Article VI: Faith. Politics. America.

I received an email from a PR firm for the new movie Article VI that came out today. I normally ignore blatantly commercial stuff like this but after reviewing the trailer I just had to respond. I am impressed. If the movie is anything like the trailer you are going to come away with a distinct impression that the presidential election this year is different from any other.

From the Executive Producer, John Carosella:

“It is our earnest hope that through this film, we can raise the level of inquiry about the role of faith in politics, and catalyze what will be an energizing, provocative, and, yes, combustible debate. Because it’s a necessary debate, perhaps never more so than right now.

“In the end, my faith (or yours) is irrelevant to this story. What matters is how America can express her spiritual and moral values in our political process without relying on, focusing on, or forcing those values into a straight-jacket of a particular religion or religious expression.

“It matters to me because I am a patriot: because I love my country, and the ideals it represents. I believe in the ability of the Constitution of the United States to serve as a guide to the American people in exercising their moral prerogatives and obligations in governing themselves.”

“I encourage you to see the film. The movie isn’t about Romney, or even about how he’s being treated in the narrow sense you may be thinking. It’s really about an American guy (Bryan Hall, the director) who steps out into the political world out of interest — interest in the political process and the political dialog — and comes face to face with much, much more than politics.

“The film doesn’t try to answer questions. It attempts to ask them, and in the process, promote a healthy discussion about the right and wrong ways for religion and politics to mix.”

Update: The movie is now planned for a September release in theaters. I think you will be impressed. The trailer is still available online and is intriguing to review. Take a look.

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