My Thoughts on the End of the World

Credit: Brooke Herbert—The Oregonian/AP

I believe we will see the downfall of the United States within the next few years. By that I mean the internal political divide will become so intense that this nation will destroy itself in a new civil war. There are those who are intent on seeing this happen and are doing everything in their power to make it so. In a word, they are Marxists and are not ashamed to admit it.

The evidence is becoming more compelling every day. I am not a doom-and-gloom kind of guy, but my gut tells me the balance of hatred of those who love lies and darkness has tipped too far. It is about to overcome the influence of those who love freedom and light. Of course I am not the first to make this observation, nor am I the first to have seen it in my mind’s eye.

Irresistible Revolution

I just finished reading Irresistible Revolution by Matthew Lohmeier, which helped me understand more clearly how critical race theory has permeated our society. I consider myself fairly well informed but did not know the extent to which this ideology is being forced into our government, educational and corporate America. The 1619 project is propaganda, pure and simple. It is a lie.

If you’re not familiar with critical race theory, I recommend you read what Christopher F. Rufo had to say about it. I have read many other sources online trying to explain it and always come away with a sense that they are not quite telling the truth. There seems to be a fear of speaking out against the theory, a fear of being cancelled, shunned or shamed. I am grateful for courageous patriots.

Traditional Conservative Narrative

I grew up with a different understanding of American history than what is being taught in our schools today. To me, Columbus was and is a hero, inspired of God and directed by the Holy Ghost. Our founding fathers were also inspired of God and directed by Him in what they wrote and put into place as the foundation of the American Nation. I was taught this in school and in church.

Each morning in school, we recited the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. I grew up with a mother who was a teacher and was not afraid to use Bible stories in her classroom. We celebrated Independence Day by reading the documents our founding fathers placed into law. I still believe the Constitution of the United States is one of the greatest documents ever written.

The 1776 Commission a Victim of Politics

I was encouraged when President Trump established the 1776 Commission to combat the lies of the 1619 project. I am grateful their report was published and dismayed to learn that Joe Biden dissolved the commission as one of his first executive orders. Today, you can still read the final report of the commission, although who knows how long before Big Tech forces it’s removal from the Internet.

It saddens me when I think of the number of people who either don’t care about the history of this great nation or who believe the lies found in the original 1619 report, before many of them were quietly walked back by the Times and it’s author, Nikole Hannah-Jones. This whole idea of rewriting history is simply an effort to control the minds of the people to believe in the Marxist propaganda.

The following few paragraphs are from Matt’s website:

MATTHEW LOHMEIER is a 2006 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. He began his active-duty military career as a pilot, flying over 1,200 hours in the T-38 as an instructor pilot followed by the F-15C. After flying, he cross-trained into space operations and gained expertise in space-based missile warning. In October 2020, he transferred into the United States Space Force. He has two master’s degrees: a master in military operational art and science, and a master of philosophy in military strategy. Currently, he is a lieutenant colonel in command of a space-based missile warning squadron in Colorado, where he lives with his wife and children. 

Irresistible Revolution is a timely and bold contribution from an active-duty Space Force lieutenant colonel who sees the impact of a neo-Marxist agenda at the ground level within our armed forces.  In it, author Matthew Lohmeier provides answers to many important questions that Americans are currently asking.  The book begins with a discussion of the greatness of the American ideal, transitions to an examination of the history and overarching narrative of Marxist ideology, and concludes by looking into the ongoing transformation of America’s military culture and military policy, while also providing a warning about where the country is headed if we choose to not make an immediate course correction.

Marxism’s Goal of Conquest

Pundits often seem perplexed by current policy decisions being made in our country.  But our apparent missteps are part of a longstanding plan, patiently and methodically pursued by those intent on the overthrow of the US government and its replacement with a communist dictatorship. Unfortunately, many of those now furthering that agenda do so unwittingly.

The Goal is to Destroy American History

After becoming aware of the Marxist conquest of American society, you will never again look at things in the same way.  Mainstream media, social media, the public education system, including the university, as well as federal agencies have all become vessels of various schools of thought that are rooted in Marxist ideology—an ideology bent on the destruction of America’s history, of Western tradition, specifically Judeo-Christian values, and of patriotism and conservatism.

The problem has become systemic, a tragedy considering that the defeat of Marxist-communist ideology was the very cause against which our nation spent great treasures of blood and iron during much of the twentieth century.

Matt has Unique Military Insights

Lohmeier’s penetrating look at current events within our military and across American society is a sublimely unique contribution that is certain to be shared, referenced, and discussed for years to come.  Every American, including every US military servicemember, needs to read and understand the Irresistible Revolution.

A Few Concluding Thoughts

The material between the two horizontal lines above is from Matt’s website. Being familiar with Critical Race Theory, I skipped right to section three of Matt’s book when I received it. There I learned what Lt. Colonel Lohmeier was forced to deal with in his command, which is the part that opened my eyes at how integrated this disastrous propaganda had infiltrated and been forced upon our armed services.

My father was a WWII Navy veteran who received a purple heart for his bravery. My brother served two tours of duty in VietNam and suffers terribly from PTSD even to this day. Along with many of my ancestors, they served proudly because they believed in America and in the promise of this great nation, that as long as we serve the God of this land, who is Jesus Christ, we will prosper as a nation.

Signs of the End of the World

I believe Matt is much more optimistic than I am about the fate of this nation. His book is encouraging, even if it is eye-opening. It reached #1 on the Amazon best-sellers list almost immediately upon release. As I told Carol, probably half the buyers are getting a copy so they can refute it and tear it apart. Matt, I salute you for your courage and patriotism for standing up and making your voice heard.

But in the end, according to all I have read and understand about prophecy of the day of the Gentiles, that time has now passed. We have entered into the day when it is just a matter of time before our society crumbles because of the secret combinations that have risen up and have gotten above us in the government. I have written much about this previously. I end with a few links to those pages here: