Update on General Conference Schedule

The organizers of the upcoming General Conference scheduled for Fri-Sat-Sun 19-21 April 2019 in Western Colorado / Grand Mesa area have asked various bloggers to share the updated schedule. More detail can be found at the conference site, and greater detail will be added in the weeks to come, but we are sharing the schedule as it stands now.

Friday 19 April 2019 (at Camp CedarEdge)

5pm – Camp will open for arrivals, but check-in is not until after the passover meal.
6pm – Passover activities begin with a few introductory comments and explanations.
7pm – 7:15pm (time is approximate) – Start of passover meal for those who have RSVP’d
8pm – 8:30 – Approximate conclusion of Passover meal – Camp check-in desk now open.


Saturday 20 April 2019 (at Camp CedarEdge)

6:45am – Sunrise hike
7:45am – Breakfast
9am – Conference begins
10:30am – Breakout sessions
12 noon – Lunch
1:45pm – Breakout sessions continue
5:30pm – Dinner
7:30pm – Dance, games, bonfire
9pm to 9:30 – Organized activities conclude

Note: Denver has shared on his website that he is planning to attend and participate in the breakout sessions. The hope is to review and reflect upon what has been given us. We will be posting the topics for these sessions (here is one example), and hope that all will come having studied the word.

Sunday 21 April 2019 (Grand Junction CO)

6am – 6:30am (approximate) – Sunrise hike celebrating the resurrection of Christ.
8am – Checkout time at Camp Cedaredge – the theater is about 57 miles away
9am – Program start time at the Avalon theatre in Grand Junction CO

We are planning to have the sacrament for all in attendance who desire to participate. There will also be a short, small program to remember the resurrection of the Savior. The remainder of the morning will be presented by Denver Snuffer, our invited guest. Denver will then be hosting a question and answer session until about 12:30 or 1pm.

Please Remember to RSVP

Additionally, we have been asked to share a reminder to RSVP to the conference, as it is very important to have accurate numbers for the Passover and for Saturday activities. The camp needs to purchase the food in advance.  They also need to know so they can purchase bread and wine for Sunday Sacrament in Grand Junction.

As of Friday 12 Apr 2019, the RSVP numbers are:

542 for the conference, including Sunday
455 for the Passover meal Friday evening

We hope you will plan now to attend this historic conference in Western Colorado to celebrate the resurrection of the Savior with family and friends who also love the Lord.

Note: If you have already RSVP’d, you will be receiving a confirming email shortly.

The Camp is Full

Update 4-12-19: The lodging reservations at the camp are completely filled up. Attendees are still welcome to come to the conference, but will need to find lodging elsewhere. The Passover and other meals are also completely booked.  If you do not already have an RSVP for meals from the camp, be sure to make arrangements to bring your own meals that can be consumed outside the dining hall as no outside food is allowed in the hall.

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