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Well That Was A Surprise – Modern English Version of the Book of Mormon

I have been enjoying the Top of the Mountains conference for the past few days, delighted that somebody arranged for streaming video of the speakers. On the conference page, it clearly states that Wi-Fi is not available at the site (and a beautiful site it is), so having the sessions available to view from the comfort of my living room was a delight.

I especially enjoyed the slides of Matt Lohmeier’s presentation of the temple, in which he reviewed many past statements from Denver about the upcoming temple. We have had an entire previous conference dedicated to the theme (Spring 2019 – A Hope in Christ), but it was wonderful to review them again and be reminded of why a temple is necessary.

Denver’s Talk was not About the Temple

So it was with some surprise that when Denver began his remarks in the Saturday evening session, it became immediately clear his subject was not the temple, but the announcement of a modern-English version of the Book of Mormon. I knew the project was in the works, but had expected that Denver would address what additional preparation is needed before the temple will be built by this people, especially in light of some of his recent posts.

Enthralled, I watched as Denver discussed the coming forth of the long-awaited book, which has a beautiful design and a new name “Covenant of Christ.” Immediately, I wished I had been able to be there since 100 copies of the book were distributed to those in attendance. Within minutes, I placed my order online both for the paperback at Lulu and the hardbound copy from Amazon.

A Modern English Version of the Book of Mormon

Covenant of Christ - the book

If you haven’t already, please watch the video in which Denver explains some of the struggles with the problems this book will surely present to those who are opposed to the work of the Lord. A couple of examples were mentioned by Denver, including the clarification of what happened when Nephi obtained the Brass plates by “cracking” Laban’s head (see FAQ).

Clearly Denver wrestled over other important aspects of the modern language, especially if you consider the sacrament prayers, which surely someone will claim is a change in the ordinance. I know many people were involved in this labor, which was alluded to years ago in 2017, but ultimately it is Denver who must now defend this new published work.

My commitment to read this new version

You may wonder why I would purchase both a hardbound and a paperback version of the book. After all, you may say, “It’s just the Book of Mormon, which you have read dozens of times and taught from for over fifty years.” I believe reading this modern-English version will change the way I perceive the book. I believe I will see more of how the book emphasizes the main themes of the Covenant of Christ.

We will meet again in October to vote on accepting this version of the Book of Mormon as a part of the covenant. I remember the day I stood, all alone in my living room at home back in 2017 when I accepted the covenant of Christ as administered by Denver, again though the miracle of modern technology. I hope to read the book twice between the time I receive the hardbound edition next Saturday and the day we vote on it in the October conference.

Thanks to All Who Labored to Bring This Forth

I know Denver is the one who made the official announcement, but there have obviously been dozens of others who were involved in bringing forth this modern-English version. Although I don’t travel to the conferences, I watch or listen to them and study the addresses. I know there has been a lot of work that has gone into this publication. I express my appreciation to those who have worked to bring it forth.

And although he is loth to have anyone bring attention to himself, I express my gratitude to the current dispensation head who has now both labored diligently and has stated he will stand to defend the work that has come forth. I rejoice to be the recipient of this labor and appreciate the servant who has accepted his calling to answer for what has been done in the name of the Lord.

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