Invitation to Fellowship

logsblogWhat is it about climbing a mountain that helps you feel closer to the Lord? I’ve hiked up to the top of Mt. Pinos a few times now, each time by myself. Upon arriving at the top I found, or rather felt directed to a private place just off to one side and behind a fallen tree. To me, it’s a perfect spot for pondering and praying aloud. I went there again last Saturday and came home feeling absolutely wonderful. I’ve decided to make another visit next month on Saturday October 15th at noon.

mtpinosmapI invite you to join me if you’re anywhere near us in Southern California and willing to drive up the mountain. You can drive up to the end of the road, leaving about a half hour to walk to the top. It’s about two hours from my house in Camarillo, and is the highest peak sitting right on the line between Ventura and Kern counties. If you’re not into mountain climbing, show up at 3pm for sacrament meeting in the picnic area. You’re all invited. We have such a small group in Southern California, we hope you’ll consider joining us.

Click on the first image above for a link to Log’s Cabin blog and a little more information. We intend to enjoy the Sacrament together at 3pm and discuss the gospel. God bless.

3 thoughts on “Invitation to Fellowship”

  1. Tim,
    Thought about you folks there in the mountains today and wished I could have joined you.
    Hope you had a mighty turn out, but even if numbers were few, the Spirit was strong I have no doubt.
    Bless you brother!
    James Russell Uhl

    1. We had about a dozen, including at least four that you baptized. We had a wonderful time discussing the gospel, both at the top of the mountain and later in the picnic area. We’re a small but close group. Blessings on your and your family.

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