The Church is like the Republican Party

Note: This was not written by me (Tim Malone). It is a guest post from a time when I allowed guest posts on my blog. I don’t anymore. I keep it here for the historical record.

I will quite possibly do a longer post sometime soon….but for now a simple one.

Watching the recent politician party debates for the presidential campaign and especially the republican party I cannot help but be struck by the stunning similarities to the church. Trump has no doubt brought in many new republicans, but many long time republicans are not a fan of Trump.

The question is often posed to many long time republicans, but I’ll basically paraphrase a conversation with my dad

Me: “So are you a Trump fan?”

Dad: “I like Rubio”

Me: “So if Trump wins would you vote for him?”

Dad: “Well I sure won’t vote for anyone on the democrats side”

do we not face a similar question with the church? Are we by leaving the church voting democrat?(politics aside I mean are we not voting for the opposite team?)

Dad has at times blasted our governor in South Carolina and ex-governor for saying basically “I won’t vote for Trump” to which Dad says “That’s like giving a vote to Hillary Clinton”. Dad also gets mad at Mitt Romney for his recent remarks.

Well he’s not wrong….so by leaving the church are we really just voting for the other side by default?


Imagine The conversation like this:

Me: “So are you a Denver Snuffer fan?”

Dad: “I like Thomas Monson

Me: “So if Snuffer wins would you vote for him?”

Dad: “Well I sure won’t vote for anyone on the *non-mormon church leader’s* side”

Just a passing thought is all


5 thoughts on “The Church is like the Republican Party”

  1. So if I choose to vote for Trump (if he wins the most delegates)…would I be considered anti-Mormon…because I choose to be against what Mitt Romney dictates and believes?

  2. askseek knock

    I look at it as leaving the church is a vote for Christ, since a sister who testified that she was growing closer to Christ was exed. That is one of the new “clue phrases” that they are looking for as evidence of apostasy.

  3. Interesting thought- I tend to disagree with it though. I remain an active member but dont feel those who have left are fighting for the other team. LDS isint the team we need to be concerned about. True Christianity is the team we want to be on. We can fight for that team in or out of the LDS church. There are many generals in that war who arent LDS. Dan Mohler, Todd White etc.

  4. Micheal italiana

    I understand what is intended, but to be honest it also sounds like if someone is democrat, and in the church its wrong. I believe voting or being republican is frightening, and I also think the church in its state now needs help, NOT THE GOSPEL, the leaders.

    So yes, It is like the republican party, desperately in need of help!


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