That You May Abide The Day Of His Coming

I’m an Adventist. No, not a Seventh-Day Adventist. I am a Latter-day Adventist. In other words, I believe strongly in the second advent of the Lord Jesus Christ along with all the prophesied tribulations and destructions. I am certain we will eventually experience terrible social, political, economic and physical catastrophic events that will destroy millions if not billions of people.

I do not know if it will come in my lifetime, but I get these beliefs from the scriptures, both ancient and modern and have both been taught them and have taught them to others all my life. I am not alone in these beliefs. Those who accept and believe the scriptures know the day is coming that shall burn as an oven when all the wicked shall be burned up. We just don’t know when.

An End to All Nations

I am also one of those who believes in the complete and utter destruction of all nations, that there will be no more kings and rulers, or presidents and magistrates, or anyone to whom the people can or should look for guidance, protection and safety. And finally, I believe there will only be one small group of people who are brought through this terrible destruction unscathed.

I believe the Lord is angry with the wicked and is withholding his spirit from the earth. There is s general sense of unease and even fear that is beginning to sweep the earth, as if it is everlastingly too late for certain people because of the decisions that have been made, the things they have chosen to believe and the actions they have taken that have sealed their fate. They cannot be saved.

Zion and the End of the World

Of course I believe in repentance. I believe man can change. I believe in hope and I believe in eventual eternal glory and the resurrection of life, even life eternal. I believe man was created to eventually experience joy, even great joy, to be at peace and rest with others who believe in the same Lord Jesus Christ and in the salvation and resurrection He offers upon conditions of repentance.

I believe the day will come when we will be required to flee to Zion, to escape this world of wickedness and rebellion, to get away from the imminent wrath and destructions that will fall upon the cities of the world. There have been many end-of-the-world, Armageddon-type movies that have been made and portray great destructions and devastations but they are nothing compared to the real thing.

The Day of Repentance is Passed

And no, I have no real idea of the timing of all this great and terrible destruction that has been prophesied, but like most of you, I see the signs that it is hastening toward us at an ever increasing rate. I won’t point out any of the particulars. You just have to read or watch the daily news to get a flavor or understanding of what I’m talking about. It’s too bad the news media focuses on so much negativity.

And yes, I believe there are good things happening out there, good stories we can read, good news to report, wonderful events and simple examples of human kindness that prove that most men are basically good and want happiness, and are willing to help others when the opportunity arises. But I also believe the tide has turned. The day of repentance for this once great nation has now passed.

Secret Combinations Above You

Yes, I speak of America, a land of promise, a land that is and has been blessed as long as the people acknowledge and worship the God of this land, who is Jesus Christ. As long as the people gather to worship Him, to sing praises to His name and then go forth to emulate His life, a life of kindness and compassion, in which they, and we, seek the welfare and happiness of our brothers and sisters around us.

Yet, there is a great and terrible wicked combination that has risen above us and has taken control of this land, a secret combination that has been foretold and against which we have been warned and forewarned – “Do not let it get above you.” Yet it is too late. the die is cast, the wheels have been set in motion, the destruction awaits and it is everlastingly too late to reverse the course of certain dire events.

Zion – A Place of Refuge

In spite of all this doom and gloom, I feel basically happy and at peace. My life is good. I am happy with my family in my home even though we don’t own the land or property on which we live. No matter. Property is nothing. It all belongs to the Lord anyway and will have little to no value in the times to come, when everyone will want to flee out of the cities because of the lawlessness and wanton destruction.

Unless the advent of the coming destruction radically increases in speed, I figure I am living out the remainder of my life in peace for the next few years and then will seek for Zion, a place where I can join with others who will not fight, who will not join in the destruction and will not take up arms against their neighbors. I do not know yet where that place is located or I would have moved there long ago.

Sufficient For Our Needs

In the meantime, I feel the blessings of the Lord upon me and upon my family. We are at peace one with another. My wife and I worship the Lord together each Sunday, even though I am not a member of her Church. For the most part we believe the same things. We are strengthened by the words we hear each week, the encouragement of others who believe as we do, and who also love the Lord.

We have sufficient for our needs. We have relative peace and calm in our community, but we live far from the centers of crime. Some would say we are lucky, privileged even, to have been born and lived out our lives in such peaceful surroundings, with no war, no famine, no disease and no major loss of liberty. Yet each of those things are prophesied to come even to our peaceful suburban neighborhoods.

We Have Worldly Things Aplenty

Today, I am happy. Life is good. I have adequate employment to provide for my family. We have more than enough to live comfortably and to share. If I did not read the scriptures and know something of the coming destruction I would rejoice even more than I already do at the accomplishment of men who reach for the stars, who dream of colonizing the planets and whose accomplishments are celebrated.

How long will all this last? I am an old man, but not so old that, according to the projected life expectancy charts, may live yet another twenty years. In a few years, I will cease my worldly labors where I labor for money, money to buy things like food and clothing and shelter and cars and gasoline and computers and Internet connectivity and all the other things that will mean nothing in the spirit world.

Zion In The Tops Of The Mountains

When will Zion come? When will Zion be built? When will the people of Zion be gathered? And no, I don’t believe like the Mormons do that we will gather to Jackson county Missouri to escape the coming destruction. We will flee to the tops of the mountains. The Lord will be with us. The wicked will not come up unto Zion, because the fear of the Lord will come upon them. When, oh Lord, when shall this be?

Today, I go about my work. I serve my neighbor. I help my friend. I earn a living. I have money in the bank but wonder if if will be of any value when the time comes to cease my mortal labors and prepare for death. Morbid as it may seem, we are born to die. We all know it. What will our final years on this earth be like? Will we rejoice as we greet the Lord when he comes in that great day of glory soon to be?

A Prayer Unto the Lord

When will my prayers be answered that I may see the face of the Lord and live? Will I be allowed to embrace Him before He comes to this world in great destruction upon the wicked? Will I see Him before I die? Will I see the days of Zion? Will I be able to join with the believers there who love each other unconditionally, where there are no poor among them and where they have no need of weapons of war?

I know He lives. He walks with me every day. He answers my prayers. He loves me. He blesses me. He is kind and tender in His mercies to me each day. He causes my heart to sing, to rejoice and to look forward with hope and thanksgiving. I am content for now, for today. But I want off this merry-go-round. I seek the resurrection of eternal life and not of damnation. What more must I yet do, oh Lord to live?

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  1. Agreed. I’m keenly aware of the old saying “be careful of what you wish for….” because I do enjoy the comforts and relative safety of my home and surroundings. However, I want off the merry-go-round too!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful post! As we slowly gain much needed further light and knowledge and simultaneously exhibit a mature patience to allow the Lord to work His strange act, our longing for the peace and necessity of Zion grows stronger and stronger in this quickly decaying world. I’m older than you, Tim, and I, too, feel your keen sense of passion and desire to walk among the hills, mountains, and peoples of Zion, (sooner than later would be nice, LOL!).

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