claddagh-ring-eleven-diamondsWhat if the great gathering at Adam-Ondi-Ahman has already occurred on the other side of the veil, but the world, and the church did not know about it?

What if only those who needed to be present, were present?

What if, at that meeting, Jesus Christ, The Son, was elected to the office of The Father, and is therefore now both The Father and The Son?

What if all those who say they get the feeling that whenever they pray to The Father they are talking to Jesus Christ – actually ARE talking to Jesus Christ?

What if we are now in a brief interim between His election by the electoral college (the elect), and His actual inauguration and formal swearing-in (covenant) ceremony?  

What if this brief interim is called elsewhere the “half hour of silence”?

What if that inauguration and covenant ceremony also includes His Eternal Companion, the new Mother-Elect, as they are both sworn into their new offices?

What if the great celebration of their election and formal covenant ceremony as the new Heavenly Father and new Heavenly Mother is called “The Wedding Supper of the Lamb”?

What if the first mailing of the invitation to attend the Inaugural Ball and Wedding Celebration for the new Heavenly Father and new Heavenly Mother has been addressed, sealed, and sent out to Ephraim by Denver Snuffer?

What if very few to whom the invitation was addressed even bothered to open their mail?

What if some of those who actually did open the invitation just threw it in the trash?

What if there is a pre-set, absolute deadline for acceptance of the invitation to attend the Wedding Supper of The Lamb?

What if that deadline is known to the event organizers but was not mentioned in the invitation?

What if the only way anyone can RSVP to attend that event requires a new baptism, which must be centrally recorded?  


What if the actual name of the centrally recorded list of those who have been baptized anew and have thereby indicated their intention to attend The Wedding Supper of The Lamb is called The Lamb’s Book of Life?

What if no one will be allowed into the Great Celebration unless the doorkeepers find their name written in that reservation book?

What will happen to those who chose not to open their mail and didn’t realize there was a celebration?

What will happen to those who opened their invitation but were busy and didn’t RSVP in time?

Who is the parable about the five wise and five foolish virgins referring to?

What wedding were they invited to?  

Had all ten of the virgins in that parable received a wedding invitation?

Had some of them not yet sent in their RSVP?

Who do you know that is planning to attend The Wedding Supper of The Lamb, and already has their name written in The Lamb’s Book of Life?

Are you planning to attend?

Who do you love, and want sitting with you at your table? 

How will you feel if they aren’t there with you?

How will you feel if they are there with you?

What would you be willing to give, do, sacrifice and risk in order to help the people you love make it to the biggest and best party on earth in seven thousand years?

As for me, I’m willing to risk looking like a fool by asking all these questions.      

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  1. And What If the entire DS movement is nothing more than one of 100 such movements since the days of Joseph Smith, all of which ended in failure?

    1. I wonder if Denver’s post today might be in direct answer to Karl’s question.

      “Today the challenge is two-fold: First, finding the truth through the deliberate efforts to conceal and modify the record. Second, once found, whether we will accept in gratitude what God offered by repenting and returning to His path. We fail these tests when we ignore, oppose, dismiss, reject and allow our fear to control us. As Christ put it on the day of His resurrection: “O fools and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken.”[8] Nothing has changed. Our challenge is identical to that faced by all believers since Adam.[9]

      “As a public act of remembrance I spent a year, beginning September 10, 2013 giving a series of ten lectures reiterating the faith’s foundation. These lectures ended 365 days later on September 9, 2014. The lectures marked 40 years as a faithful, believing Mormon.[10] At the conclusion of 40 years of faithful membership in the LDS Church, I was sent by the Lord[11] to preach the restoration so others would also remember.”

      Footnote 11: “The yearlong ministry was not my idea, nor the locations, or the subjects. I was sent by the Lord and told what to discuss. The talks were the first step addressed to the first audience.”

      I have highlighted the points I feel are most worthy of discussion. Denver claims he was sent by the Lord and told what to discuss. That’s quite a claim. He is saying he was sent to deliver a message of remembrance. He was acting as a messenger or a servant.

  2. Lynne,
    Beautiful questions, filled with love.
    Such questions stir the soul with visions of longing and hope.
    Sorry for the naysayers…they always seem to miss the point.
    There will be an Adam-Ondi-Ahman gathering…or already has.
    There will be a wedding feast.
    There will be invitations sent.
    There will be a small number who attend.
    There will be naysayers, there always are.
    There will be a Prophet who teaches the truth, who restores lost truth.
    He will come from outside the established hierarchy, as always in the past.
    There will be those who doubt and disregard…to their great disappointment.
    There will be virgins invited who are not prepared to attend, there always are.
    The pattern will be the same as in the past, some see and some mock.
    Thank you.

    1. This is no game here – what we’re doing in our small “remnant” gathering family groups trying to learn to love each other and share – this is the real thing, finally. All the prophets through the ages, all our noble righteous ancestors (the host of heaven) see us, know our names, and are on the veiled sidelines cheering for us.

      Whenever a few of us get baptized now, get together in our homes to kneel before God, take the Holy Sacrament, focus on Christ, testify, love and worship Him, determine and personally meet the needs of each other through our tithing and fast offerings – oh what great joy and rejoicing on the other side of the veil!

      Every little home that holds a gathering of those now in the process of coming out of Babylon and coming actively to Christ is protected on the perimeter by legions of angels. If we could all see through the veil we would realize that just as Elisha told his servant in 2 Kings 16:6, there are more for us than there are against us at this critical moment in time.

      The time is coming very soon when no one will be able to be neutral. An invitation will be sent to every living being on this earth in their own language and adapted to their own comprehension to either accept or reject the Fullness of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to signify acceptance of that invitation with an action – a new baptism.

      To compel acceptance of Christ by Him just “showing up” in Power and Glory to everybody on earth BEFORE we have each had an opportunity to discern and choose for ourselves is the wrong plan and the wrong picture of end times play out.

      The first of many invitations has just been sent out by Denver Snuffer. A choice will have to be made whether to take the mark of the beast in all its subtle and various forms and thereby deny Jesus Christ in order to do business as usual (including church business), or to yield our agency to Him, wanting only to be aligned with His perfect will and not our own, and to stand valiantly for Him at great personal cost, including life itself.

      Endless theoretical analysis of symbols is a dead end street, although it does provide a good source of income for many authors. How long will we be ever learning, but never finally getting it figured out – WE all are what the symbols are about, and we are dearly, dearly loved.

  3. Even though I feel a bit like Anthony E. Larson above, I wouldn’t say it so harshly. You know, taking symbolism and metaphor literally can lead to some pretty weird cosmological ideas…

  4. Lynne,
    This is my response via a private message to a comment made by someone on another site.
    I felt impressed to share here.
    I knew Denver’s message was true before I had ever heard of him. With the exception of the conclusions he writes about in “Passing the Heavenly Gift”. But I guess I knew that was true also, just didn’t want to believe, and tried not to believe it.
    I knew Gods hand was in his message but that’s all.
    So I began reading his work, all of it. And when I say all of it I mean all of it.
    I put everything I could to the side for weeks on end last summer and fall. I would get up, take care of what I needed and then studied and prayed, sun up to sun down, probably 80 hours a week, maybe more.
    My main concern was my place before God, I had received my baptism of fire many years ago and I wanted to know where I stood. I had MANY spiritual manifestations during this time that I won’t go into, but one. I was told to read Denver’s work only (which was NOT something I would even think of doing, but did) in September 2014, until I received and answer.
    During the last 10 days of September of 2014 it was particularly intense, every day was revelation upon revelation. The new knowledge had me very disoriented, angels were attending me, one very eternal female, full of love and peace was sent to give me comfort. I did not see her, but knew she was there on three occasions.
    On the evening of 9-29-14 I was given a renewing of my body. I’m 57 so I can say, it was wonderful, complete healing of mind, body and spirit for 12 hours. The next morning (9-30-14) I received my calling and election.
    And no, this was no lying spirit, I know the difference, I’ve had more than my share of experiences with Satan and he’s tried to deceive me before, this was not Satan.
    I came to the Lord with a truly broken heart and contrite spirit and was blessed to know where I stood, and in the process gained a testimony of the errand of DS.
    These times are exciting, challenging and also heart breaking!

  5. By their fruits you will know them. That is not just a saying but establishes a clearly observable set of facts.

    Show me anywhere in the history of the world where the Father, Christ or any of his Prophets have hidden what they are doing. God works in plain sight.

    You talk of love, where is the love for the lost sheep or the erring sheep or even the clueless sheep if your what ifs are true?

    Not sure I want that kind of God.

    God is a God of Love and the God of the entire human race and as such he will seek to bless ALL of his children. Remember when Christ appeared to the Nephities in 3 Nephi. Did he say you are the elect and that is why you survived.

    No they were just the more righteous so he encouraged them to REPENT and be BAPTIZED.

    If Christ set the pattern or the Type for how a Zion people were to be why do we want to change that?

    Your what ifs sound a lot like the doctrine the Catholics and Protestants were pushing that only those who were baptized in Life would be save the rest are stuck in Purgatory or Hell depending on your faith.

    I don’t say these things in hate or disdain but in Love in an effort to awaken you. Remember Christ said in Mathew 24 many will falsely proclaim Christ is here, there, wherever. Believe it not, the whole world will know when he comes and it will be accompanied by power and glory.

    1. It’s a paradox, isn’t it, that in order to truly be “one of the few humble followers of Christ” that Denver dedicated his fist book The Second Comforter to, you have to truly regard all people as equal to yourself in love and charity, not putting yourself above anyone, regardless of their “spiritual condition”. Both Paul in 1 Corinthians 13 and Mormon in Moroni 7 say that charity is the greatest gift, and all else will fail, with Mormon adding that we must pray to have this charity.

      In D&C 121:45 the prophet Joseph Smith records that their are two requirements to be able to stand in the presence of God with confidence (what many of these so-called Snufferites seem to be so anxious to do) and also to have a fullness of priesthood (apparently another concern of many of the “followers” of Denver); First, to have your bowels filled with charity towards all men (as well as to the household of faith), and secondly to let virtue garnish your thoughts unceasingly (somehow I think the two are connected, if you have true charity your thoughts towards others will be virtuous).

      I have heard it said, and I believe it is true to a very large extent, that the oil we need in our lamps to be prepared to meet the bridegroom is the oil of charity and love, written in our hearts as well as in how we live our lives day-to-day.

  6. Many strange and wondrous things are afoot. The Lord is hastening His work in His time it seems. Not everything is as it appears. For example, I see both sides of the Denver enigma claiming sure revelation backing their claims for and against. There’s two possibilities: either one camp is right and the other wrong and they are not following the same Holy Spirit (this one seems a bit All or Nothing), or God’s great work is bigger than all this. I have reason to believe that His work encompasses all of us on this planet. Perhaps He does give different answers to different people depending on where they are in their eternal progression. Don’t make the prideful mistake of assuming your road is the higher, more exalted and chosen, road – it may just be your road for this life.

  7. Thank you Lynne for your thoughtful post. I also believe Denver Snuffers claims. I had extensive knowledge of church history, but apparently my scripture study was lacking as I was one whose mind was clouded by pride and false traditions. Once I was shown the specific scriptures in D&C 84 and 124, my conversion was immediate. I have shown these scriptures to others with mixed response. Some see the connection and others are angry with me or they do not see what I see.
    I do not live out west and do not know any one who is a member of The Remnant. I have a desire to be re-baptized, but do not know anyone who could do that for me. I have thought, if I am allowed the privilege to be re-baptized I would like it to be in the “Waters of Mormon” located at Big Spring, MO.
    My Patriarchal Blessing actually tells me I will be at the meeting at Adam-Ondi-Ahman. I always assumed I would be there in spirit. Now I feel sad. Perhaps the invitations have gone out and mine was lost because of my own foolishness. Anyway, just rambling. It’s hard to be alone when the gathering is going forth.

    1. “The time is coming very soon when no one will be able to be neutral. An invitation will be sent to every living being on this earth in their own language and adapted to their own comprehension to either accept or reject the Fullness of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to signify acceptance of that invitation with an action – a new baptism.”

      Denver’s was the FIRST of many invitations. NO ONE will be excluded from the invitation. ALL will be invited. I certainly can’t speculate about all the details, but obviously there will be many, many details, and they will play out in a sweet and wonderful way.

      1. Well first of all “the fulness” of the gospel would have to be taught then, before this invitation could be sent.
        A man or woman must be translated to have received the fulness. That is what made the people of Enoch unique, and truly brought the people to Zion.
        The translation process has been lost to the ages and is yet to be fully restored. Denver snuffer hasn’t taught it, nor has anyone fully, because no one has obtained it yet.
        The people of God will literally strike terror into the hearts of the wicked because of their countenances and glory. There will be no denying the power of God placed upon them. The world will have to say it is of the devil, or some other evil, or it is of God, and polarization will occur very quickly.

    2. What if the great Wedding Celebration is held at Adam Ondi Ahman, and that is the one your patriarch was actually talking about?

  8. What if the main body of the Church lives outside the U.S. and have never even heard of D.S.? Are they not to be invited only because they live some where else and are not reading the Internet blogs? Maybe the Lord has other ways of communicating with His faithful. I hope so!

  9. To be open to all questions that most “do not know”, I have a question…so what does “few” mean?

    There are over 7.5 billion people on the earth who are sons and daughters of Heavenly Father and Mother. To put scripture and special interpretations of all of our and their advancements ahead of the actual reality of such that we do not know, is a far stretch and very close to judgement of “man” that I have seen thus far.

    Anyone who is intent on loving and serving their fellow beings will be led by the Creator of all to their journey and place they are willing to receive.

    The emphatics are astounding and it feels good to think we are ahead of the game, doesn’t it?

  10. I look around and I see NO ONE on the face of the earth who has a believable claim to speak for God. I do not believe the Pope, nor the Billy Graham crusaders, nor any other man speaks for Christ. Many claim to “feel” called, and perhaps they are called to help turn people to Christ. But, where is one who stands up and proclaims, “Thus saith the Lord”? I do not hear people do that in General Conference addresses, though they INTIMATE they are speaking for the Lord, they do not make any overt claim to do so.
    But wait…there is one man, in Utah, a lawyer of all things, who claims he has spoken with Christ and has been given a charge to impart lost truths and to point out errors that have crept into the LDS church. He has not sought for a following. He has not sought to profit from people who listen to him. He has only sought to turn people from their somnolent, self-satisfied, soul-killing sleep…to wake people up at great personal expense and at a cost of his church membership and at a cost of derision and mocking and persecution. If he is a liar, he is the king of fools!
    This one man has proclaimed his message is from the Lord, on numerous occasions. Surely no such thing can happen in our day! Surely such things no longer happen…do they?
    It seems the ball is in our court. Perhaps this man does speak for Christ. Would it not behoove us to FIND OUT for ourselves if he does truly speak for Christ?
    If he does, would it not be worth spending upwards of 80hrs per week for an extended period of intense searching to find out whether what he says is true?
    Why discount the message just because you cannot see how this might help ALL of Father’s children…perhaps there will be more to come, more to the story than what we can now see. That does not eliminate the possibility that this part of the plan may be just the beginning or it may be the part sent to YOU.
    Why not find out for yourself? If it is the part sent to YOU, to miss it would be immensely regrettable.
    JRU (James Russell Uhl)

    1. Well said, James. THAT is a message that needs to be told (and re-told), all other speculations and ruminations notwithstanding.

      Has a prophet come among us? If so, we ought to give heed to what he has to say.

      And what does he say? “Come unto Christ!” “Be baptized!” “Repent ye! Repent ye! For the great day of the Lord is come, and ye are not yet saved!”

      A modern-day John the Baptist has come among us.

      And I, for one, “hear” nothing less than a prophet’s voice in Denver Snuffer’s words.

  11. I think you are heading in the right direction in your thoughts, but I think you need to think bigger and more intimate at the same time. Do you really feel that we are to just be guests at the wedding feast? I don’t. Every time we have an opportunity to take the sacrament, we covenant to take upon the name of The Son, to become one with Him. Another time I took someone’s name is when I married my spouse. I believe the sacrament is our invitation to the wedding feast. I believe it is The Savior’s wedding proposal to each of us. We are invited EVERY time we partake of the sacrament, it is just up to us individually to accept the proposal of Christ and become one with Him, to serve Him, and to listen to his commands through the whisperings of the Spirit in our individual lives. As we become one with Him, we become one with Father AND Mother. Christ is the oil in our lamps!!
    I think these things are absolutely literal and symbolic, but I believe these things will literally manifest in the spiritual realm always and maybe not always in the earthly realm.

    Anyway, just my thoughts….

    1. Imatharris – I don’t think we are merely guests, either. Agree : wider and more intimate likely, but God is in the details.

  12. Hello I would just please like to know how to come visit a group? I live in Provo, UT I am hoping to go this Sunday if possible.

  13. Lynne McKinley

    I went to a baptism 2 summers ago. It was a non-denominational Christian church. 60 men, women, teens, and children were baptized in the ice-cold Provo River. Hundreds of people came out to celebrate. They brought camp chairs and sat on the banks, they climbed trees to see, they stood crammed on the bridge above the river.

    As each person was baptized and came up out of the water there was applause and cheering and great joy among the people gathered. I was just amazed. The contrast of so-called solemnity in any LDS baptism is more like a funeral than a celebration of life to me now.

    Please forgive me in advance – I will always be the one to clap and cheer and shout “Hosanna!” at baptisms.

  14. Lynne McKinley

    Edit addendum: What if a great gathering instead of the great gathering, first sentence correction.

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