Donny Osmond on Eternal Marriage

OK, I’ve just got to say something about the Osmonds on Oprah today. No, I’ve never watched Oprah before in my life. I was working from home today and Carol had the show on in the front room. Frankly, it was simply an amazing show and a celebration of life. More specifically, of the life of George Osmond, the patriarch of the family. He passed away Tuesday at the age of 90. It was wonderful to see such a large family all together in one place at one time.

It was great to see the Osmond brothers sing together again. It was great to see Donny and Marie sing together and great to see Marie dance again, especially after her fainting spell on Dancing with the Stars a couple of weeks ago. No, I don’t watch that show either – it just happened to be on in the front room again. I loved seeing Marie give one of her special dolls to Oprah. It was obvious that she was delighted. But the real hero in my eyes was Donny and what he said.

“We believe we’re an eternal family,” Donny said. “We know we will be with our parents again. We know it. We don’t just believe it. We know it. It’s so comforting for us to know that we will be together again.” Donny also said he and his family wanted to celebrate both their late parents not just for setting an example for what a healthy relationship should look like but for doing a mighty fine job, if they say so themselves, of raising children.

“Isn’t it interesting how two people can raise a family in show business, nine children, and still love each other? We still have our problems. We still have our issues. We’re a normal family. But the mere fact that we can all come together and still be a tight, close-knit family, that’s a testimony to my parents.” (Source: eOnline)

More than 120 members of the Osmond family joined Oprah Winfrey in Chicago, Illinois on Wednesday to tape a special tribute to clan patriarch George Osmond, who died on Tuesday. The 90-year-old was supposed to join his relatives for the TV special, but he’ll now be buried in his native Utah when the show airs on Friday.

Son Donny Osmond says, “The funeral will take place on Friday, the day that Oprah airs, which is very interesting as far as coincidence is concerned. I think there’s a little divine intervention in the fact that everybody will be talking about my father (on the show).”

Sister Marie Osmond adds, “To have something like Oprah right now is really special to our family because there’s nothing they like more than their posterity, and to be able to see all of them together at one location is really special.” (Source: IMDb)

Now, doesn’t the person who wrote this little diatribe on the ABC Forums feel special: “I cannot believe this! HELLO! Mr. Osmond just died on Tuesday and the funeral won’t be until Friday!! Don’t ya think that the family could have waited until he was buried before jetting off to Oprah? Maybe… oh.. I don’t know… maybe after the guy was buried? Is that the way Mormon people treat their dead family?” (Source: ABC Forums) She obviously has never heard of tape delay.