Mormons can poke fun at themselves

Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh at Mormon culture.  Bishop Mike T. Young of the Spanish Fork 401st ward does a great job of  pointing out some of the insane things that we do because of our unique culture.  Love it or hate it, I just had to laugh. He’s been in his “calling” for a few months now and has been magnifying it admirably.

In the spirit of Seriously So Blessed, which pokes fun at Mormon mommy blogs and My Religious blog, which is absolutely hilarious, the Spanish Fork 401st ward joins the ranks of What Mormons like and Overheard in the Ward.  If you are offended by Mormons poking fun at themselves, don’t go to any of these blogs.

Here’s a sample offering from a recent post containing items from the suggestion box:

  • Mini-refrigerator stocked with cold Mt. Dew for Elder’s Quorum
  • A better selection of table cloths and flower arrangements for Relief Society
  • A, ‘preferred,’ calling spreadsheet where members can prioritize the callings that they’d like the Bishop to feel inspired to call them to
  • Home Teaching Hall-of-Shame list on the bulletin board for dead-beat HT’ers
  • Nose hair clipper to pass around HP Group meetings on Sunday

Go add your own suggestions and enjoy the other delicious treats to be found there.

5 thoughts on “Mormons can poke fun at themselves”

  1. LOL this are good! I’ll have to check out the other sites. I know I have heard alot of “How many Mormons does it take to…..” jokes. lol I’m really liking the “preferred calling”

  2. Tim: Thanks for alerting readers to “Spanish Fork 401st Ward.” It is hilarious. I am glad there are more than a few Latter-day Saints who do not take themselves too seriously. We are far from being a perfect people. Some of the best characteristics a person can carry are humor, humility, and honesty of the self.

  3. I thought the list was great. Its good to know I’m not one of those people that get offended at Mormon Jokes. Although I thought the home teaching wall of shame was so good it really should be implemented. 🙂

  4. Walks The Line

    This is an hilarious site. Thanks! Scroll down a ways and read the “TK Smoothie” post. Absolutely classic Mormon humor.

  5. I figure we have to have a sense of humor to get through life. After all, God obviously has one Himself. Just look at a platypus. 😉

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