I love your blog.  I love it the way you want it.  Because I believe you are inspired.  I come here because I believe you are inspired.  I come here because we are like minded.  I don’t esteem you as a leader, just as a friend.
    My skin in the game only matters to Him.  He knows my heart.  We continue to have the same problems…judging others.  Zion will not be made of that quality.  
    Someday if I have something very important to say and am inspired to write it, I will post it here.  My journey is my own.  I don’t compare it to others, I know I am precious in His sight.  He continues to bless my little soul with grand blessings. 

    The posts here have been uplifting and thought provoking.  Minority Of One, please keep writing, I enjoy your posts!  Log, please keep writing, I enjoy your posts!  Tim, please keep writing, I enjoy your posts!  Zion minded foks…tell us your story.

  20. Loosing skin in the fight for truth will leave scars of courage and sacrifice. If another is not ready to join the LORD Jesus in scarification, what is that to me?  If a person posts under “anonymous”, who am I to judge another?
    Be Zion.
    “Being” is completely opposite of “minding”.
    I doubt there will be much “minding” of others in Zion.

  21. Kathryn G Nice repetroire. Well spoken from a worldly point of view. Unfortunately we or “I” have had enough with spiritual things moved into the process and assembly line of what is best in a worldly confine. I think more emphasis on uplifting the Spirit might be the move on this blog, don’t you think? Battling the worldly through marketing, control groups, polls, surveys will get us exactly what feels good to our belief system, for that is what we know. Let’s trend away from this and start our quest for greater things.

  22. SalemManOftheCloth

    Luke Warm I’m pretty sure Brother McKinley didn’t mean for you to not come here. We are going through the pain of spiritual growth and it is frightening to pull one’s faith apart before reassembling it. It’s disruptive and we say things we shouldn’t and we pass judgements and get angry. However, by and by Christ’s “skin in the game” (as you put it) prevails. Once a Mormon it’s very difficult to adopt an inferior system of gaining knowledge.

    Jonathan Felt, Utah County

  23. SalemManOftheCloth

    Kathryn G Good advice. I changed my Avatar. Whoever would have thunk we’d need an avatar in the latter-days.

  24. SalemManOftheCloth

    Minorityofone Hey! You might be one of my cousins. I hope so.

    Jonathan Felt, Utah County and Brooklyn, NY

  25. Aerinsol tmalonemcse 

       I do not feel to stop posting because I care about the anonymity.  My families photo, much of my story, my email address, were all available on this site before Lynne’s post.  I allowed anyone to email me and get to know me as much as they wanted to.  
         I do not consider myself a blogger.  I was not looking to market things or get traffic.  The reason to stop is because Tim has made known that he is getting a lot of flack from some of his long time readers.  
         This is Tim’s site.  He does not need people hassling him, not only for his own material, but also because of other’s material.  He has enough on his plate without having to explain himself in a hundred different ways to try and make peace with everyone.  
         Thanks for your comment.

  26. Aerinsol tmalonemcse

    Ha ha now I accidentally am going by my wife’s screen name!  Awesome.  Guess I should have thought of that when I jumped on the PC instead of my phone that I usually use.  
      Next I will go by sfort…. Things could get really confusing.

  27. That’s awesome! I had a lot of ancestors settle in the gunnison area if that rings a bell. Good ol pioneer stock. Gotta love it!
    I have a great great grandfather who was sealed to two women on the same day, at the same time! Man alive our world is crazy. I will bust out the geneology at some point and start looking for felts. Krivanec is a rare last name so if you saw it I am sure there was some connection. Lots of Jensens and olsens in my line as well.
    My wife’s descendents came from joseph knight. This is an interesting tidbit for those who don’t know. A lot of the knights lineage claim that joseph knight would have possibly been the “joseph” if joseph smith wasn’t. Joseph knight was also the third son of joseph knight and they grew up in all of the same areas as the smith family and were one of the first families who joined the restoration movement. The “first miracle” of the restoration movement was casting a devil out of one of the knights. (So they say). Just fun and interesting facts.

  28. Sfort, maybe you should take a second to think about how you are responding to people. Your comments are condescending and acidic, but veiled in satin. Is your goal to edify and uplift or to criticize and cut down?

  29. SalemManOftheCloth

    Anonymous has served the last great apostasy well, because coming out of “the cycle of entropy” requires courage and ultimately a disassemblage of faith. The process was frightening to me. If we are on the right track with Brothers Malone, Quinn, Gileadi, Smith etc, G-d Himself is directing our personal chaos in order that a restoration can soon take place. For me, anonymity could only come off my face once I started the reassemblage of my testimony of what Joseph Smith revealed. To quote Daymon Smith (almost verbatim), “Joseph Smith revealed the true gospel…We have gone far astray from what Joseph Smith revealed. If he were to come among us now (and I believe he does) he would be disappointed. He would see a world he did not create…The more I study mormonism the more I realize it exists nowhere else…It’s not there in academia and its not there in other systems of knowledge. Mormonism really does “have it.” The question is, “what type of Mormonism ‘has it?” My experience growing up in a post-correlated Mormonism makes it clear to me we don’t have the same kind of Mormonism they had in the early church (i.e. charismatic experiences, and relationship to heaven).”  — Mormon Stories, Podcast 152 near the end.  I honor D. Michael Quinn, Avraham Gileadi, Tim Malone, Daymon Smith and you for standing tall with a firm testimony of Christ and of the Latter-day restoration. I look forward with probably too much glee to the coming events which will carry us inexorably to Zion. This is the most exciting time in church history right now.

    Jonathan Felt
    Utah County and Brooklyn, NY

  30. Sfort,
    I would have said the same thing. You are a good man and I have learned a lot from your comments. Felt the spirit many times while reading your comments! People that are offended by the truth will always claim it’s something from the devil!
    One thing I try to remind myself of everyday is if I am offended by something then there is something I need to learn.
    I’ve got nothing but love for you brother and hope we meet up in the real Zion!
    Thanks for all!
    God is good!

  31. SalemManOftheCloth

    Minorityofone I’ve seen your name associated with my Ahleen cousins and your name is Nathaniel which was my only clue. You probably are not related if that doesn’t ring a bell to you.

  32. SalemManOftheCloth Kathryn G Thank you Jonathan, I have seen you post so many times in the past.  It’s nice to see your face.  Great to meet you my friend.

    1. SalemManoftheCloth

      Something happened to my new avatar. I wonder if Brother Malone uninstalled Livefyre because all our comments have suddenly changed.

      1. Yes, he has changed the way we comment and has removed Livefyre for several reason, one being technical incompatibility with WordPress. Also, Livefyre made it more difficult for those who wanted to comment to do so with out complications.

        This format resembles the kind of format we were using before he changed the presentation or “look” of his blog. I personally liked Livefyre because I had 5 min. to make corrections or delete my comments. However, I understand his need to make the change.

  33. I am not entirely clear about the usage of priestcraft used in the article/letter.

    Writing blog posts now constitutes priestcraft? Unless you use your real name?

    This is such a strange accusation. Mormons truly are a peculiar people.

  34. Malone: “here’s more content on my site. For free!”

    Rresponse: “How dare you shove such priestcraft at us. The shame!”

    If you feel that a semi-anonymous post is preventing you from taking your own questions to the Lord, you have bigger problems than minorityofone.

    Minorityofone, I don’t care what you call yourself in your everyday life. I don’t care what label you use. I know you by your words. That’s all I am looking at anyway.

  35. Lynne, I agree with your comments here 100%. I believe you are correct to “call out” those who are presenting themselves as “revelators” here. I believe each individual must be extremely careful when trying to discern what others receive by way of “revelation.” The Adversary is a powerful deceiver and many within and without the church have never really had the ability to discern between the Lord and the Adversary. Many who claim the Lord told them this or that, or just revealed to them this or that, are simply in Error themselves. There have literally been SCORES of breakoff groups since the founding of the church, and they have almost all been led by individuals who have claimed Revelation: from God, from Christ, from Moroni, from Joseph Smith, etc, etc, etc. The pattern is so repetitive, yet those in the middle of it, don’t perceive the similarity at all. These breakoffs almost always manifest an “urgency.” That the time is short and the Lord is going to do really big things “very soon”. These types of visions were manifest in the 1880’s (just google LDS visions) and the “angels” always tell the recipients that these things are “soon to come to pass.”

  36. @Karl

    What Church are you referring too? Are you talking about the LDS church? What is the difference between some one here claiming that the LDS church is wrong and Joseph smith claiming all churches are wrong?
    Most all of these bloggers are not trying to get people to follow them or any “church” for that matter. They are trying to get people to trust in God and gain a true relationship with Christ.
    From my personal understanding of what the spirit has taught me, there is no true religion or organization on the face of the earth.
    The spirit taught me exactly what it did Joseph Smith when he was told all the religions were wrong and an abomination in the sight of God. The only difference is I am not seeking to start up a “Church” or gain followers and no one else, as far as I can tell is on this forum either. We are all trying to learn by the spirit. We don’t trust in anyone’s words here. We seek the application of the Holy Ghost in all things.
    In my humble opinion there are only two options when it come to religion (down below )but don’t take my word for it for I am a man and would cringe at the thought of someone following “my words”. Pray for what your heart feels is right to pray for.

    1. There is no true religion on earth for God is not a religion but is Truth.


    2. The one and only true religion on earth or in heaven is to praise God all the days of our existence!

    What do you think?

  37. Why would anyone with no blog, or web site, or public ministry (i.e. “no skin in the game,” and therefore nothing to gain) lie about spiritual experiences?

  38. Everyone has their opiions, but I believe that your comments, Lynne, are completely unfounded. Based off your letter, you must absolutely be disturbed by Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll and other authors too who used pen names. Clearly, they had no skin in the game either, and their works shouldn’t be appreciated. It’s been observed that Malachi (meaning – my messenger) was also a pseudonym. Again, he must be a coward also.

    My opinion, one of minorityofone’s posts caused you to squirm a little and you became uncomfortable. This is no diferent than my 5 year old when he tells on another kid who’s done something that he doesn’t think is right rather than going to the source and addressing it. You’ve gotten what you wanted by getting Nate to remove his commentary and I’m sure that makes you feel pretty good now. My 5 year old feels pretty good also when he tells on his 1 year old brother and gets the result he wants. WE ALL LOST HERE. If this blog is to promote discussion of doctrine and coming to Christ, it lives by a double standard. One can say, let’s talk about revelation, but only as much as I approve it, choking out the purpose of free discussion.

    Tim, as David Whitmer and D&C point out, we can get revelation from man, God, and the adversary. Joeseph Smith recieved “revelations” but they were really brought on by constant pressure from Sidney Rigdon. I can’t say if your revelation really was from the Holy Ghost, I wasn’t there in the room when you received it. Could be completely true. From what I can tell there was a lot of motivation from others to get you to this point of publicly mocking minorityofone and that makes this messy.

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