The Ron Paul – Mitt Romney poll in Meridian magazine

So I was on the phone walking one of my associates at work through a printer install when I hear a knock at the door. I work from home most of my work week. The boss is very kind that way. There stands a neighbor with a Ron Paul hat on.

‘Nice hat,” I say.

“Thanks. That’s why I’m here.”

“Oh? You’re selling Ron Paul hats?”

“No. I’m a volunteer and we’re visiting Republicans in our neighborhoods to get the word out about Ron Paul.”

“Oh,” I replied, “I’ve read a lot about him – mostly from Digg articles.”

My neighbor Lance is now animated. “You’re on Digg? What’s your profile name?”

I tell him and we continue our conversation. I congratulate him on his grass roots activity. We both lament on the state of affairs in our nation and he gives me some Ron Paul literature. Nice material. But what impresses me more is the idea of neighbors visiting neighbors to ask them to read up on their candidate of choice. This is real grass roots political activity at its best.

One of those Digg articles I missed is this one on Meridian magazine’s Web site. It’s a straw poll asking which of the Republican candidates would be your choice if you were voting today. Now Meridian magazine is an LDS-oriented publication and Web site. You would think that the results would show that Mitt Romney would be the clear leader.

Guess again. I suspect that because Ron Paul supporters are incredibly tech savvy that they got the word out and the survey got an uncharacteristically skewed response. Of course, that then became a news article in itself – more Mormons voted for Ron Paul than voted for Mitt Romney. Somehow I just don’t think that is accurate but I can’t prove it.

By the way, after extensive review of the Ron Paul Web site and the Wikipedia Ron Paul entry (very well done guys) and the Ron Paul YouTube page and the Ron Paul Paul MySpace page, I like what I read. Now what differentiates Mitt Romney from Ron Paul? Who could represent the people better and lead this nation better than the other?

What do you think? Are there more Ron Paul supporters among the Mormons than there are Mitt Romney supporters?

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  1. It could be that many Mormons, including myself, are aware that Mitt Romney and his father have been liberal politicians for years. Mitt Romeny sided with the ACLU on the Boy Scout issue, supporting the idea that the Boy Scouts allow homosexuals to be leaders, is only one thing that is part of Mitt Romney’s record.Another thing is that Romney has at least four members of the Council on Foreign Relations, a significant organization that is part of the Secret Combinations, in his campaign organization, including Vin Weber who he appointed as his policy chairman.Now, it is unlikely that Romney does not know what he is doing, given that he and his father have been involved in politics for years, but even if he is unwittingly upholding the Secret Combinations who needs it? We know that if elected, it will be politics as usual in the White House.Romney says that he is the most conservative Republican candidate and of course that is not true. Ron Paul has consistently upheld the Constitution and been on the side of liberty, in the tradition of the Founding Fathers and people are becoming more aware of how important it is to support candidates that actually uphold the Constitution, no matter who wins.

  2. Tim Malone, MCSE

    Hey anonymous,Good post – thoughtful and informative. I appreciate the added information. I’ve read a lot about Mitt Romney’s flip flops. I’ve also read a bit about the CFR. I believe you’re right that it will be politics as usual if Mitt Romney is elected.I have been seriously considering Ron Paul ever since my neighbor visited me the other day. I believe he would shake things up but is he electable? I remember a lot of my conservative friends and members of the church voted for Ross Perot in 1992. All that did was take votes away from Pres Bush.

  3. Even when Ron Paul was nearly unknown early in the year, he took a [distant, granted] second to Romney in the Utah Republican “Straw Poll” because of well-informed Constitutional, conservative types.In Utah County where I live, there is serious buzz about Paul. A lot of Mormons think it’s cool that Romney has done as well as he has, but the serious-about-the-issues types aren’t as likely to support him.Amongst those who research the politics (and tend to be the most hardcore voters and most involved in their precincts) Paul stands out from the other candidates quite starkly. Those serious-about-the-issues-types are likely to divided between Paul on the one hand, or quite distributed amongst the other candidates (like Romney, etc.) that are so similar.Consequently Paul has as astonishingingly deep support out here amongst the Mormons as elsewhere in the country. Personally I like a lot of things about Romney, McCain, Huckabee, etc. but three or four things in Paul’s platform are so refreshingly different that he’s certainly got my support and vote this February 5th.

  4. Isn’t it just as deplorable for Mormons to support Mitt Romney because he’s a Mormon, as it is for black people to support Barack Obama because he’s black? What’s the difference?

    I know this topic is mostly dead, but it’s still interesting.

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