So Cal fires: Divine punishment or natural causes?

Tony Badillo from Dallas TX wrote: “In case the people of Malibu can’t figure it out, the fire is almost certainly Divine punishment. There have been other types of punishments and there will me many more until materialistic America in love with sex, porn, riches, violence (including abortion), and deceit and lying is brought to its knees…Malibu is a symbol of individual self-serving materialism…”

Hmmm…seems a little harsh Tony. These are my neighbors. I know quite a few good god-fearing Christian people in Malibu. Let’s not be too hasty in judgement. I agree that there are some very rich, foolish and worldly people who live in Malibu, many of them in the entertainment industry. But I can think of two other places that the Lord should let the angels pour the vials of destruction upon first.

One of them is the area around Folsom Street in San Francisco. I’ve written about them previously. The other is Chatsworth in the San Fernando Valley. The majority of the nation’s adult video and magazine distributors are located there. My offices are in Burbank. When we were shopping for a new high-speed internet connection I was surprised when the salesrep pointed out that I might have some contention for bandwidth in the afternoons. When I asked why he said because that’s when all the kids get out of school and hit the porn sites that are based nearby.

The Lord has forewarned us that there will be much ‘natural’ destruction in the last days. We will see more fires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and yes, perhaps a large meteorite or two but more likely a swarm of previously unknown meteorites that bring fire with them. I just don’t think that the fires of today are specifically targeted to the people of Malibu by the Lord. Of course, I could be wrong. A lot of good people have lost their homes. So far this firestorm is not as big as the fires of 2003.

What do you think? Are today’s fires a sign of Divine punishment?