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doctrine-of-christ-conferenceIn the end-times events, where you live in the world can make a difference. I’ll not refer to the catastrophic events that are prophesied, but to something simple like a conference, to be held in Boise this coming weekend. I’ve pondered and prayed about attending, either driving or flying. Either way would work. I can afford it and I can take the time off from work for needed travel.

But in my prayers, the Lord has caused me to feel it is not necessary. In fact, when I specifically asked the question, “Should I go to Boise this next weekend?” the response, in the form of the voice of the Lord to my mind was, “It’s up to you.” And then the very next impression was about my wife. How I love Carol and wish to help her deal with the changes that are surely imminent.

I chose to go listen to Denver at Sunstone last month because it was convenient. I was going to be in Northern Utah that weekend anyway for a family reunion. I was grateful to have gone. I was especially pleased to get a copy of the lecture delivered so I could study it in detail. If you have not pondered each of the items in the lecture, I highly recommend you consider doing so.

Events of the End-Times

denver-snuffer-wikipediaI know it is annoying to my dear wife that I consider Denver a friend, even though I do not know him well. Every time I read something he has written I feel uplifted and edified. I feel a desire to know more about the subject and often experience the Holy Ghost opening my mind clearly to understand what he has written and shared. I think he’s a great teacher and appreciate his efforts.

My purpose in writing is not to praise Mr. Snuffer, because he has asked us not to. I suppose in the time of Joseph Smith there were a few newspaper writers and publishers who felt the same way. In our day, the Internet is where most people now get their news and learn greater detail about things that interest them. Just remember, to date, Mr. Snuffer claims to be only a teacher.

I like that. I come from a family of teachers and ministers. I taught in the LDS Church for most of my life and always enjoyed the opportunity to study and prepare, because surely it does take effort to be able to teach others truth, gleaned from the scriptures through the Holy Ghost. All my studies and prayers these days lead me to feel there are dramatic changes about to happen.

Abomination of Desolation

meteorimpact.gifI’ve made up my mind not to attend the conference. Besides saving the money required for the travel expense, I’m confident the material will be made available online shortly afterwards. In other words, while I will miss visiting with some friends (many, actually) whom I know will be there, I am grateful to know I will not miss inspired messages that I am sure will be presented.

I’m not one for rumors. When I read one, I consider the source and then say to myself, “We’ll just wait and see what comes to pass.” Many of you know of the rumored announcement that there will be a major policy change regarding marriage presented at General Conference. It’s all rumor at this point so don’t go getting all upset. But if it comes to pass, consider it a major sign.

Many people have studied “The Abomination of Desolation” and written much about it. I have as well, but have declined to write much. I think I wrote one post many years ago when I decided in my mind what the phrase meant. Maybe we’re all wrong. Maybe we are not as far along in the end-times as some have written and shared. All I suggest is we listen closely to announcements.

Building the City of Zion

IndependenceTempleSignIf the rumored events come to pass, what difference will it make in your life? Will you change anything about the way you conduct your daily activities? Will your prayers change? Will your worship activities be any different? In other words, will you continue to follow the Lord’s very clear commandment that we love others and treat them with kindness and respect? I hope not.

I think that’s the main focus of the spin that will accompany the announcement. It’s not bad. It’s reasonable and understandable, even commendable. But make no mistake in understanding it is a sign of the end-times or last days if it comes to pass. Our goal is to prepare ourselves to be more like the people who inhabit Zion. In fact, this sign indicates we must prepare for Zion very soon.

The Lord will not return with the City of Enoch until Zion is built and prepared. The heavens are open. We have an opportunity to commune with members of the Church of the Firstborn and to obtain knowledge about what the Lord is about to do. Events prophesied in the scriptures are for us to look back and know they were brought about by the hand of the Lord. He will direct this.

Gatherings Should Strengthen Faith

moab-gatheringI’ve written in the past about the location of the City of Zion. Don’t be so sure it is to be where the LDS Church has proclaimed it is to be in the scriptures. As we read in scripture, clearly it will be built in the tops of the mountains but not by a large institution as so many believe. If you want to understand this correctly, study the lecture delivered by Denver in Moab earlier this year.

I will miss being in Boise and hearing the talks, especially those on the agenda for Sunday. We all need to focus more on the Doctrine of Christ – to repent, be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. This is perhaps the primary duty of our life. Coming to hear and understand clearly the voice of the Lord is no small task. It takes constant effort and prayer. But He will help us.

For those who attend the Boise Conference, I pray God’s blessings upon you. As I said in the beginning, it makes a difference where you live in these end-times. Some parts of the world and the United States will see greater destruction than others. Likewise, some locations will play a greater role in hosting events leading up to the return of the Lord. God bless you, my friends.

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  1. I believe those conference rumors are untrue. But it is very good to hear from you again. I took interest in your message from the Lord “It’s up to you.” I received the same answer in a rather muted way when I first asked the Lord if I could translate a certain ancient scriptural volume into a Semitic language to help fulfill one of its purposes as stated on its title page. I sometimes wonder if the Lord was using a wordplay in my case 🙂

    Keep in touch!

    Tom Irvine

  2. This was a powerful video, seen tonight,
    I saw it when I went to the on the right side of this page
    Thanks to all that benefit Us with this Facebook Group.
    The Google Groups, aligned with Snuffer’s writings, that I am blessed to participate in, are utterly incredible experiences, like the Fellowship Groups, … like Family.

    We are in most powerful days,
    the unacknowledged bankruptcy, 18 trillion, & 1/2 trillion each of the coming years.
    Dr. Ben Carson, accomplished black pediatric surgeon, stated last summer, that he suspected we possibly would not see the election.
    NY Times best selling author Jonathan Cahn, picking up what Wall Street is seeing the 7 year pattern of financial collapse, 2008, 2001, and back through recent history. Key is we are in the last 4 weeks of the this very last Jubilee Year.
    The very rare Biblical Tetrad, and after September we saw horror in Paris, San Bernadino, Brussels, etc., etc. round the world,
    Ted Kopple’s new book of the vulnerable, unhardened Electrical Grid, …not just by solar flare, or EMP from new explosion in the atmosphere, ….but by cyber terrorism, …quoting the experts, that it is 80 % propable, if Grid not hardened.
    Divine experiences over a lifetime, prove the Gospel is irrefutably true.
    I am blessed to lift up many people every day, ….
    this is not a doomsday, just the opposite, for those who are doing their best
    “-) the Messiah’s ( Yahshua’s ) most precious Kiss of peace to Us

  3. Leveda & Gene Troy

    Hi Adrian,

    Un fortunately Gene and I won’t be able to make it. He is not well enough to travel right now. Will there be a recording of speakers?

    If so we would dearly love to hear it.

    So sorry, we really wanted to come. We had signed up for 3 dozen rolls and cookies. Please take that into account.

    Have a wonderful and spirit filled time!


    Leveda troy

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