Life and Death of a Blog

brotherofjaredA blog requires passion. I say that from eight years of experience. It takes vision. It requires time and effort. It is a labor of love. I loved blogging in Latter-day Commentary, especially in the years 2012-2014 as I was discovering, reading, digesting, pondering and praying about the writings of Denver Snuffer. Obviously the content and frequency of LDC posts has died down considerably. I obtained what I was seeking. Your feedback in the comments helped me find my answers. I love and appreciate all the wonderful comments over the years. Thank you for the warnings, the edification, and for the additional light and truth. You blessed me.

Two of my co-writers now have their own blogs. I highly recommend them. Many readers enjoyed Log’s posts. He is a master of the scriptures. You can find Log at and Peter at I am grateful for their contributions over the years, especially my friend Log, whom I love dearly. Despite the title of this post, LDC will be around as a historical record for at least five more years. There may be occasional posts, but they will be rare. Of course, it’s best to keep up with Denver at and Keith at to keep up with restoration events.

To be baptized, go here: There are so many great blogs commenting on the restoration movement there is no way I can list them all or even keep up anymore. I am nearly sixty years old and am winding down my career. Most of my energy is spent there. I have prayed much about what to do with the blog. It kept me in the scriptures. It kept me thinking and, sadly, it got me into trouble with the LDS Church and my own marriage. My focus is on loving Carol and on her happiness. My blogging efforts caused a serious rift in my marriage, which I treasure and would rather keep than to continually agitate my dear wife.

Life Goes On

jacobs-ladder1I am grateful for all the friends I have made over the years, especially certain individuals who I consider sentinels, messengers and true servants of the Lord. My emails have not changed. Unless I’m dead, you can always reach me at either address listed on the side column of my blog. I am at peace with what I have done in regards to the LDS Church. I still have so many friends in my ward and stake who I appreciate for their kind hand of fellowship. May God bless each of us in our journey up the ladder. I bear witness that He lives. He has ministered unto me in words that cannot be spoken. I have been consumed by the fire of His love.

Things will be changing dramatically in our world over the next few years. You know this as well as I do. I pray we may meet again. Watch for the signs. Do not fall asleep. It takes constant effort, discipline and work to walk in the light. I am so grateful for repentance. He answers immediately. He gives peace. Many of you have specific missions yet to perform in preparation for the return of the Lord. I cannot say if I have completed what the Lord sent me here to accomplish. I continue to ascend the mountain, both symbolically and literally to commune with the Lord. I promise you He speaks. Our task is to remain worthy, be patient and listen.

God bless.

10 thoughts on “Life and Death of a Blog”

  1. Dear Bro Malone,

    I am so glad to hear from you, and to know that you are continuing in the faith.

    Yours is the first blog I ever read, so you are the one who helped me get on the path to immersing myself in the scriptures. Thank you more than I can express.

    I do hope your health stays strong. I hope your marriage heals. You obviously have an awesome wife. I wish you both many happy days ahead.

    You have my gratitude,

  2. Tim,
    Thank you so much for this blog. It has been a major part of my awakening. I will always be grateful that I happened upon your wonderful words.


  3. Tim,

    Soooo good to hear from you. Even though I dislike change, I realize it’s inevitable and circumstances change for individuals… like yourself.

    Just in the last two days, we have lost two more inspiring bloggers. AnonymousBishop’s site is down for personal reasons. I pray all is well with him. I have loved his point of view and insight and already miss him.

    The author of has made his blog invitation only. I’m sad… as I loved his message as well as his outstanding photography. I believe you now have to request permission to view his blog… but I cannot find a way to contact him. I’m disappointed.

    I have enjoyed reading Log’s blog. He keeps me on my toes. Thanks for the link to Peter’s information.

    I think about you and pray for you. I hope you are regaining your health and that your relationship with Carol is growing stronger. She is fortunate to be so loved.

    I will continue to watch for your rare posts…. and in the meantime, my friend, stay cool.

    Kathy G

    1. I had an hour-long conversation with Log last night. He is motivated and enthused about what he is doing. I wish he allowed comments but he is adamant they distract from his posts. I also enjoy what he shares: deep stuff that requires much thoughtful pondering and contemplation.

  4. Micheal italiana

    Please don;t ever stop giving us light, there are not many who truly know anymore.


  5. Thank you, Tim, for your words, your example, your testimony and your sacrifice. I have benefited greatly.

    Steve Graham

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