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yogaI was asked for my views on Yoga, specifically if it is harmful to the soul.

I was listening to a Christian radio station while driving to and fro during work, and they were talking about Yoga. It appears that Yoga, if practiced properly, is a demonic practice. The poses themselves allegedly open up the spiritual realm.

They likened it to using a Ouija board; the difference being that most people don’t know the spiritual effects of practicing Yoga, while most people know what they are doing when using a Ouija board.

Have you heard anything like that? It does make sense; if you practice anything that claims to be a religion that isn’t in alignment with Heavenly Father, could be perceived as demonic. Please let me know your thoughts.

My response: I think my first introduction to the topic of Yoga and a possible connection to dark spirits was a long dialog with an individual back in 2013 who mentioned the Kundalini awakening, something I had never studied. There was a lot of additional dialog that involved Howard, the reader who asked me about the Kundalini awakening, as well as my wife. You can read the public dialog on this post (click on the star)


I think Howard and I went back and forth for a few weeks but the dialog kind of petered out without either of us really persuading the other of the benefits or drawbacks of Yoga, Shamanism or the Kundalini awakening. While I am a proponent of meditation and have experienced what I consider to be revelation as a direct result of that meditation, I do not adhere to any of the Hindu beliefs or practices, especially in regards to opening the chakras to spiritual manifestations through Yoga.

To answer your question directly, I have read many posts on various Christian websites about Yoga being a gateway to demonic possession. My observation is that most people fall into two camps on this question. The first believe Yoga to be of the devil and therefor to be avoided at all costs. The second believe we should have an open mind and accept all truth no mater what the source. I lean more toward the second group but understand the concern expressed by those of the first.

If we act upon a belief that isn’t in alignment with Heavenly Father, the obvious answer is that we open ourselves up to deception. As far as branding Yoga as an evil practice, mainly because of the belief it invites evil or unclean spirits to share our physical tabernacles, I tend to shy away from such an absolute declaration. I know a lot of people who practice Yoga, mainly for the perceived physical benefit they enjoy. I do not practice Yoga, so my observations will lack any real authority.

Your thoughts?


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  1. I think we open ourselves up more to the darkness of this world when we let our emotions and thoughts run amuck…fear, hate, anger, jealousy, envy, contention, judging, and the like, than we would if we took up a yoga practice. I also think we close ourselves off from light and truth by being fearful of anything we do not understand. Perhaps it is best we go to God in the name of Christ and ask Him what to make of yoga and many other things we never hear about at church on Sundays, rather than taking our truth from other mortals? There is so much we do not know or understand…THE UNIVERSE IS HUGE…why close and lock a door before we let God give us His part?

  2. From my limited understanding, which is likely greater than the average westerner’s, much of what is marketed as yoga in the west is corrupted. Just as all religions and religious practices become corrupted. According to Samuel Aun Weor, the true practice of yoga and awakening the Kundilini requires abstinence from sexual climax but not from marital intercourse. It requires killing every last remnant of lust within a person. Much of modern, western technique involves intensifying lust. According to Weor, such practices do turn one into a demon or invites evil spirits to dominate them. It is reverse Kundilini. According to Weor, kundilini is the spirit of the Divine Mother and she will not give that spirit to anyone that does not purge all lust.
    If we truly believe in the Book of Mormon, we should know that Christ has instructed many people, in every land to write down his teachings. They can come from many different sources (see 2 Nephi 29). Its up to us to seek them out and pray fully consider them as we will be judged from those writings. Perhaps there is something to yoga but be careful as to who you accept as your Yogi. I seek Christ as my Yogi.

    1. Thanks Thomas. I’ve been thinking about your comment all day. May I suggest a few results or blessings that come from removing every last vestige of lust from within us?

      1. Increased self-esteem and self-worth
      2. Confidence in the presence of the Lord
      3. Ability to focus on things of a higher nature
      4. Not being distracted or pulled by the flesh
      5. Worthiness to receive the Divine Mother
      6. Power that can only be endowed by her
      7. Increased clarity of purpose in this life
      8. A sure sense of peace and well-being
      9. Unity with worthy daughters of God
      10. Light and knowledge from on high

      These are just a few thoughts that came to me as I pondered your comment. Thanks so much for taking the time to share. I am enriched by your visit and your thoughts. Peace be unto you.

  3. Janell Littlebear

    Thank goodness the Lord looks on the heart. If you consciously believe it to be an evil practice then it will be for you if that’s what you intend. If you intend it to be good for you by strengthening your body then it will be used for good if that is your intent.

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