General Conference April 2019 Sessions

Update Wednesday 4-24-19: The audio and video recordings of the conference will be posted on restoration archives this week. Denver has made his paper on Civilization available on his site. We’re hoping for a transcript of the Q&A also later this week. The audio of the Q&A is at this link and the video is here. The audio of the Civilization talk is here and the video is here.

No, this post isn’t about the LDS / Mormon General Conference to be held 6-7 April 2019 in Salt Lake City UT. This is about the Restoration General Conference to be held 19-21 April 2019 in Grand Junction CO. I know it’s a bit confusing to call it General Conference, but that’s how it is labeled when it gets into the archives. Perhaps it should be called the Temple Conference since that is the theme. This is about the Saturday breakout sessions.

I spent a couple of days earlier this week going over all the material being referenced for the 32 breakout sessions on Saturday. I know I had read or watched or listened to all of them previously but I was uplifted and edified as I went over them once again. It is truly amazing to realize how much we have received in the past few years. In my case, I feel like I’ve been playing catch-up in my studies, having only been introduced in 2012.

Restoration Archives


I want to especially commend whoever has been creating and releasing the podcasts each week. They are wonderful. Some people learn best by reading, others by hearing and others by viewing. You can do all three with much of the material in the archives. I listen to the podcasts on the drive to and from work. Doesn’t matter that I’ve heard some of the material in previous talks or lectures. I always learn something new as I ponder.

Below is the list of the topics being covered in the sessions. I highly recommend going to the site and clicking on the links associated with each one. You will find a wealth of material filled with revelation for our day. There is so much that has been clarified, at least for me, as I have studied this material over the past seven years. I especially appreciate the talks or lectures prepared for each of the recent General Conferences.

Sessions Recorded, Sunday Live-Streamed

I’ve also included the links here (below) to save a few clicks. Just a quick perusal reveals a wide variety of topics. Not sure how long each session is. Assuming one hour each, you would only be able to get to a third of the sessions on Saturday. Maybe they will only be a half hour each. As soon as the organizers release that detail I’ll update this post. As noted previously, Denver is the invited speaker for the Sunday session. Looking forward to it.

Several people have asked if the conference will be broadcast. My understanding is that yes, the Sunday session will be live-streamed and that some of the Saturday breakout sessions may be recorded, but not live-streamed. If that changes, it will be noted on the conference site. Anybody who has put on a weekend conference before knows what a lot of work this is. There are over 500 people RSVP’d so far. The venue will hold up to 1,000.

Breakout Sessions

TEMPLE – Facilitator: Alan Van Leer

Please read or view the Temple Talk from 2012
Please listen and ponder Temple Podcasts #32-#38
Podcast 32: The Temple, Part 1 – 1 Sep 2018
Podcast 33: The Temple, Part 2 – 4 Sep 2018
Podcast 35: The Temple, Part 3 – 16 Sep 2018
Podcast 36: The Temple, Part 4 – 19 Sep 2018
Podcast 37: The Temple, Part 5 – 23 Sep 2018
Podcast 38: The Temple: Part 6 – 26 Sep 2018
T&C 141 – D&C 124 – Commandment to Build a Temple

Scripture Committee Q&A – Facilitator: Chris Hamil

Please read the revelation received 6 April 2019 – “… the scriptures are acceptable and approved … The work that has been done is acceptable and sufficient for the labor now underway.”

Book of Mormon Covenant – Facilitator: John Saunders

Please read and ponder Book of Mormon as Covenant talk
From 13 Jan 2019 – Links: Transcript, YouTube, Audio

What is my contribution to Building Zion? – Facilitators: Evan-Diane Cummings

Come as you are. No pre-reading required
If you like, ponder Lecture 9 – Marriage and Family (26 July 2014)
MP3 Audio — Audiobook — YouTube — PDF

Zion – Facilitators: Kay-John Webster

Please read and ponder Zion will Come talk (10 Apr 2016)
Please read and ponder Talk #6 on Zion (12 Apr 2014)
MP3 Audio — Audiobook — YouTube — PDF
Please read and ponder Podcast #23 on Growing Zion

Prayer and Meditation Room – Facilitator: Lisa Gilmore

Please read and ponder the Other Sheep Indeed talk

Wedding Feast – Facilitators: Andrew and Eva Gore

Please read and ponder RE John 1:8

Charity – Facilitator: Jeanene Custer

Please click on this link to read applicable quotes

Confession and Healing – Facilitators:
Jeff Savage, Chris Park, Brian Bowler, Johnathan Durfee

Please read:
Confession paper on the Conference Website
Gethsemane Chapter in Come, Let Us Adore Him
Chapter 13 of The Second Comforter, Conversing with the Lord through the Veil
T&C 161 – Vision on Gethsemane

Testimony of St. John – Facilitators: Craig-Nancy Richards

Please read and ponder Testimony of St. John

Prayer for Covenant – Facilitators: Craig-Nancy Richards

Please Read Prayer for Covenant
Please read and ponder the Covenant within Answer and Covenant 

Defending Joseph Smith – Facilitator: Matthew Christenson

Please read and ponder Denver’s Remarks at the Joseph Smith Restoration Conference
Links: Audio, Video, PDF Transcript, Complete Conference on YouTube
Please listen and read Podcast #30, How the Restoration has Fallen!
Please listen and read Podcast #4, Contradicting Joseph

Covenant Family – Facilitator: Bret Corbridge

Please read and ponder Covenant within Prayer and Answer to Covenant
Please read and ponder Things to keep us awake at night
Please read and ponder Lecture 4 – Covenants (6 Oct 2013)
MP3 Audio — Audiobook — YouTube — PDF

Wayward Children – Facilitator: Bret Corbridge

Please read and ponder Cycles of Creation Podcast #42
T&C 9 – D&C 29

The Appointed Days (Holy Days) –The Mo’edim – Facilitator: Samantha Corbridge

Please read and ponder Beloved Enos
3 Nephi chapter 2 and chapter 3  in the new RE Scriptures

Divine Parents – Facilitators: Sara Schutz, John-Kay Webster

Please Read “Divine Parents” Talk or view the video

Law of Adoption – Facilitator: Louis Naegle

Please read the Holy Order Talk
Please read and ponder Podcast #13 on Our Dispensation

Oh Remember, Remember – Facilitator: Keith Cannon

Let us review all that we’ve been given since the Second Comforter was published in 2006. Let’s discuss what do we do to express and demonstrate our gratitude to God for all we’ve been given.

Faith Healing – Facilitator: Kjell Larsen

Please listen to or read “Signs Follow Faith” talk by Denver Snuffer

Ministry of Angels – Facilitator: Lark Cyr

Please read and ponder Podcast 19, Podcast 20 and Podcast 21

Loving One Another – Facilitator: Johnathan Durfee

Please read and ponder That We Might Become One – 14 Jan 2018
Audio, Transcript, Notes, YouTube

Please read and ponder Podcast 19, Podcast 20, Podcast 21 – Angels

First 15 minues of Elijah Reconsidered – 14 Oct 2014
Audio, Transcript, Paper, YouTube

Dances with Wolves – Facilitators: Alex and Lisa Gilmore, David Christenson

Please listen and ponder Dances with Wolves Podcast #34
You can read the session overview at this link? 

Law of Sacrifice – Facilitators: Phillip-Cherry Ann Redd

Please read and ponder:
Podcast #25 – Sacrifice
Lectures on Faith #6 – Blog post 4-21-10
Keys as Challenge – Blog post 9-14-12
All Earthly Things – posted 10-1-12
Belief Becomes Knowledge – posted 5-5-10
Obedience and Sacrifice – posted 12-17-15

Mutual Moiety Agreement – Facilitators: Evan-Diane Cummings
Voting, and Large Group Decision Making

Refer to this PDF document for background

Understanding Life of Joseph – Facilitator: Daryl Brown

Seeking Wisdom – Facilitator: Daryl Brown

Book of Mormon as Urim and Thummim – Facilitator: Daryl Brown

Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, One Heart and One Mind – Facilitator: Daryl Brown

Preparing Our Hearts and Minds for Zion through Repentance and Service – Facilitator: Jeff-Jeanene Carter

Please read and ponder Repentance chapter in Preserving the Restoration
Please read and ponder Lecture 3 – Repentance (24 Sep 2013)
MP3 Audio — Audiobook — YouTube — PDF

Singing for Christ – Facilitator: Merrilee Web

Seed of Faith – Facilitator Gary Gibson

Please read and ponder Alma 16:28-30