A Marvelous Work and a Wonder

jesus-declares-fulfillment-of-isaiahs-prophecyI caught a glimpse today of something wonderful about to come forth. No, I’m not referring to the book by Elder LeGrand Richards but I chose the title on purpose. I attended a class presented by one of my readers on the subject of judgement, part of a series of classes from her upcoming book, Understanding the Divine. What I witnessed was part of a marvelous work and a wonder.

At the risk of embarrassing her, I’m going to praise the work of Karen Prier here on my blog today. You may remember a few weeks ago Karen left a comment on my blog post, The Lord Requires us to Take Action. The comment was direct and personal. It was not offensive. It was, well… annoying. It struck a nerve. Even though I tried to deny it in a later post, she was right.

Preparation to Receive More Light

karen-prierIn her comment, Karen counseled me to write without referencing the LDS Church. She shared, “If you will let go of all fear and anxiety of judgment with the church and those who belong to it you will receive more light.” As Carol can attest, I pondered her counsel for days before firing off a rather passionate barrage defending my actions in continuing to write about the Church.

Well, I already shared the details previously, but to recap, Karen wrote a beautiful apology that moved me to tears. I took the time to read more about her work on her website, then asked if we could meet, which we did today. I have already stated I was wrong. Karen was right. But that’s not what I want to share in the next few paragraphs. That little exchange simply got us together.

Paradigm Shift on Judgment

I am convinced the Lord wanted us to get together so Carol and I could meet with Karen to learn more about her books and share them with you here on my blog. Of course, it’s a little difficult to review a book that’s not out yet but based on a 2.5 hour class this morning and an interview of a little over an hour this afternoon I am convinced Karen is sharing profound truth worth reading.

I thought I understood Judgement. I’ve studied it for years. I know how important it is to choose wisely, to judge righteously and to not judge by appearances. Today I learned so many things in her class on Judgement I realized I needed to completely shift my paradigm of the subject. Karen included much from her second book, or rather a series of seven books on The Creation Pattern.

The Creation Pattern

elements-of-creationYou should recognize this if you’ve been endowed. The first three days are related to the healing of the body. They are part of the lower law. They help us get clean. That term has significance in Karen’s teachings. Day four is a bridge covenant between the lower and higher laws. The last three days are the higher laws which cannot be practiced until the three lower laws are mastered.


Day One – Creation of the Earth – Light – Faith and Vision
Day Two – The Waters – Getting Clean – Repentance and Baptism
Day Three – Plants, Seeds – The Holy Ghost – Law of Obedience
Day Four – Stars, Planets – Jesus Christ – Law of Sacrifice
Day Five – Animals – Service – Law of the Gospel
Day Six – Man – Love and Virtue – Law of Chastity
Day Seven – Enter into God’s Rest – Law of Consecration

Understanding the Divine

Karen’s first book, which is currently undergoing final editing and illustration, includes seven key elements to help you understand and improve your personal relationship with God. She teaches classes on each one and is recording them for both audio and video distribution. If they are anything like what I witnessed this morning, they are full of energy, truth, light and love.

7-elevations-of-wholenessOne – Desire
Two – Gifts
Three – Truth
Four – Grace
Five – Language
Six – Paradox
Seven – Judgment

Seven Types of Judgment

As you can probably see, Karen organizes in groups of seven. It is significant. It means complete or wholeness. Karen’s website is the Seven Elevations of Wholeness. She offers seven seminars. Her books include the Seven Elements to Understanding and the Seven Days of Creation. In the class Carol and I enjoyed today, she introduced seven types of judgement and how they hinder.

One – Other People – If we don’t want responsibility for our pain, we blame it on others.
Two – Ourselves – John 3:21 – A man is his own tormentor and condemner. Truth is light.
Three – Things – Guns, money, clothing, food, wine, “buckets, bags and toys” (Ask her)
Four – Ideas – Justice and Mercy, Political issues, Logic vs. Spirit, Food, Marriage, Laws
Five – Situations / Experiences – D&C 122:5-7 – pain or peace – Pain not inherently bad
Six – Actions – Most common, actions are not sins, intent of heart is place of sin or purity
Seven – God – We use scriptures as weapons. Killing, sex, alcohol lying all used by God

Repent and Replace

gethsemane.jpgI wish I could share in this section even a tenth of the power and passion we felt from Karen as she taught the principle of R&R – repent and replace. She gave so many examples and made it come alive as a daily living principle to be used on our journey to wholeness. We have a stigma that repentance is something you do once, or something only bad people need to do. This is false.

The principle of R&R brings relief – physical, emotional and spiritual. As Karen taught, she said several times repentance is the most beautiful word in the human language. I would have said love but she explained repentance allows you to “get clean,” to accept anything God asks of you if you are willing. When you are clean, you are pure, have no fear and are in a state of real love.

Seven Seminars Offered

One – Understanding the Divine
Two – Seven Days of Creation
Three – Hearing the Voice of the Lord
Four – Seven Virtues of the Divine Feminine and Masculine
Five – Healing Through Virtue and Faith
Six – Family Relations
Seven – Becoming One in a Group

After she shared a little of the past history, how she got involved in healing and how she got the training God wanted her to have, I asked Karen to describe her vision for the future. I was blown away by her plans. Her website is new. Don’t judge her experience, power or knowledge by that. This woman knows what she’s doing. She is a master healer, an expert in the currency of heaven.

Doing Repentance Better

karen-prier-teachingI close as I began. I believe we are about to witness a marvelous work and a wonder about to come forth among the women of God such as Karen Prier who have prepared themselves to take the message of Christ-centered healing to the world. I recommend you watch her website for news of when her books will be available. I intend to add them to my library and study them.

As noted in her bio, Karen is full of enthusiasm and power that allows her to reach her audience. I could not believe when two hours had passed in the class. I pray for Karen’s success in getting her teachings of Christ-centered healing to those who need it. I know I do. I want to understand more about how to use R&R in my daily life. As I learned today, we can all do repentance better.


4 thoughts on “A Marvelous Work and a Wonder”

  1. Well Tim join the club of her “smitten” ones. LOL You are not the first nor will you be the last who has fallen under her spell. She is very gifted and has tremendous power and has a good heart. She is incredibly intelligent and loves God and others. But remember, idol worshipping comes in all shapes, forms, genders, etc. Be careful in your promoting and placing her on a pedestal. It does harm to her instead of good … pride loves to claim those who have the ability to help others. We should all be sharing and helping others, but there is a line that people cross from sharing to becoming idols. We mortals have a tendency to want to place others above us to worship them. Others have the tendency to want to be in the limelight. I don’t comment often but felt this was very needful. I believe Tim you have crossed that line by promoting her. I’ve not read any previous posts by you that promotes anyone like you have with this woman. None of us should be putting another in such a position.

    1. You are correct, of course and I’m sure Karen would agree. I really wanted to do a book review, but the books are not quite out yet. Much appreciate your comment and very applicable warning.

  2. My sister thinks very highly of Karen. Karen’s advice she shared with you resonates with truth for me. Tim, with all of your getting there is –and you would concede’- alot still to be gotten by yous!?

    all of us are arriving daily, yes? as defensive as you can be –you also can swallow down humble pie . 🙂

    to elevate our weak flesh to our willing spirit through the enabling power of Christ’s atonement in a state of growing knowing and BEING….is to be free… ps we all are arriving. may the fulness be received by us sooner than later…

  3. 7 Elevations of Wholeness

    Timothy, Thanks for looking out for mine and Tim’s well being. I second your comment about pedestal’s. If anyone places me or anyone else on a pedestal they are a fool. Then again, if anyone doesn’t listen with an open heart to what I teach because they are afraid of being “smitten” or anything else, then they are also a fool. I am as flawed as anyone and anyone who doesn’t know that doesn’t know me well enough yet. Just give it a minute and I will prove my weakness. Truly only God deserves our adoration and love. He is the great I AM — the one who was, who is and who will always be. He is the only ONE anyone should be “smitten” with.

    Honestly, I don’t know anyone who is smitten with me (except maybe my husband and he’s not so smitten that he can’t tell me when I screw up or when he doesn’t agree with me — so maybe smitten isn’t the best word for it. Maybe he just loves me). We would all do well to love each other a bit more and allow God to correct us. Truly Tim is my hero in that area. He has been so humble and kind and willing to hear all sides of things, even when they seem to be against him personally. It’s truly amazing when someone is so humble and contrite. Tim doesn’t look to self-aggrandize or self-promote. His heart is pretty pure and if you don’t agree, just ask God, He will tell you how great a man Tim is. Interesting that things could be settled so easily isn’t it? That it could come down to asking one question to the One right person… God? Then we don’t have to go around wondering what someones intentions are or if they need to be corrected. Then again all correction can be received with gratitude, and repentance is always good and profitable. It only increases our state of preparation to see God. There is usually a bit to clean up in any situation since none of us is perfect yet.

    It shows something of greatness for someone to be able to hear correction from someone who is their equal and be humble enough to receive it. Tim does that so beautifully! He has such a great spirit and to say so isn’t idol worship if I am doing it in the right spirit and with the love of God. It’s just true, it’s loving and it’s true. However we each choose to hear and receive the love of others is our choice and our responsibility. We should not refuse love because we are afraid of being prideful. We are to receive the love of others in the spirit of love and gratitude. God gives us the ability to serve and love others so of what have we to boast? Everything is GRACE! Everything is possible because God loves us and gives us the power to do all things. The Baptists have it right. All we do is possible because of God’s love, even our service is on account of the Love of God. If we remember that it’s all from God we have little possibility of pride. If we start to think that somehow we did it then pride will creep in and uh-oh we will have to repent… but that’s normal. Repentance is a gift and privilege ~ so lets get on with it!

    One last thing, you speak as if you know me, I am just wondering have we met? I would love to know who thinks such “kind” things about me because I don’t know anyone who thinks I’m incredibly intelligent. Frankly, everyone knows I have a very average IQ. I would really like to know you since you seem to know me. 🙂

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