Thank you Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney gave one of his greatest speeches today at CPAC – The Conservative Political Action Conference. In that speech he announced that he is suspending his campaign for the candidacy of the President of the United States. Some pundits and commentators lamented, “Why is it that now he comes alive, just to announce he is quitting?” I think he was just happy.

If you haven’t watched his great speech from earlier today I highly recommend you do. I would include an embed but it slows down the loading of the post. It was one animated, exciting speech for a guy who just admitted he got trounced in the elections two days ago. You watch him go through the issues one by one in a manner that rings true and lays them on the line. He hits on every conservative point I hold dear and tells it like it is.

Mitt has his pulse on America, or at least on conservative America. Unfortunately, as he said, the Republican Party no longer represents conservative America. That’s too bad. McCain said we need to give him a chance. I say there’s no way he can replace someone like Mitt Romney. I know I am in the minority as a middle-aged, conservative, religious male of white European ancestry but Mitt Romney represented me better than any other candidate today.

In a CNN poll the other day, the readers were asked which was more important: a candidate’s stand on the issues or his character. As expected from a CNN poll, the overwhelming majority voted that the stand on issues was more important. What about future issues that have yet to come up? Knowing a man’s character will allow you to judge how he will stand on future issues. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. When I hire someone I do it based on my impressions of character formed in an interview, not necessarily based on what’s listed in the resume.

Thank you Mitt Romney. You have brought so much good attention to the church and to conservative values. I hope that by suspending your campaign you are only placing yourself in the background, available for recall at a moment’s notice when your party realizes that it needs you. I voted for you Tuesday but I don’t have a candidate I can vote for in November. John McCain is no conservative in spite of what he claims. That judgment is based on character.

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