What is the source of this latest Mormon rumor?

I have received emails and Google hits on my website from people looking for commentary on the rumor that President Monson was prophesied to be the Prophet when the Savior comes. I don’t understand why people are so fascinated with this rumor and have written about LDS rumors before. It doesn’t matter if we know in advance when the Savior comes again because we have been warned to always be prepared.

President Monson is eighty years old. Even if he lives to be a hundred I don’t think that all the things that are prophesied to transpire before the Second Advent will come to pass before he dies. The Lord has said that nobody knows the day or the hour when the Savior comes, not even the angels in heaven. It is also foolish to speculate that we can make a difference as to when it happens. I do not think our prayers or righteousness or lack thereof will change Father’s mind.

The Lord has said he would shorten the last days for the sake of the righteous. In other words, He will not allow the righteous to be persecuted to such an extent that they lose their testimonies before He comes. And make no mistake about it, we will be persecuted like never before. The day will come when we will be so polarized with the world that they will want to kill us. We will need to flee to Zion for safety. Today, we are to be gathered in the stakes of Zion. Let me know if you want some backup references or scriptures for all these prophecies.

The temple in Jerusalem must be rebuilt. The temple complex in Jackson County Missouri must be built. The three year war in Israel must take place. The two prophets must hold the enemies of Israel at bay for several years. Then they must then be killed and lie in the streets for all the world to see and resurrected also in the sight of all the world. There are many more signs to be seen in the heavens before the Savior comes. The missionaries must be recalled. The government of the nations will collapse. Anarchy will rule. The Ten Tribes must return.

Will all this happen in the next fifteen or twenty years? I don’t think so. The world may be wicked but it has not yet reached the point where they are killing the saints of God just for trying to live their religion. Right now the church is in a period of expansion and prosperity. For the most part, others think highly of us and our values. We are still taking the gospel to all the world and will be doing so for many years to come. I can name a lot more prophecies that must be fulfilled before the Second Coming but I think you get the idea.

Does someone have a legitimate source for this rumor about President Monson?