Secret Combinations Among Us

I feel strongly about a lot of things in life. I’ll bet you do too. Politics and religion are two subjects that get discussed a lot in my home. Carol and I feel mostly the same about both, although we do have some fundamental differences about a few tenets of of our religion. But when it comes to politics, we are clearly in agreement about most everything. We are both strongly conservative, both Republican, both voted for Trump in 2016 and are now voting for him again in this election. We believe a vote for Biden is a vote for socialism.

We are both astonished and annoyed at how clearly left-leaning the news media has now become, especially over the past few years. It saturates just about everything they write or report. They can find nothing good about Trump, his policies, his words or his actions. They seem to go out of their way to attack and tear him down. They seek to destroy. Yes, of course he is a bit uncouth, clearly not as polished or presidential as some would like, somewhat of a braggart and very much in-your-face opposed to the mainstream media.

I like that last part about being opposed to the way the liberal news media props up the agenda of the left, simply because they believe the same way about most things, and well, doesn’t everybody? I have read the DNC 2020 platform. The focus on the supposed failure of the current administration’s response to COVID-19 clearly demonstrates to me the plan put into place earlier this year after the failure of the impeachment process. Their plan is focused on fear and not faith. And THAT is the big difference between us.


Faith Trumps Fear

Honestly, I spend far more time each day focused on empowering others that it amazes me when I read the words or watch the videos of those seeking to tear down and destroy. What is their problem? How do they have the time for this sort of nonsense? Because I labor each day to build up those around me, am I so different from those I see in these videos on the news who cry and complain how terrible things are and that they can’t be successful in their endeavors under the current administration? Apparently, yes.

I guess I am now in the minority. I am a middle-class, white male of European descent. I was born in a small suburb of a large metropolitan area, one of the biggest in the world. I grew up with grass and trees, birds and squirrels, and lots of trips to the mountains to hike and camp in the beauty of nature. My parents loved each other. They taught me to love God, to study His word, to love my family and my neighbors and to treat each other with kindness and respect. We worshiped together, sang together and prayed together.

I am a product of the nuclear family of the post-WWII 1950’s. I am at the tail end of the baby boomers. I love America. I love the constitution of the United States. I was raised to honor the founding fathers. I have spent most of my life doing family history research and have come to appreciate the sacrifice of my ancestors and kinfolk who built this country through sweat, blood and hard work. My parents demonstrated this for me firsthand. I learned from their example and have always desired to be like them.


Work Blesses our Lives

I work in a very diverse community or neighborhood of Los Angeles. Chatsworth CA is in the Northwest corner of the San Fernando valley. It’s interesting that even though I have always lived in the suburbs, I have worked directly in or around the city of Los Angeles all my life. It’s a great place to make a living. Jobs have always been plentiful, especially in the technology sector. In work each day I interact with Muslims, Jews, Christians and Hindus but no Mormons. I’m the only one. I am one of only a few European white males.

We are all striving to build a new product while continuing to deliver a successful older product that will eventually be phased in a few years as technology marches on. We are united in our pursuit to create and bring this product to market. Our efforts support the lifestyles of sixty families. Most of us work hard each day, doing our job, communicating and coordinating our group efforts to achieve a common goal, a new and helpful little widget that many companies will use to build private 5G networks in their businesses.

Yes, we make widgets – little network devices that keep the electrons flowing in our modern interconnected world of WiFi and cellular signals. We need everyone in the company. Nobody is superfluous. Each person does a job that is needed and each job is important. We work as a team and appreciate each other’s efforts. We use high-tech tools to communicate and stay connected, even though half of us now work from home each day. Like many of you, I spend a lot more time on Zoom than I ever imagined I would.

Faith in the Future

My religion, my faith in God teaches me to work hard, to love those I serve each day and to do all I can to bless and help them in their life’s journey. Although we don’t talk much about the current state of affairs, we look out for each other, we help each other and we strive to make things better and easier for each other. It’s good to work with a team that cares for one another, that is working to achieve a common goal and that believes our hard work will pay off. Our work each day is more than just a job or a way to pay bills.

Someday, we believe we will have accomplished something wonderful. Our dream will have become a reality. We believe in the free enterprise system and yes, we believe in capitalism. We are part of a privately held group of about fifty companies that generate almost a billion dollars in sales each year. Our companies and products are worldwide. 5,000 families are able to live comfortably because we all work and all produce goods and services that are sold all over the world. We are all part of a large global family.

We don’t work in the news media industry. We don’t work in the government sector, although we clearly sell to many governments. I suppose we have profited because we are part of the military-industrial complex. We also fund the government with the taxes we and our employees pay. We benefit from each other. In short, we are all a part of Babylon, although I doubt anybody in any of our companies would think of it that way. We are a conservative company but our influence is nothing compared to the media.


We Are Being Controlled

Why does the news media have such a powerful and profound influence on our society and our world? Why have they promoted the agenda of whoever is seeking to destroy this nation, this world, with this lock-down that prevents us, at least in California, from gathering as a people to worship and to sing together? They are doing everything in their power to convince us that we must destroy our economy to prevent death. Fear is being blatantly pushed as the way to keep from perishing. What a crazy, mixed-up world.

Are they so afraid of death? Do they really think this COVID-19 is so much worse than any past influenza we have experienced? I read a lot. I read every day. I have yet to read anything that can convince me what we are experiencing now is worse than pandemics of years past. Somebody has convinced the American people and the world that we must give up civil liberties for the greater good of the people. I reject that idea as being based on fear and not faith. I believe good people of faith can survive without this control.

Make no mistake about it, we are being manipulated and controlled. That control is maintained though fear. I wear a scarf and not an actual face diaper when I go out as a symbol of my opposition of this diabolical control that is being forced upon us. Carol has a mask that reads “Wearing Under Protest” on one cheek and has the American flag on the other cheek. I also refuse to get a haircut until I can walk into a barber shop without a mask. My sisters think I am being overly dramatic about this, but I feel strongly.


The BLM Movement is Evil

Perhaps one of the worst lies we are being fed is political correctness, especially as it relates to the BLM movement. On the surface, for those who don’t investigate, and especially if you listen to the news media, the idea that black lives matter, is, of course, a good thing, although it perplexes me that people have been killed because they dared to respond that “all lives matter.” Don’t be fooled, BLM is a Marxist, anti-American, anti-family organization that is openly seeking to tear down through violence and murder.

I appreciate that Anonymous Bishop has written on this subject more than any other regular conservative blogger I read. He has told it like it is, raising a warning voice for those who are swayed by the political correctness of the sports teams and other groups that are trying to shame us into accepting the BLM movement into our society. He has written a few posts on the subject, one that Carol quoted from in her letter to our local city council in protest of their stated intention to adopt a resolution to defund the police and endorse the BLM. He makes great point that we might as well be saying “Heil Hitler.”

Well, I’m convinced that a person may as well wear a T-shirt that says “Heil Hitler.” The inspiration behind BLM and Adolf Hitler is the same. “Overthrow nations, rule with blood and horror, murder, ethnic cleanse some populace (eventually everyone), be free to commit whoredoms, rob, rape, and pillage, etc.” How is Hitler’s desire to eradicate the Jews and take over Europe any different than BLM’s mission to destroy our nation? If anything, his mission seems less ambitious than BLM’s. Do you think these people are incapable of murder? Just watch TV or read the news for 5 seconds and you’ll see what they are both capable of and are doing. Who can honestly say that these animals (like Hitler) wouldn’t be satisfied to see millions of people burn? They’re burning down our cities as we speak.


BLM is a Secret Combination

The Democratic Party is funneling funds to this organization that is promoting riots, violence and murder, especially in Democratic-controlled cities of Portland, Seattle, Chicago and Detroit. Why would anyone uphold the platform of this organization that deliberately seeks to murder, plunder and steal as they do in their rioting? The symbol of the communist party is the upraised fist, demonstrated by many sports figures as they endorse the BLM during the national anthem. Taking a knee to show support is a form of shaming that can only divide the members of their own team who don’t kneel with them.

You may not be like me – a old white man from middle-class America, but surely you can see that this is a blatant attempt of this secret combination to destroy our nation and all about it that is good. They seek to destroy our past, the first step in revolution. The secret combination can be found in the groups that support this murderous movement. The liberal news media is a part of that secret combination as is the Democratic party. This is so much more than a political issue. We are witnessing an attempt to control America.

“Well, of course,” you may say, “we want to control America.” No, Republicans don’t want to control, or at least not the conservative Republicans I know. We want to ensure that our citizens can maintain our freedom, our liberties, our families and our country. If you are a liberal Democrat you may say the same thing, but how can you say that if one of the very real activities of your party is to endorse, support, uphold and encourage the BLM, with violence and murder being one of their primary methods of operating today.


A Warning From The Past

And whatsoever nation shall uphold such secret combinations, to get power and gain, until they shall spread over the nation, behold, they shall be destroyed; for the Lord will not suffer that the blood of his saints which shall be shed by them shall always cry unto him from the ground for vengeance upon them and yet he avengeth them not. (Ether 8:22)

Wherefore, O ye gentiles, it is wisdom in God that these things should be shewn unto you, that thereby ye may repent of your sins and suffer not that these murderous combinations shall get above you — which are built up to get power and gain — and the work, yea, even the work of destruction come upon you, yea, even the sword of the justice of the eternal God shall fall upon you to your overthrow and destruction if ye shall suffer these things to be. (Ether 8:23)

For it cometh to pass that whoso buildeth it up seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries. And it bringeth to pass the destruction of all people, for it is built up by the Devil, who is the father of all lies, even that same liar who beguiled our first parents, yea, even that same liar who hath caused man to commit murder from the beginning, who hath hardened the hearts of men that they have murdered the prophets, and stoned them, and cast them out from the beginning. (Ether 8:25)

Politics is Not my Religion

So am I saying that if you vote to bring the Democratic Party into power in the office of the President of the United States that you will be building up a secret combination that is seeking to destroy the freedom of all lands, nations and countries? You decide, based on their stated support of the BLM. Don’t be deceived into the pretended innocence and virtue-signalling of the liberal media supporters of this party and this movement. Of course black lives matter – black people matter – as do people of all ethnic groups.

This is not about politics. This is about faith. This is about trust in God and belief in his abundant promises that we find in the scriptures, especially in the Book of Mormon. Do not let these murderous combinations get above us. They are real. We have been warned and forewarned. Think for a moment of all the good things you love about your country and what would happen if force and control were to supplant freedom and liberty. Don’t pretend it couldn’t happen here as has happened in other parts of the world in the past.

I believe the Lord will bless and uphold people who trust in Him and believe in His promises to save and not destroy. I am not afraid of death. Disease and sickness are a part of mortal life. We knew that when we came here to live and be tested. We have a limited amount of time to accomplish what the Lord sent us here to do. One of those things is to prepare ourselves for Zion by choosing to live together in love and harmony. I can’t see that happening if we endorse, uphold or support secret combinations today.


Continue to Worship Together

It’s been almost six months since we have been able to attend a worship service in an LDS chapel here in California. Carol and I are so grateful our Elder’s Quorum President has invited us into his home to partake of the sacrament with his family each week. There are always less than ten of us so we aren’t breaking any laws here in California. Oh, wait, is this a law or just a county health directive? No matter, in California, you just don’t go to church anymore, unless you want to be sued by the county in which you live.

I continue to be contacted privately by kind readers asking how we are doing, how we are dealing with this difficult situation, and also, how Carol and I are able to continue to worship together in spite of our differences in regards to the role of the LDS Church. I greatly appreciate these thoughtful inquiries and have enjoyed many uplifting phone calls over the past few years from readers in a similar situation. It’s not easy. Carol is a very determined and strong-willed woman. She knows what she believes and sticks to it.

This is especially evident in the area of what she believes about Zion and Jackson County Missouri. She served her mission 1981-1982 in the Missouri Independence mission under President Lawrence R. Flake. President Flake is a dynamic speaker, teacher and writer. He has published books about scripture (Three Degrees of Glory) and modern apostles and prophets. Carol was greatly impressed with President Flake’s testimony as he stood with his missionaries at Church History sites and made promises to these missionaries.


Building the City of Zion

According to Carol, President Flake promised his missionaries that they would someday be called back to the areas where they had served when the time arrived to commence building the City of Zion. She also remembers him bearing testimony of the passing of the keys from Joseph to Brigham. Of course, this is one of the areas where we have a fundamental difference of opinion. I’m not so sure a man can give another man the kind of authority that can only be obtained directly from God – certain keys of knowledge.

I don’t view keys as having to do with authority but more with the power that comes when God transfers knowledge from Him to you. I mean, the whole idea of the temple is to prepare us to come into the presence of God so He can teach us directly. So, fine. If Brigham wants to claim Joseph gave him keys to lead the church, then I’m okay with that. To me, that makes it the church of Brigham or the church of whatever man is currently at the head of that church. Today, in my mind, it’s the church of Russell M. Nelson.

I’ve written thousands of words over the years exploring this very important topic in great detail. Yes, the Lord at one time did say that the church was his and that it was the only true and living church on the face of the earth, but we take that statement that was intended for the people to whom it was given at that point in time and apply it to us and to the church today. The LDS Church of 2020 is a far cry from the church of 1831. It’s now a huge corporation, a venerable institution that has tremendous influence in our lives.

Influence of the LDS Church

Yes, the LDS Church still is still a large part of my life. If I could, I would be in the local chapel each week, singing and worshiping with my friends and neighbors who feel the same way as I do, that we are strengthened when we get together and unite our voices in song and in prayer. I expressed in my last post how much we miss that weekly service. I was asked by a reader if I felt I was keeping the covenant I had made at my baptism and at the 2017 conference in Boise. The answer is a resounding yes, I am striving to do so.

My fellowship is with my wife and with my local ward and stake members who continue to be loving and accepting toward me. The hand of fellowship has always been extended. I respect the strong efforts of our bishop to maintain that spirit of confidence as he leads the local congregation. To me, an LDS leader today means you must continue to endorse “living prophets and apostles.” I get it. I used to be the same way. I used that phrase in just about every talk I gave as a High Councillor or as a High Priest Group leader.

As I told a recent reader who called to ask what he should do now that he has read and prayed about things he learned from Denver’s writing and talks, “If you get baptized and accept the covenant, you’ve got to make a decision as to how you are going to fellowship with others. I do NOT recommend you leave your family alone each Sunday while you go have the sacrament with the local fellowship. You’ve also got to decide if you’re going to be public about your baptism or just do so quietly and go on about your life as normal.”


Influence of the Book of Mormon

I thank God for the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful to be able to read this powerful witness of Christ each evening with my wife. We just recently finished it again. It seems almost every night Carol would turn to me and say, “that is so applicable today,” or “that is exactly what is happening today.” She has also got me hooked on watching Tyler and Taylor on Book of Mormon Central. We both loved our Institute classes and these two are great teachers. Isn’t modern technology wonderful for learning the gospel?

Carol has always brought stability to my life. Although she says she hates to set goals, she likes routine, especially on Sunday. She works each day as an editor and book coach, helping others move their stories to market. I think she recently published her fourth book. She puts so much effort into editing and telling her stories. She has discipline, skill and talent all wrapped up in a great sense of humor. I love this woman and am so glad she chose to keep me around in spite of my very public break from the LDS Church.

God bless us all as we endure this terrible onslaught against our freedom and liberty. May we see clearly the false spin the devil has placed on things through which we are passing. Make no mistake about it, he and his followers are whispering in the ears of thousands, causing them to say or write, “Be accepting of this BLM movement. It’s a good thing. We need to promote them and hold them up. We owe them, we must give them reparations for what we have done to them. It’s the right thing to do.” Wrong. So wrong.


11 thoughts on “Secret Combinations Among Us”

  1. Tim, I was serving at Adam Ondi Ahman (with my former wife) while President Flake was mission president. Married couples were called to labor at AOA in preparation for the Lord’s 2nd coming. I remember on one occasion, all the missionaries from the Missouri Independence mission met with us there at Adam Ondi Ahman. It was in the house overlooking the valley below. We were to visit and talk with the single elders and sisters that were there. It was a great experience. I’m thinking that your sweet wife must have been there that day with us. Does she remember this?



  2. Hi Kevin. She does indeed remember that event. She was just relating it to me the other day. She described the house with the large patio or porch overlooking the valley. Carol and I went to visit Adam Ondi Ahman and other church history sites just a few months after we got married. I have fond memories of that trip.

  3. I use to read and enjoy your commentary, but now that i know you speak poorly about the left and approve of trump, I will no longer have anything to do with you or your thoughts but I will leave you with this one thought.

    Our LORD JESUS CHRIST would never put children in cages, or allow LGBT or any other to be harmed, or allow anyone from being able to make more of their lives or to have a better life, I’m ashamed that you try to say that the left wing side of reporting is stating something that is not valid or correct, actually you’re not even worth the time to continue.

    I know one thing for sure is that the LORD JESUS CHRIST made all of us black, white, democrat, republican, and you call yourself a Christian, man you really need to look inside and do some evaluation of yourself.

    Good luck with that ________________________________

  4. I’m so ashamed of you right now. you are not a Christian. keep telling yourself that you are , maybe one day it will come true. ________________________________

  5. MT: Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. As you can see, I leave my comments open. Always have. I always appreciate an engaging dialog with my readers. I knew this topic would upset a few readers.

    I’m going to assume you’re not a troll since you left a valid email address that resolves to a single, 57-year-old male who works as an administrative assistant at LDS church headquarters in Salt Lake City.

    Of course, the email address could have been hijacked, although the IP address also points to Salt Lake City. No matter, the points raised are valid and worthy of a response. Hopefully, my reply will be Christ-like and compassionate.

    If you’re a long-time reader then you know I’m a life-long conservative Republican, that I voted for Trump in the last election. I mean, it’s right there in my About Tim page. I feel strongly about promoting conservatism.

    The very nature of the word means we believe in conserving or preserving that which is good. Of course the great debate is and always has been about determining what is good and how it should be conserved or preserved.

    Here’s a little fact-check on “Kids in cages” from the AP, which was reporting on Michele’s speech at the DNC convention last week: You can read it at this link:

    “Michelle Obama assailed President Donald Trump on Monday for ripping migrant children from their parents and throwing them into cages, picking up on a frequent and distorted point made widely by Democrats.

    “She’s right that Trump’s now-suspended policy at the U.S.-Mexico border separated thousands of children from their families in ways that had not been done before.

    “But what she did not say is that the very same ‘cages’ were built and used in her husband’s administration, for the same purpose of holding migrant kids temporarily.”

    I’m not so sure I speak poorly of the left although it’s clear I am disparaging the left-leaning liberal media. In a word, liberalism is good. It means to be liberal or generous with all, something the Lord certainly would endorse.

    Progressive is also a good word, which can be defined as seeking to grow and become better, something that I hope we all desire. The words mean one thing, the stance of the party that claims these words is another.

    The focus of the post was to expose and condemn the BLM movement as being Anti-Christ, Anti-American and Anti-Family, something you can read right on their home page. I’m not sure a lot of people have bothered to read that.

    The fact that the Democratic party endorses the BLM and supports it financially is not surprising. Political parties by their nature seek for power. Power from the people comes in the form of votes and money. They want that.

    So including all kinds of popular movements on their platform satisfies the goal of finding as many supporters as possible, with the desired objective of putting or keeping themselves in power. That’s just the way politics works.

    Again, I don’t believe I’ve written anything about individuals who choose to believe, uphold and support the DNC platform. I hope I’ve made it clear that I disagree with and have no desire to support that platform.

    As far as LGBT folks which you brought up, clearly you can see I wrote nothing about those who identify themselves as such. Perhaps you are referring to the controversy over the interpretation of Trump’s policies.

    LGBTQ rights are the law to protect a class of people who identify themselves as such. Again, as a long-time reader, you would know I have written thousands of words about this subject. There should be no surprise there.

    Your comment implies I am against “allow[ing] anyone from being able to make more of their lives or to have a better life.” Surely you don’t believe that. Perhaps you can add a few comments to clarify your position there.

    You also wrote “I’m ashamed that you try to say that the left wing side of reporting is stating something that is not valid or correct.” Really? That makes you ashamed? Why? Shame is an unusual reaction to my take on the media.

    I included the media bias chart from a respected journalist Sharyl Attkisson. Surely you are aware that the majority of the news media is biased to the left. They have clearly stated this themselves. The majority are liberal Democrats.

    Just as I write with a conservative slant or bias, those in the media who identify as liberal democrats write in such a way that is clearly opposed to almost everything Trump says or does. Indeed, they seem to find in him no good.

    This post was not about politics. It was about recognizing a secret combination that is not so secret anymore – the fact that the DNC is supporting, endorsing and upholding an organization that uses violence and murder as a tactic.

    Surely you can see that. Surely you don’t approve of violent means and murder to bring about desired change. I have watched videos of these people marching through neighborhoods demanding the people give up their houses to them.

    How would you like that if someone came and demanded you give up your home to them as a reparation for past injustices. Surely you can see why sales of guns and ammunition continue to skyrocket during this season of unrest.

    God bless you my friend. I hope you read this and choose to reply, sharing more about why you feel oppressed, that Trump’s policies are causing you to feel you can’t better your life or make more of your life. Do you really feel that way?

  6. Tim, well done. You are spot on with this post. It makes me happy to see that you are seeing so clearly the world in which we are living and our need to fight it. Up is down, right is left, dark is light, etc. I walk around as if I live in Bizarro World. It’s the craziest time we’ve ever endured. Secret combinations have been running behind the scenes for decades, but I think Trump has been a great revealer/exposer and has brought much of this to light. Now we stand with two sides clearly forming and a fight to choose which side we’re on – one with Satanic controls through Marxism or one with Christ where the great experiment of self government – of, for, and by the people. I stand and fight with you brother. We must fight if our great Constitutional Republic is to endure. May God bless you in your fight. If you ever need anything from me or want to talk, please do not hesitate.

  7. Hi Tim,
    I used to read your blog much more often years ago, thought I’d come back and see where you’re at. Like you, I resigned from the church for similar reasons, although I think Snuffer’s covenant is equally misplaced. The right servant will be coming along shortly.

    I agree with your general take on things, but am curious about the fact you work for a 5G company. I remember when you left your aviation company over concerns about it being part of the military industrial complex (I share the same mindset), I’m actually wondering if you’re part of something darker now, in light of the topic.

    Some pin the pandemic on 5G. I don’t, however there are many studies showing how this super high-frequency is very damaging to the human organism in many ways. Moreover, the intent seems to be to create an ‘Internet of Things’, and 5G is the foundation whereupon everything (and everyone) can be constantly monitored (yeah, I’m IT too). 5G is the infrastructure that will allow these combinations to keep constant tabs on us. I actually think you were far better off at your original aviation company (not MIC even though the new parent company was) as opposed to what you’re working on now.

    Take care

    1. Hi gr,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Looks like your comment got stuck in moderation for a week. Not sure I’ll ever understand WordPress comment algorithms that cause some stuff to be blocked and others to sail right through. Kind of curious if you have any thoughts on who is the right servant that will be coming along shortly.

      A few thoughts on 5G: Our devices are time-sensitive TSX switches, not radios. Technically they could be used on any network, but would be overkill and wasteful on anything but 5G since they are designed to make sure certain types of packets are delivered in a prioritized manner, kind of like QOS found in current switches, only on steroids.

      I have also read articles and posts on deleterious effects of 5G on our bodies. I think of it in the same way as I do the effects of years and years of ionizing radiation from CRT screens (long before before today’s LCD and LED monitors). I think the jury is still out on 5G, although some have already passed judgement, labeled it as evil and encouraged destruction of cell towers. Never mind that the towers destroyed weren’t actually housing 5G radios yet.

      And yes, that is one focus of 5G: to track IOT devices, down to individual product packages in shipping boxes on warehouse shelves. That’s the market we are pursuing with partners who are already selling into the warehouse automation arena. Like any new technology, it can and will be used for good and for evil (however you define it).

      In some ways I miss working at the airport, but that job lost it’s small business flavor (which I love) when General Dynamics bought it out. Where I’m at now seems like a perfect fit. Besides, the hand of the Lord was evident to our family in how I was recruited for the position. We’re trusting the Lord’s direction on bringing me to Canoga Perkins.

      I’m fairly confident the people I work for are pursuing this product and market because they see an opportunity that meshes well with the history of expertise we have developed in making network devices over the years. I don’t see any dark intent, simply a profit motive. But I’m certain we will see 5G maligned in the press for many years to come.

      Again, thanks for stopping by, and I really would like to know your thoughts about the servant soon to appear. I’ve read that from others, including those who believe Joseph will come among us again to lead the gathering to Zion. And yes, I’m aware of others who claim to be that servant or know who he is and why we don’t know him just yet.

  8. It seems that Mormonism has always been on the wrong side of history, and it is doing it again. I get several posts on Social Media from members condemning BLM, I wonder if these same members would be against the civil rights movement like our leaders were, yes they are angry and some criminals have infiltrated the movement but their cause is just and they are less wicked than the unrepentant gentiles that hide behind religious pretense and then has the guts to support someone like D, Trump. Trump is not conservative by any means, and being a conservative does not justify supporting Trump at all. I don’t understand how Christians think that Trump is conservative and represents any of Christian values. Fear that Joe Biden will suddenly turn America into socialism is ridiculous and it is a fear greatly played by extremists Trump supporters, the same fear was used when Obama was running for President. Secret combinations are infiltrated in the government, in the church and other educational organizations, BLM is not secret combinations they are quite obvious and transparent in what they are doing, although I don’t agree with them and how they are doing I think they are the least of my concern, I am more worried about people, political leaders, religious leaders, educational leaders in high places with the nice face that pretends to be good but are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    1. Rob: Happy Labor Day to you. Hope you’re not having to work today. Are you LDS? I couldn’t tell by your reference to Mormonism as an external entity and yet your reference to “our leaders.” No matter, I appreciate your thoughts on the post. I agree the BLM organization is not a secret combination. I perhaps should have made my thoughts clearer.

      In my mind, the secret combination consists of the link, either intentional or not, between the liberal news media, the Democratic party’s 2020 platform and the stated goals of BLM, Antifa and other organizations seeking to overthrow the current government of the United States. The glue holding it together and promoting it is the liberal news media.

      I’m intrigued by your point, if I understand it correctly, about wolves in sheep’s clothing among our political leaders, religious leaders, educational leaders and others in high places. You point out that secret combinations are infiltrated in the government and educational institutions. Can you share examples that would lead to a shared understanding?

      I sense you have more you could share about “unrepentant gentiles that hide behind religious pretense” who then offer support for President Trump. Would be very interested in reading more if you happen to see this response to your comment. I’ll leave you with a piece Carol shared with me this morning about why we are supporting Trump:


      From Jessica Clark:

      When people tell me “I can’t believe you would vote for a narcissistic xxxxxxx.” “How can you vote for someone that your children cannot look up to?” “If you are for Trump, you are racist, un-Christian, and evil.”

      HEAR ME LOUD AND CLEAR… I am not voting for a personality (Lord, don’t get me started on Biden’s improper sexual behavior or even Clinton’s time on Epstein’s Island) ETC!

      I’m voting for POLICY.

      ?? I’m voting for the right to praise my God.
      ? I’m voting for the Second Amendment.
      ?? I’m voting for capitalism and the American Dream.
      ? I’m voting for the Police, and for law and order.
      ?? I’m voting for the military, and the veterans who fought for and died for this country.
      ? I’m voting for the right to speak my opinion and not be censored.
      ? I’m voting for secure borders.
      ?? I’m voting for every unborn life.
      ?? I’m voting for the Flag that is always missing from the Democratic Party.
      ?? I’m voting for good and against evil.
      ?? I’m voting for one nation under God.

      So please, do not come at me and question my Christianity, morals, and ethics…. for ALL those reasons… I am voting for the future of my country.

      THIS IS MY WHY!!! Born, Raised and Protected by God, Guns, Guts and Glory! ????


      I feel the same way. I don’t know Mr Trump personally, although I have read and watched a good many of his speeches and news conferences over the past few years. I’ve done my homework, dug and sought out material that is not found on the MSM. I’m convinced the man stands closer to what I believe in than Joe Biden does today.

      God bless,
      Tim Malone

  9. Thanks for this Tim. It’s a nice contrast to the hot liberal garbage that seems to be popular over at places like By Common Consent.

    Not since Ron Paul have I voted for a candidate. I loved Ron’s policies and I loved that he was a man of principle; a true statesman if I’d ever seen one. Since him, all of my votes, to my dismay, have been against the greater of two evils. I’ll do the same next month. Biden is an awful candidate. Harris has shown she can’t be trusted with power. The Dems have done nothing for the last four years besides trying to get Trump out of office. Given their expressed desire to cement themselves permanently in power (by abolishing the electoral college and reshaping the courts and senate) I believe this could very well be the election that decides the fate of the republic.

    I don’t like Trump. However I think he’s the best chance we have to keep this nation going for a little longer. Make no mistake though, the USA’s destiny is to eventually dissolve to make way for something better. A Trump win may keep it going long enough to give us all more time to prepare. I continually hope for divine intervention in all of this. I continually hope that the church is cleansed soon and that we can all find our way out from under the grand conspiracy that would make slaves of us all. God bless.

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