This is Fine

How smart are your kids? Here’s a quick intelligence test you can give while telling a story:

Late one night some very smart rulers in beautiful fancy clothes are in a room discussing what they should do next. They are in a lovely wooden building where lots of people live. One ruler says they need to focus on raising taxes. Another says they need to hurry and spend more money to reduce pollution. Another says they need to send a lot of money to his friends in another country. One says they need to buy bigger weapons for a war far, far away.

But while they are talking, the smoke alarm goes off. One ruler quickly runs over to some electrical switches and turns off the smoke alarm system. “Don’t worry, I stopped that bad noise. Carry on!” he says. Outside the window, where everything was dark a few minutes ago, something is happening. It is starting to become bright. There is a group of angry people waving torches and cheering, holding a big sign that says, “Burn it down! Burn it down!” Now flames from the outside of the building are rising and can be seen just outside the glass window. One wise ruler quickly runs over and closes the curtains. “Let’s not be distracted by that ugly light!” Everybody nods and says thank you.

Now dark smoke begins coming into the room from under the door. Another man sprays some air freshener into the air and says, “This will fix that nasty smell.” “What nasty smell?” says the others as they hold their noses and cough. One of the most powerful rulers hands out face masks and says, “I think it’s time to make everybody wear these.” Another man stuffs some pillows against the door to block the smoke. “There,” he says, “everything’s fine now. Let’s have some snacks and then make a decision.”

What should they decide to do? Choices: A) Raise taxes. B) Spend more to fight pollution. C) Send more money to another country. D) Buy more weapons. E) Force everyone to wear face masks. F) Order some tasty snacks like pizza and milkshakes. G) Do something about the fire and try to save the lives of the people in the building.

Genius kids pick G.

The political issues in the Middle East are beyond me. But one thing we must understand from recent events is that there are people eager to kills. There are people who hate America, just as there are people who hate Israel and all Jews. Israel paid a terrible price for neglecting their border on Oct. 7. With our border wide open and terrorists able to walk into our nation, we face similar dangers, perhaps far worse than 9/11.

Immediate action is needed. It is a crime against America to ignore the danger. Many in both parties are guilty of neglect, focused on many things besides our existential danger of an open border. National security is meaningless if the border is wide open to those who wish to burn down this nation. Close the border now while we can, and vow to oppose every politician who doesn’t have protecting America as a top priority. Safety first, then snacks.

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  1. And of course it is always ok to kill women and children if they are just “collateral damage”.

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