They Have Changed The Ordinance

Mormon Temples and HBO's Big Love

The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. – Isaiah 24:5

This and That Part One – Symbolism

Symbolism substitutes one thing to represent another. There is always “this” that stands in the place of “that.” The value of the symbol is in teaching about “that” by employing “this” as a teaching tool.

In temple symbolism, the “this” used has no real value, but “that” holds eternal value. If an unbelieving person obtains access to “this” temple symbol, but fails to understand its relationship to “that” which is eternal, they have nothing of value. Likewise, when the symbol “this” has no meaning for those who believe in the temple, then it fails to have any value for the believer as well.

This and That Part Two – Temple Clothing

Like the parables Christ taught, temple rites have always used symbols to use “this” act or performance in order to reveal truths about “that” which is eternal. Temples are a great storehouse of symbolism, or one great parable used to teach truths about God. For example, under the Law of Moses, the rites of animal sacrifice required for various sins and cleansings were used to teach about the future sacrifice of a Redeemer.

This and That Part Three – The Veil

In a temple ceremony, a veil is used as a symbol to separate the initiate from the Lord. (This) is a symbol of the division between heaven and earth, between time and eternity, or between the sacred and the commonplace. Beyond the veil are the angels, gods and spirits (that). Here there are mortals.

This and That Conclusion

The man was created first for a reason. He was also given dominion and governance over this world for the same reason. This was not for his sake, but to save this creation. The man needed to be accountable and responsible for everything in the creation, and for what would happen here. He had to be given rule so that he would be the accountable party for the fall. This, in turn, results in his redemption also redeeming everything under his dominion also from the fall.

Spring 2019 Conference – A Hope in Christ: The Temple


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  1. Hi Tim. Thank you for posting all this. Are women no longer required to even wear a veil now since the need for it no longer exists in the ceremony? I was wondering about that this morning as I have studied and pondered these changes.

  2. Hi Lori. Not being a member anymore, I have not been to the temple in over four years. Carol has not been yet this year. However, if you don’t mind a reference to Reddit, here are some of the things noted by others, including the reference to the veil as no longer being required:

    New narrator and significant rewrite of script.

    Starts with a message from “The First Presidency” mentioning that, through revelation received in the upper room of the SLC temple, changes have been made to the endowment. Also a request not to acknowledge that there were changes or what they were.

    New film with still photography that has been made to show subtle motion.

    Golden Ratio shown in relation to orbiting planets.

    Familiar actors but no video; just images from previous film made to have subtle movement and with a shorter dialog and new background music playing.

    Every previous instance of the phrase “that will do” was replaced with “thank you.”

    Every previous instance of the phrase “it is well” was replaced with “it is good.”

    Although the men stand before the apron part as before, they’re invited to sit down without any commitments.

    Eve covenants directly with Elohim, not to or through Adam.

    Elohim was pronounced correctly as El-Oh-Heem.

    Eve’s Name was given by God, not by Adam choosing the name.

    No robe on the left shoulder or taking off shoes.

    New wording for Law of Chastity.

    Veil no longer required to cover faces.


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