Even a child can understand

As a follow-up to my previous essay about how difficult it is for some people to understand or accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ because they intellectualize it way too much, I offer the following video clip of Elder Gerald Causse. It expresess beautifully how easy it really is to understand the gospel that even a child can understand it.

It reminds me of how much I loved teaching Primary a few years back because of the joy, innocence and simple faith of the 11-year old children I taught. They knew the restored gospel was true because of both the feelings they had and the whisperings of the spirit that accompanied our discussions of the gospel in their language.

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  1. Man, does that video just warm my heart. It is true! I know it, and I know of the love God has not only for me, but all of His little ones. It is such a blessing, such a sweet grace to see such young children brought up in truth, righteousness, and pure faith. The Primary kids in our ward are some of the greatest examples of what it means to be a Latter Day Saint. I had the wonderful oppurtunity to ordain such a previous Primary child to the office of a deacon. I am honored to serve alongside him 🙂

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