Vision of the Abandoned Temple

RuinedTempleI had not expected to write publically again. I thought my shared ministry was over. In my mind I had sealed my writings and closed the books. I even told the Lord so and felt His acceptance of my offering. Yet for the last three days, including this morning – it is now 5am as I start this – the Lord has been clear He wants this shared. I don’t know why. Perhaps it will be helpful to someone else. We shall see.

It took me ten minutes to relate it to Carol last night. I will try to condense it to a less time-consuming post. It has to do with dreams, specifically flying dreams. I’m not an expert on the subject, and my interpretation of these dreams is from years of pondering and praying. I have experienced flying dreams all my life. They have been the most common type of dream I have experienced for years and years.

Again, I had not expected to prepare this for public consumption, but for my journal. However, when it stays on my mind for three days in a row, I know there is something in it meant for someone other than myself. First a little background on how I interpret flying dreams. They come in four flavors or levels. Level one is the beginning’s level – baby steps. In each step, the flying action is accomplished through faith and your own will.

A little about flying dreams

In the first level of flying, you find you are able to leap up, take a few steps of simple will power to get yourself to some other place not far away, usually that can be seen. “Poof,” you’re there. Nine times out of ten you crash into things as you travel on your way, including bumping into people, chairs, walls and other obstacles. This is the level of “baby steps.” You may or may not turn horizontal in your short journey at this level.

In the second level, you have discovered you can exercise some level of control around obstacles and are able to do the “hop, skip and jump” type of flying that becomes progressively longer over time and with practice. In other words, you can go from one end of town to another with a willful amount of faith, without impaling yourself on the fireplug as you whiz by. It is a quick, but still a bit shaky mode of travel.

In the third level, you soar. It is glorious. You go high. You go far. You reach great distances in an instant. In fact, you can find yourself lost, because you are visiting areas you have never seen on the ground. You can look in airplane windows, skim the tops of clouds and mountains and – this is the especially neat part in my opinion – you can pause in mid-air, look down at a lighted city and discern things going on there.

Watch out for Imposed Limits

One big drawback of level three is the wires. There is something about high-tension electric wires that is simply catastrophic to this form of spirit travel (all taking place in your dreams). They represent severe limits and must be avoided at all costs. If you run through one you are severed in half and find yourself tumbling to earth in an uncontrolled, frightening descent with a painful landing requiring time to heal.

In the fourth level of flying, one could say you have mastered the skill and have it under control. You are capable of great bursts of speed and energy, but rarely use it because it is not needed here on earth. For the most part, it is for taking advantage of situations where a quick assessment of the territory would be helpful. With this background I can now give you an example, which is what I believe I’m asked to share.

I have had dozens of flying dreams over the years. They almost always come either after learning of some major change about to happen in my life or as a prelude warning or announcement of upcoming change. Up until two nights ago, all my flying dreams were of level three – look out for the wires. In my real life, I had either just received or was about to receive a promotion or complete some major intense project.

A Visit to the Dream-world

Two nights ago I experienced my first level four flying dream. I was with a group of about eighty other “servants” I will call them. The number is significant. There were four countries in my mission. We had about eighty missionaries in each country. On this day we were all together, something that in reality would never happen, but of course, in symbolic dreams, anything that is necessary can happen to you.

We were travelling through a “burned-out” district, and I mean physically burned out. Devastation and destruction surrounded us. The infrastructure was destroyed – no electric or phone communications, no roads – all broken up and buildings destroyed, burning or burned. There were also no people. They had all left – in a hurry – several days earlier. It was your typical post-apocalyptic scene but without zombies.

Large buildings had toppled, small buildings had burned. The only edifices still standing – and this was a point of great curiosity to our group – were temples. They were built in a short, squatty style, by which they were able to survive the devastation. These were sacred buildings of this culture – the timeframe could not be determined – modern, past 200 years, or whenever. Nor could we determine the location.

Dreams Can Be Symbolic

Those things were not important. Remember, dreams are symbolic. The key to interpreting dreams is to look for the symbolism, or rather to pray to have the symbolic elements revealed to you right away. In this case, I did so and you will understand why when we reach the end of the dream. In this particular vision, we found ourselves marching up a curved, ascending entryway to the doorway of a temple.

We were naturally drawn to temples because we were missionaries. We had been sent to this place and time on a particular mission, even though it was not revealed to me in the dream, I have an idea what that mission was, and perhaps may still be. We entered the temple. It was not lit. It was night. The light from fires burning outside the building through curtain-less windows allowed us to barely see our way around.

We immediately began to explore. Most stayed in a group, but we seemed to be in a hurry to want to know what had happened to the people who we hoped we would find in the temple. It was at this time I was either asked, volunteered or just knew my flying skills would come in handy and so I rose and began to rapidly move through the hallways. All the doors were open. Nothing was blocked, including stairs.

We Had Arrived Too Late

In an instant, or so it seemed, I was able to determine the building was devoid of inhabitants. I quickly returned to my group, hovering just about them and beckoned them to follow me. I led them because I had the flying gift and could get them to where we wanted to go in short order. I took them directly to the altar of the temple. Now I need to mention something about the feelings we shared in our group.

We were warriors as well as missionaries. We were like the first wave in some immensely important battle. We were chosen or had volunteered for this mission specifically because of our skills in a certain area, which I feel constrained to not mention at this time. However, imagine a group of missionaries, men and women, who, after many, many long years – perhaps fifty or more – had experienced no success.

We were sad. We were tired. Yet we were true to our mission and were about our duty. We were seeking a people who had a rare kind of understanding – a kind of empathy not found in the rest of the society. We had searched for these people for years, always just missing them as they moved ahead of us to stay away from the rest of the world that followed after them, trying to steal whatever they possessed.

We Can Be Visited In Our Dreams

As we passed on the way to the altar of the temple, we each noted this was not a brand new temple. It had been used for many years. The carpets were worn. The bannisters were in need of a coat of varnish. It was especially clear around the altars by the indentations of knees on the cushions. This was a building that had been used for many years and served some great purpose but now had been just abandoned.

We had failed. Our entire life’s mission was to find these people. We had searched for a lifetime in vain. We reached the main altar and, as if on a signal, but without a word, lowered our weapons, dropped to our knees, still clothed in our protective armor, surrounded the altar and bowed our heads in sadness. Nobody said a word, the Eldest of the warrior missionaries on one side and the youngest on the other.

This is the conclusion and then perhaps one of two interpretations of symbolism. As we knelt and from the side where the eldest of the warriors knelt, a soft presence began to be felt. Descending from the heavens were angels – no wings – golden in color. They gently came down and touched each warrior. As they did so the feelings that permeated the room transcended any joy they had ever felt in all their days.

Dreams Serve a Real Purpose

At this moment I awoke and found myself sobbing. That feeling was in my heart. Although but a dream, I knew I also had been touched by one of the golden angels. I had never felt such feelings before. They stayed with me for at least fifteen minutes as I cried and sobbed out of sheer exhaustion and joy. I knew my efforts had been appreciated, my work had been finished and I could now go home if I so desired.

As I shared at the beginning, this was originally intended to be a private journal entry. I have no idea how it will be received or why it needed to be shared. You decide who the warriors represented. You decide why the number was so small. Perhaps you can determine what their mission was and why they had been sent to find these people. What were they to do when they found them? What gifts did they have?

Incidentally, in the third level of flying, the wires represented bounds beyond which one should not go. They were there to protect the travelers / flyers from rising too high too fast and being burned by unseen or unknown forces. In my life these level three dreams have ALWAYS come just after I recognized for myself that I had achieved or mastered some new skill. The wires were a warning to practice humility.

Dreams Can Be Considered Visions

I’ll offer nothing more. I think that’s all I should share. I could tell you who the warriors are or rather who they represent, but those who are members of that group probably already got that right away. For some people this is nonsense and gobbledygook. That’s okay. I did not write this for them. I think the Lord wants those in the group of eighty to rethink the value of what they have been doing and have done.

By the way, my prayer that night before I retied to sleep with filled with pleadings to the Lord for help and direction in my career and my life. I am going through some big changes and challenges right now. Some are relationship-based, some have to do with feelings of security, some deal with anticipated future events, real and based on scripture. I believe this dream was an answer to that tearful prayer.

I pray you’ll forgive me for not being very responsive on my blog. In my mind, it is over. I left it up because I offered it to the Lord in a sacred prayer a couple of years ago. In a clear and unmistakable answer to that prayer – at least to me – he accepted the blog, used it for a season, and then released me from continuing. The cost of this blog has been high and painful in many profound and personal ways.

God bless. I love you all.

11 thoughts on “Vision of the Abandoned Temple”

  1. Tim, I feel bad for you. I feel bad for myself. I conjure up many of the same types of dreams, emotions, ideas and visions.

    Nothing (over fifty years of this sad endeavor) ever comes of them. When I am honest with myself, I must admit they are a product of a desperate attempt on my part to invest my very mundane and ordinary life with some great meaning and importance.

    It’s very sad.

    We, you, myself and 99.99% of all people are just Joe Schmoes.

    And in spite of yearnings otherwise, that is all we will ever be.

    Sorry Brother but that is the truth.

    1. Sean. I can never thank you enough. You have answered for me, a prayer I have offered daily for almost the past three years. Perhaps someday I will share it in a future post. It has to do with grief.

      I am not going to disagree with you have shared but I will add this: As long as we are still alive, we have time to accomplish something, no matter how small or large a dream it may be. I thank God for that.


  2. Thank you Brother Tim for this post. I still have flying dreams. But most often in my dreams nowadays I just travel by the speed of thought. (I’m upgraded/translated)I am always on a mission for the Lord and travel that way. Not dependent on anything Telestial including modes of transportation. Very powerful teaching/learning dreams. There is also much sorrow at those that reject the message that I am to share with them. Rejected by my own. All this is done in the dream realm.

    Thank you again for sharing this. I am so glad for this blog and I am sorry that it has come at high cost. But that’s how it usually works. Those things we cherish the most we must be willing to give up.

    Just know this blog has been a blessing in my life. Your sister in Christ-Sally

  3. Tim,

    Your cost has been huge! I have been taught a lot about cost lately and it is hard!! Persecution and loss are a huge part of the cost of becoming clean enough to be the kind of servants we want to be for the Lord. We must learn how to create love from the persecution and hate others give us . Like the Savior did. We can even become saviors on Mt Zion through loving when hurt, anger, and resentment are what the normal response would be. love is A GREAT WORK. If we could only see what the small shifts into love, instead of hurt, have on the whole world, we wouldn’t be so worried about ‘doing’ much else. Just really learning how to be clean and love unconditionally. The contribution those two things have is more than anyone can truly seeI our understand in this dark world. your contribution has been one of increasing in light, awareness and accountability. You have moved out of fear and into courage, acceptance, trust and love. It takes a great spiri to do those things!

  4. Always touched by what you share dear brother. I have always believed we can receive messages thru our dreams. Certainly Daniel and Joseph of the Old Testament did and in doing so we’re able to serve the Lord. May His light, love and peace be with you.

  5. Tim,

    Always good to read another of your posts. I also have occasional flying dreams. They are always very pleasant. Mine are mostly short hops though.

    Best wishes,

  6. Dear Brother Tim,

    You are profoundly special to me and countless others; I’m grateful for how you care so much for others and don’t hold back. I stand with you, dear brother.

    Roy Moore
    Monroe, UT

  7. It’s so good to hear from you again. I know you have made great sacrifices to share the information you have… which has caused me personally to think deeper about spiritual and gospel issues. Others, like yourself have contributed much to my life. Thank you!

    I’m surprised by the comments how many people fly. I have never that that experience before. For the past year, my dreams (at least a couple of times a week) have be the kind where you are running and can’t get to your destination. Or you are desperately trying to make people understand how critical it is to get some place, begging for help but to no avail. I wake up exhausted and so grateful that it was just a dream. Because they so repetitive in nature, I’m sure I’m to get a message from them…. but I no know what.

    I can only guess what your dream means. I think I have some understanding. I’m happy for you that you were able to receive some peace or compensation for all you have done.

    Share more when you feel inspired to do so. I, for one, watch daily for news from this blog. Thanks again.

  8. Tim,

    Thank you for this post. Another friend on mine shared the possibility of this many months ago. I will not go into details. I will ponder and pray about this.


  9. Wow. I’m so happy that I happened upon your blog today. I found it when you wrote about Dr. Fish. I love Dr. Fish. We saw him almost 10 years ago and we are still discovering the layers that he revealed to us about my husbands complex past. He has done more to help my husband than all the years of counseling and medication. Then I kept reading more and more of your writings. You speak so many truths that I have felt but yet felt so alone about. You Brother are my kind of people!! So glad you wrote another one. I’m so excited to read more in my spare time!! You seem truly inspired.

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