Let Them Serve As Signs

Equinox031815And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so. And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also. (Gen 1:14-16)

I approach this subject with some trepidation. I feel inadequate knowing there are many among my readers who are well versed in the heavens and are in fact, experts. For instance, my friend Anthony Larson has written multiple books about this and lectures regularly. I have a lifelong interest in the stars and the planets, especially because of the role they will play in the last days.

Note Genesis 1:16 mentions the stars. I include them among the lights placed in the heavens to serve as signs unto man. In days long past, the planets were classified as stars, stars that moved was the phrase used, I believe. I hope in this short post to whet your appetite to investigate the wealth of information available about these signs, and why they should be important to us now.

Thunderbolts of the Gods

polar-configurationI’ll first suggest you spend some time on Anthony’s site, MormonProphecy.com. These days Anthony is most active in the Facebook group, “The Restored Gospel, Ancient Planetary History and Cutting Edge Science,” a closed group of about 600 members. It is an exciting group. We have been watching Ryan Darger bring media representations of the polar configuration to life.

I think the days of mocking are past now. There are too many people onboard with the models of the Electric Universe to be ignored. In my opinion, it has reached critical mass, meaning the old theories of dirty snowballs and a universe controlled solely by gravity are no longer acceptable. It is exciting to see more and more scientists take plasma-centric models of science seriously.

If you would like to know more about the Electric Universe, visit Thunderbolts.info. There are two very active Facebook groups: Electric Universe and Thunderbolts Project. In a nutshell, the EU model proposes plasma has an infinitesimally greater impact on how things work than can ever be explained by gravity alone. Just be sure to approach this science with an open mind.

Astronomy versus Astrology

My interest in the stars and planets increased tremendously with a college astronomy class. At one time I considered a career as an astrophysicist but quickly changed my mind when I learned how much math was required. I switched to business and computers instead. My fascination with the science of astronomy remained. One of the protagonists in my novel is an astrophysicist.

However, for the longest time, whenever someone mentioned constellations, my mind switched off and went elsewhere. It was as if I had an aversion to anything having to do with the way the ancient people of earth viewed the heavens. I couldn’t figure out why until I remembered this statement written over fifty years ago from Elder Bruce R. McConkie. It influenced me greatly.

“A form of divination and fortune telling akin to sorcery, astrology is a pseudo-science that pretends to divulge the influence of the stars upon human affairs; it is a false science that claims to foretell earthly events by means of the positions and aspects of these heavenly luminaries. It is, of course, one of Satan’s substitutes for the true science of astronomy and for the true principle of receiving revelation of future events from divine sources.

“Ancient uninspired peoples were frequently deluded by the snares of the astrologers among them (Isa. 47; Dan. 1:20; 2:27; 4:7; 5:7), but it is difficult to understand why people in modern and supposedly enlightened and civilized nations should submit to these same stargazing absurdities. Enlightened people in and out of the Church shun them for the abominations they are.”

Stargazing Not So Absurd After All

I think Elder McConkie intended to condemn the practice of living one’s life by a horoscope. But I think his statement does not take into account the real reason the ancient peoples of earth were so heavily invested in stargazing. At one time the earth and the planets were in a much different configuration than they are today. When that configuration broke up, life on earth was chaotic.

The day of the Lord will come quicklyProphets, true prophets, were very much aware of the signs in the heavens and what they meant. They knew the Lord placed them there for a reason. They – the planets – were not static. When they moved, there was reason to be greatly concerned. Today, nobody believes the planets were not always stable in their orbits. Everyone knows they have been there for millions of years.

Or have they? Ancient civilizations in the days of the patriarchs left us plenty of clues as to the way things were in the heavens back then. Today we reject them as idol worshipers. Perhaps we might want to reconsider such an arrogant assumptive attitude about the way things have always been. Even Joseph knew about the polar configuration and tried to share it with the early saints.

Signs in the Sun

My calendar shows spring begins Friday, the 20th of March 2015, but because of the elliptical and asymmetrical nature of the earth’s orbit, the vernal equinox will actually come to pass on March 18th, two days early. I think there is some significance to this. Some might even call it a sign. Light will be increasing in the earth earlier than expected by man’s usual calculations.

Perhaps this is a sign that a new age of enlightenment has already arrived. It came in stealth, without fanfare, actually unbeknownst, according to the wisdom of the world. Could it be the increase of light has come from lectures delivered by Denver Snuffer, our efforts to remember the restoration of Joseph, particularly the Doctrine of Christ, and new worship communities?

Another site and author whose works you should be familiar with is John Pratt. It was from John I came to the realization the constellations were defined by heaven, not man. We think we know when one age ends and another begins. But in the heavens above, Leo invades Cancer, and Pisces invades Aquarius. God may have one age begin before another ends for His reasons.

Breakup of the Church and Nation

Those last two lines are quoted from Denver’s latest post. Note he uses the word invades. That causes me to think back on an earlier post which referred to the potential fall of Baghdad. Don’t dismiss this discussion based on superstition. Remember, President Benson taught chapters six and seven of 3rd Nephi are signs for our day – first the breakup of the Church, then the nation.

I live in a blessed land and time. I have seen peace in my days, meaning in the immediate area where I live here in California. Although there is war, famine, pestilence and draught in many places, my little hometown seems to be unaffected. I am grateful. It’s as if our great nation has been protected because we have worshipped the God of the land, even Jesus Christ, until now.

If I’m not mistaken, the Supreme Court is scheduled in the next few months to hear arguments on mandating marriage equality in every state throughout the nation. I wonder if something of our protection might be lost should our nation’s highest court decide the people of this land can no longer worship Jesus Christ. He recognizes marriage as only between man and woman.

Behold, I Come Quickly

meteorimpact.gifI am convinced the catastrophes preceding the Exodus are prophesied to be repeated in our day. A careful reading of the scriptures makes this clear, especially sections 29, 43, 45, 88 and 133. I wonder if you have ever considered the prophecy in D&C 84:114 about the cities of New York, Albany and Boston being destroyed with desolation and utter abolishment. When will it happen?

I hope such prophecies as found in the sections above are not fulfilled in my day, but to me, the signs are becoming clearer. I have watched our nation turn against Israel over the last few years. Today, the Prime Minister of Israel addressed this nation, pleading that we not allow the enemies of Israel to obtain nuclear technology. I fear his words fell on deaf ears. Israel will stand alone.

“Behold, I come quickly.” When Joseph quoted the Lord thus, many of the early saints felt the Second Coming was imminent. I have always felt the true meaning of the phrase is that we will be surprised at the rapidity of events in the last days when they begin to be fulfilled in earnest. Let us be familiar with the signs, especially with the signs the Lord displays for us in heaven.


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  1. You think you got it bad…I thought I always was a Gemini and now I find out I am a Taurus. That blows my dual nature out of the water!

  2. “President Benson taught chapters six and seven of 3rd Nephi are signs for our day – first the breakup of the Church, then the nation.”

    “…The church will stand and remain strong…”—Holland

    hmmmmm. So who is to be believed, the ‘dead’ prophet or the ‘living’ prophet?

  3. “President Benson taught chapters six and seven of 3rd Nephi are signs for our day – first the breakup of the Church, then the nation.” I find it surprising that the same guy who taught the president of the Church could never lead us astray would also prophesy the breakup of the Church.

    Tim, do you have a citation for this?

    1. https://www.latterdaycommentary.com/2012/09/17/ten-signs-of-the-second-coming/ <=From the gospel doctrine manual



      "The record of the Nephite history just prior to the Savior’s visit reveals many parallels to our own day as we anticipate the Savior’s second coming.”

      “The people began to be distinguished by ranks, according to their riches and their chances for learning” (3 Ne. 6:12). And “Satan had great power, unto the stirring up of the people to do all manner of iniquity, and to the puffing them up with pride, tempting them to seek for power, and authority, and riches, and the vain things of the world,” even as today (3 Ne. 6:15).

      “Mormon noted that the Nephites “did not sin ignorantly, for they knew the will of God concerning them” (3 Ne. 6:18). There were but few righteous among them (see 3 Ne. 6:14). Nephi led the Church with great power and performed many miracles, yet “there were but few who were converted unto the Lord” (3 Ne. 7:21). The people as a whole rejected the Lord. They stoned the prophets and persecuted those who sought to follow Christ.”

      3 Ne 6:14 And thus there became a great inequality in all the land, insomuch that the church began to be broken up; yea, insomuch that in the thirtieth year the church was broken up in all the land save it were among a few of the Lamanites who were converted unto the true faith; and they would not depart from it, for they were firm, and steadfast, and immovable, willing with all diligence to keep the commandments of the Lord.

      1. I’m just not seeing it. Certainly you and I can make that connection, but I don’t think Pres. Benson made that leap of logic. I doubt he even intended to imply it. To clarify: I agree with you that it is prophesied in the Book of Mormon that the church would be broken up in the last days, but I disagree that Pres. Benson meant to make that point as you said it.

        1. I can appreciate that. The whole process of writing General Conference addresses intrigues me. As his secretary, my sister writes transcribes Elder Perry’s addresses for him. I have never asked her to describe the process in detail, but I know she “fills in the blanks” on some things such as adding scriptural references.

          I wonder how it was back in President Benson’s day. We know these were some of his last conference addresses. In fact, they are his legacy addresses as far as I am concerned. Did he provide the scripture references or did the correlation department or the editors of the Ensign add the references?

          When he said, “…there were but few righteous among them..” and then we have (see 3 Ne 6:14) in parenthesis, did he intend for the Saints to look up that reference and read “…the church was broken up in all the land…” or did he want his readers / hearers to focus on the few righteous Lamanites? Leap of faith?

        2. Hey Tim,

          I disagree concerning your definition that the entire church was broken up in 3 Nephi. Those who fell away were broken off the church but the faithful were still there. Nephi had not fallen, He was still the prophet for the Nephites, his brother Timothy and others were still in the church. The converted Lamanites had not tossed their covenants. The church had just gotten smaller, much like an olive tree who’s dead branches had been chopped off.

          Those who walked away from God were broken off and became wicked. They are the ones who persecuted the believers, much like those of Joseph Smiths day, the apostates fanned the flames of hate.

          So the words of President Benson and Elder Holland support each other and are not at odds at all. The Church will continue and many of the saints will fall away.

  4. Tim,

    I’m glad to see this post. Joseph Smith indeed was interested in the starry heavens. Hugh Nibley had much to say on the alignment of the stars as well. Certainly much of the wisdom of ancient Egypt was credited to their being able to read the stars.

    I’m surprised by the comments on Israel and their prime minister. The majority of Israelites do not like the war-mongering Benjamin Netanyahu. They want peace and free trade with their neighbors….who doesn’t? Peace and free trade make the world a much safer and more pleasant place in which to live and raise families.

    But for some reason Israel has nuclear weapons and wants to make sure that other nations in the region do not have them.

    How are any of the other nations supposed to insure peace if there is one belligerent who has nuclear weapons, who will not allow the other nations to likewise defend themselves?

    Are not the men, women, and children of Iran and Palestine just as precious in God’s sight as those of Israel?

    Do you think that the U.S. military would have invaded Afghanistan if that country had been able to defend its sovereignty with the threat of bombing Washington DC? I think not.

    Remember to be a peacemaker. Don’t take sides just because the Israelites are God’s chosen people.
    Does that make it okay for their leaders to thumb their noses at their neighboring countries and threaten them with total destruction?
    Does God promote the threat of complete destruction of any peoples?

    My question is: If the nation of Israel is being righteous and following God’s commandments, how is it that they need the U.S. to defend them? God has promised those who love him and love their neighbors– that He (God) will fight their battles for them.

    I think we need to exercise a bit of empathy for Israel’s neighbors, since they are also God’s precious children.


  5. Linda: I wrote this post (below) on Israel seven years ago. Note especially my added comments in response to others. My feelings haven’t changed much:


    Israel is a controversial subject among Latter-day Saints. I agree with the idea of empathy for Israel’s neighbor’s but I have no empathy for terrorists.

    Knowing the U.S. WILL turn against Israel as it is prophesied does not change my feelings nor understanding of the role Israel will play in the last days.

    Note: I can also agree with those classify the U.S. as a terrorist nation.

    1. Chatterbox,

      Thank you for taking notice of my comment.

      Really, truly what I would like to have answered is:

      If the nation of Israel is being righteous and following God’s commandments, how is it that they need the U.S. to defend them? God has promised those who love him and love their neighbors that He (God) will fight their battles for them.

      He promises us the same thing in D&C 98.

      We don’t need to kill our neighbors, those who look differently from us. If we truly live the Great Commandments, our Father in Heaven will take care of us. But we want to put our trust in the gods of armaments. So sad.

  6. Hi Linda,

    I would like to add some thoughts. I agree. It is sad to realize nations trust in armaments instead of God. May I offer the following scenario for consideration?

    When the Nephites were threatened by the Lamanites, who had sworn to destroy them and drink their blood, they were often humbled, called upon God for protection, AND THEN, built up their defenses under the direction of a prophet leader Moroni.

    Similarly, Israel, which is a small but prosperous nation, is surrounded by nations who have sworn to destroy them. Not all, of course, but Iran in particular. ISIS as well. I may be wrong, but I’m not so sure Israel needs the U.S. to defend themselves any more. They have sufficient internal capabilities – aircraft, tanks and other weapons.

    The Prime Minister’s visit was intended to urge the U.S. to turn aside from the plan to give Iran the nuclear capabilities they seek. As I wrote previously, I believe the plea fell on deaf ears. I am fairly certain the deal will go though. Once Iran gets nuclear weapons, they have sworn to use them to destroy Israel. It will be Armageddon.

    In an ideal world, all nations would love their neighbors and trust in God to defend them. Sadly, we live in a Telestial world, where hatred that goes back thousands of years is strong. That hatred will be the cause of war. I can see a preemptive strike in the future should Iran obtain nuclear capability. All the world will turn against Israel.

    Including the United States. The scriptures are clear this will come to pass. But Israel has a special place in God’s heart. He will save them at the last minute before their destruction is made sure. No, we don’t need to kill our neighbors who look differently from us, but what if our neighbors have sworn to kill us? Israel will defend themselves.

    I’m not sure I would consider it “taking sides” when we read the prophecies of how the battle of Armageddon will come to pass. It simply is or will be. I’m not sure our desires for peace have anything to do with what will happen. It will be a sad day when so many are destroyed, both in the battles and in destruction sent by the God of Heaven.

  7. Linda,

    A couple of things come to mind regarding your points. I would use the Book of Mormon as a type by citing Alma 44:8-11. Zerahemnah the Lamanite leader complained that it wasn’t God who protected the Nephites but their advanced weapons.

    1. God had blessed the Nephites with advanced weapons that gave them an unfair advantage according to Zerahemnah. What happened when the Lamanites got those advanced weapons themselves more blood was spillt.

    2. Yes we are all God’s children, but much like the Lamanites of Captain Moroni’s day, many in the middle east are taught to hate the Jews from their mothers knee.
    Remember practically on the day the nation of Israel was established they were attacked by 5 Arab nations. The wars of ’67, 72 and even the recent attacks by the rebels in Lebanon were unprovoked.

    Think of living in the middle of a group of people who spend their entire lives hoping to kill you, and the only thing that keeps them at bay is you own a gun. Now These same people are complaining you shouldn’t be the only one allowed to have a gun they want one too. Are you willing for the safety of your family to give them Guns?

    3. Just a thought for my last point. Even with a low yield weapon they could launch it straight up over their own land. The resulting areal burst would create an EMP pulse that would fry all unhardened electrons significantly nullifying most of Israel defenses. The result would be that every body would be returned back to the 1800’s and the military advantage would again be theirs since they significantly out number the Israelis. I am sure that is one of the reason the P.M of Israel is so adamant Iran not getting a nuke.

    I agree with we should Love our enemies but until we can get someone like the Sons of Mosiah over there to recover them we only have two options. 1, sacrifice our selves like the Anti Nephi Lehis (didn’t do the 24 Egyptian Coptic Christians any good since their executioners were not mortified by their actions) 2. Defend yourselves and keep an advantage that intimidates them from attacking.

    Preaching them the gospel with power and authority like the Sons of Mosiah is the actual answer. Many would just label them as crazy, but i don’t. Their hatred toward the Jews, Christians and even the other sects of Islam are part of their religion, the outward expression of their faith, their belief in God, and their obedience to their God demands this.

    1. Jim,

      A couple question.

      1) You said, “Remember practically on the day the nation of Israel was established they were attacked by 5 Arab nations. The wars of ’67, 72 and even the recent attacks by the rebels in Lebanon were unprovoked.”

      Are you familiar with what happened before the nation of Israel was established? Who gave the land? Was it theirs to give? Had it been promised to anyone else?

      2) “I agree with we should Love our enemies but until we can get someone like the Sons of Mosiah over there to recover them we only have two options. 1, sacrifice our selves like the Anti Nephi Lehis (didn’t do the 24 Egyptian Coptic Christians any good since their executioners were not mortified by their actions) 2. Defend yourselves and keep an advantage that intimidates them from attacking.”

      This paragraph confuses me because I don’t know who you are referring to. I don’t have any enemies in the Middle East, although some people there might consider me their enemy because of the actions of my government and the media rhetoric they hear.
      The people “like the sons of Mosiah” might be individuals who go live among the Arabs because they can’t stand the thought that their brethren there continue to live in darkness and hatred and are willing to go be an example of love, even at the risk of life and liberty. It was the humility and love of those men that won hearts and earned their opportunity to speak the message without persecution. That work took 14 years and its effects changed Nephite/Lamanite history forever. Maybe a similar work is going on currently. The difference is the Nephites didn’t have media to bias them when the king’s sons were insulted, thrown in prison, and threatened with death. Otherwise, I doubt they would have voted to allow them place within Nephite borders to live.
      Maybe “sons of Mosiah” today would seek to understand the history and pain of people who would hurt others (it’s not solely religious) without condoning their actions. They, like Christ would refrain from casting stones, even at guilty people, and remind their friends and fellow commenters we are all guilty.

      1. RaNae,

        Yes I am well aware of the Deal the English brokered with the Palestinians to help them defeat the Ottoman Empire during the first world war. I am also aware of the Balfour Declaration that created a frame work to established a Jewish state.

        In answer to your question of who gave them the land, I would state God, not man. Remember it was under the direction of Joseph Smith that the land was rededicated for the Jews return. We have hard evidence as cited above that their country (the Jewish state of Israel) is approved of by God in that they have had the Heavenly hand of protection over them since their conception.

        Occupation does not give covenant protections in a Promised Land. Only those with a covenant right to the land can posses the land. The others are considered interlopers unless they accept and live in peace with those who have a covenant right to it.

        Sorry to confuse you, my point was that when the Lamanites attacked the Anti Nephi Lehis many felt a repugnance at what they had done and repented on the spot joining the church that day. The reference was to the Isis executioners who killed 24 innocent people just because they were Christians and rejoiced in it. Their type is more like the people of Ammonihah when they rejoiced at the innocents that were killed there.

        My final point was that a faction of the Sunni followers are seeking for the destruction of not only the the Jewish state but the people as well. They do this because according to their traditions it is required by GOD. To them we are Dung heaps whose mere presence profanes their GOD. We can love them all we want but just like the people of Ammonihah it will do no good until their core belief is shown to be false. Then they will not be blinded by the EVIL they have been taught.

  8. Thank you each for your replies to my comment.

    I still wonder how Jesus would view the situation, since obviously we have all only listened to MSM tell one side of the story. There is another side of the story–and we haven’t been told about that view point.

    Please watch this video and tell me that Iran wants ‘thus and such’, and Israel wants ‘thus and such’.

    watch this less than 15 minute Ted Talk
    Israel and Iran: A love story?

    Please be aware that we all want peace and prosperity.

    Only the leaders want discord……..divide and conquer.

    Like Goring famously said about the average guy doesn’t want war.


    1. Linda: I enjoyed the YouTube video and agree. I don’t want war. Most everybody I know does not want war. I wish we had more influence upon those who have said they want to destroy Israel. What do you think we can do to help individuals like the Ayatollah take back his vow to wipe Israel off the face of the map? Was that simply political posturing? You have a great message. How are you getting it out there?

      1. Dear Tim,

        I really appreciate your blog and all of the very important topics you bring up.

        I am especially impressed with your willingness to put your private spiritual experiences out for all to parse, and come to our own conclusions. I feel sure that the Lord is directing your thoughts on your blog. I personally have been inspired to search our scriptures and historical journals to add to my basic understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Most of what you write rings true for me.

        On the topic of taking sides, I cannot be more opposed to praying that one side prevails over another. I simply pray that each of God’s beloved children will be protected.

        I don’t believe for a moment that God loves the Ayatollah any less than he does Tommy Monson.

        I do know that some of Tommy Monson’s statements have been misunderstood, as were some of Joseph Smith’s statements; and some of the Ayatollah’s statements have been purposefully misinterpreted.

        I don’t know the answer, but I am quite sure that military hardware is not the answer. Hating people who have never done anything to me is not the answer. Encouraging others to take sides in what is basically a back-yard property dispute is certainly not the answer.

        I tend to lean on the scriptures for answers to things beyond my control (confession: NOTHING is in my control), and the scriptures tell us the way to settle disputes is to offer peace first, and to pray for God to decide, because He is always just.

        If we send prayers of love to our perceived enemies, then we become like Corrie ten Boom in ‘The Hiding Place’, where she received blessings even she wasn’t aware of until later.

        I’m a firm believer in miracles and therefore I don’t have to know HOW things will happen.

        As to what I am doing to get the message out, I’m just a humble housewife who has no influence, just on one person at a time. I gave a talk last month in Sacrament Meeting on Love Your Neighbor. Shoot, I only became a user of facebook yesterday, so no one will listen to me.

        But I try to live what I preach, and I try to bring scripture into any ‘mormon’ discussion on the relations of nations.

        Love really is the answer. Peace in our time is the goal.

        Very sincerely yours,


  9. https://consortiumnews.com/2015/03/04/netanyahus-false-narrative/

    Sorry I forgot the above link.

    Not everything we are told on the evening news is factual.

    We would need someone who has done in-depth research to figure out the situation in that part of the world before we could realistically choose sides. The above link is focused on some of that research.

    Remember choosing sides means someone becomes a loser………would we like to be on the losing side?
    How will it feel to have bombs crashing your neighborhood? Can you do anything to protect yourself and your loved ones?
    It is not your neighbors who are responsible for the bombing, but the politicians.

    1. Linda,

      I agree with you. What I think you are reminding us is: we are discussing complex situations where we need to apply more, not less, of the Savior’s teachings about judgment and love.

      I used to wonder why Enoch was the only Jaredite to avoid the final war simply by not joining sides. It must have been heart-breaking to see so much suffering and simply witness the results of pride and revenge. His is the only side that could have provided the hearts and minds necessary to build Zion in his day, had anyone listened.

      1. Dear kind-hearted RaNae,

        Thank you so much for your comments.

        I fear my lack of articulation has caused others to misunderstand the premise of my post, but you, RaNae, have understood the gist of the matter. Thank you for reading with your heart.

        You have been able to choose words which conveyed my hopes and wishes more clearly; I am indebted to you for your able assistance in my desire to be understood.

        We cannot possibly choose sides (in a loving manner) in what is basically a school-yard fight; it is beyond our scope of experience.

        I appreciate your comments very much,

        1. Linda,

          You articulate your position quite well, far better than I could. The difficulty you see is with the message itself. Peace on earth is something most people want in theory, but only if the other guy stops fighting first. I’ve had this same conversation with my husband many times, and it always goes about the way you see in this discussion. Whether it’s international politics or personal relationships we want the other guy to be at fault so (s)he is to blame for not ending the conflict.

          Once I recognize that I can act differently (repent), the problem is defined differently for me and I start to see options for change that were invisible to me before. While I work on my “beam”, I will stop poking at the other guy’s eye. Then he might notice the mote on his own and take care of it himself. When I stop insisting on the “wrongness” of others, they can stop defending themselves from my judgment and we start moving in a positive direction.

          As a bystander, I can pray for all of us.

        2. Dear ReNae,

          Thank you for your words. I also struggle to not need to be ‘right’ all of the time. And you are right, repentance is essential in overcoming that need to be right.

  10. I believe that Israel, even though they do not think that Jesus is the Savior, are more righteous than America at this time. Remember that the Gentiles will turn away for the Gospel and it will be taken back to the Jews. I believe that God’s anger is kindled towards America right now and events will transpire rather quickly that will show that.

  11. Linda, RaNae, Adam, Jim – Thank you each for the fascinating dialog. I had no idea my one-line reference to the Prime Minister’s address to congress would evoke such interesting comments. The post was intended to be about the signs of the times. I assume everyone agrees Israel will be involved in the events of the last days in a big way. You each have got me thinking about and reviewing the prophecies the Lord shared to help us understand what is going to come to pass in the near future.

    And Linda, I agree with your point about not taking sides. I am an American so my feelings about the battles in the Middle East are obviously going to be different from those who live in the area. I know the Lord has said in scripture He would throw down all nations, including the United States. That means these events in the Middle East, which are only the beginning of what is to come to pass in the last days, eventually will come to my neighborhood in beautiful Southern California. Will I be prepared?

  12. Here’s the current situation… Every nation is ruled by satan. We are being played by what is shown in the media controlled news. Israel ( The Zionist secular Israel ) was made possible by Rothschild.

    The establishment of Israel was created as a front for satan to fulfill prophecy ( mimic it ), in order to soon create the false image of the end of the world scenario.

    The muslim world is being propped up by the world shadow government and is being used to create an image of itself as being the ultimate threat to world peace and will be used as the scape goat for creating this up coming false image of Armageddon.

    Obama, the primary muslim supporter of ISIS, is creating the idea that this ISIS movement is the beast government ( caliphate ) that is to rule the world with Obama eventually establishing himself as it’s head.

    There will very soon be a 911 style world event involving the destruction by nuclear weapons in key financial centers around the world and will blamed on ISIS and the muslim world. The world will unite against Islam and destroy it.

    This is satan’s way of imitating Armageddon and joining Ephriam with Juda as prophesied.

    Ignorant Christians unaware of the Gospel outline contained in the scriptures, will assume the end of the world has come & gone. Obama will be officially identified as the Anti Christ by our own godless Congress, who will then become trusted political heroes.

    It’s a deception designed by satanic influences over our government to supply the scape goat for Christians to vent their anger on and proclaim victory over the Anti Christ by Congresse’s impeaching him for treason and putting him to death and destroying the muslim world.

    Once the PERCIEVED muslim world threat has been eliminated, then Christians are to NATURALLY expect Christ to return to claim his kingdom upon the earth….The end of the world scenario has come and gone…

    This Christ to arrive will be satan incarnate pretending to be God. “By Peace he shall destroy many”. He will run for president and win. Obama is satan’s sacrificial scape goat to make it possible for satan to replace him and pretending to be God. ( Satan’s unwitting John the Baptist ) to have his head removed as well.

    Satan’s goal is to destroy as many people as possible before the Lord’s return. He does this by pitting one group of religious people against another until everything has imploded on itself.

    He first pits the Christian nations against the muslims through this false flag Armageddon scenario to justify destroying the muslim nations and setting up the events that make it possible for satan to enter a peaceful world as prophesied, once Islam has been blown off the face of the earth.

    Next, satan will pit Russia against the Christian nations on the “Great Day of the Lord” and destroy them. And finally the Russians will be destroyed by the rise of far eastern nations who eventually come upon Israel to enact the REAL Armageddon.

    Satan will make his appearance on earth in physical form by incarnating the body of a well respected religious and corporate leader who has already died. His return will appear as though this is the return of a resurrected God.

    His mane will be Gordon B. Hinckley and he will appear in the Navoo Temple this April 6th and proclaim himself to be God as per 2 Thessalonians. He dedicated this temple on the 27th of Jun 2002 which was TZOM TUMMUZ on the Jewish Calendar and proclaimed that to now be a day of feasting rather than fasting.

    Only Christ himself can bring this about, so the inference being made, is that Hinckley WAS Christ living among us as a “Thief in the night”, some day to return and claim the earth as his throne.

    Between now and then, 4 things must occur….1. A false Rapture to fulfill Christian belief in the popular false doctrine. This must occur right before what they believe the Tribulation period is. This will occur March 15th.

    On Mar. 20th, on a full solar eclipse, we will experience the world wide 911 event to be blamed on ISIS and the muslim world. Followed by America, Israel and Great Britain, nuking the middle east into oblivion and claiming Armageddon has occurred.

    After NYC and other cities around the world have been nuked by ISIS, facilitated by ( Our CIA, Massad and MI5 ), Obama will be accused as being the Anti Christ and charged and convicted of treason. This will create the illusion that the anti Christ threat leading the muslim caliphate to conquer the world has been successfully dealt with.

    Obama IS the Anti Christ who will be SACRIFICED by satan in order to FACILITAE satan being able to come in on PEACE upon Obama’s demise and the demise of the muslim caliphate threat to the world.

    Satan in the body of Gordon B. Hinckley will them make his appearance in the Navoo Temple on the Lord’s B-day april 6th.

    The Saints will now be faced with a very hard decision to make….Is he really God ? Many Apostles and general authorities will testify that he IS the returned Christ. They already believe this. This is the “Secret Combination” Nephi warned us of to not let it get “AVOVE” us as our leaders being above us who demand and exact COMPLETE LOYALTY to these DECEPTIVE & WICKED men who have SUPPLANTED Christ in His Church and have created THEIR Zion….The Corp[oration of the Church.

    Will we believe that Hinckley is God ? What have we been taught with regard to following our prophet and leaders ?…Blind trust in the arm of flesh….Bad news.

    Most will make the spiritually fatal mistake as excepting Satan as their God because he is cozied up inside the SHEEPISH body of a beloved yet wicked and deceptive prophet, who encouraged the members to worship his popularity (Idol Worship) “Beware of the IDOL PROPHET,” and trust him above ALL past prophets and the true and living God…..”Live Prophets trump the words of dead prophets “.

    It’s all been a set up for a LONG TIME COMING. We’ve been BRAIN WASHED for these coming events to be swallowed as authentic events fulfilling prophecy….HOG WASH !

    “Beware of the man, Gordon B. Hinckley, AKA Satan, who will proclaim ” All is well in Zion” once this false flag Armageddon has come and gone and he has come to proclaim world peace. And by that LIE he will destroy many in a far worse nuclear war to come.

    Please wake up people…Only a few of us will not fall for this Great Lie and Delusional Deception as described in 2 Thessalonians. WHO ELSE would be seated in the Temple of God other than one of our own Prophets who build the TEMPLES OF GOD ?

    Check out the top windows of the “RESURRECTED” temple in Navoo. If that isn’t a CLUE to it’s Deceptive Design, then you haven’t got a chance of not being fooled by this scam.

    1. Visions of Glory (Vol. 2).

      I have to admit, it’s an original theory, entertaining, and I don’t have to wait very long to watch it play out! I have a front row seat, all I need is some popcorn.

      For how crazy it all sounds (apologies to the author), I wonder why it’s still so believable.

    2. Since Zac (Rob) has now shared it publicly, here’s the original source, kept private as requested, but now available for comparison. The new version Rob shared above has dates.


      There’s another 45 pages of Rob’s life story if you want it privately, which he gave me permission to share for those who request it.

      I don’t judge Rob. I just share and let you judge for yourself.

  13. I don’t think the US should be involved militarily in the middle east. However, the situation of Israel is that a few million Jews are surrounded by several hundred million Muslims who would love to stomp Israel out of existence. This wouldn’t matter so much to the US except that with nuclear weapons now entering into the Muslim countries just about guarantees a nuclear exchange at some point. When that happens, it’s WW3, and does anyone think the US can stay out of that scenario? Prevention is better than cure, and the real solution was for the U.S., about 50 years ago, to prevent ANY additional countries from procuring nuclear weapons (on penalty of the U.S. making a preemptive strike on any such facilities). As it stands, like most U.S. displomacy–IT IS TOO LATE. Netanyahu is a bonafide war hero, and by making the plea with the U.S. is doing what any rational statesman would do, to try to preserve the survival of his country. I salute him for his bravery. Certainly God loves all his creatures equally, nevertheless there really are good and bad actors in the world (and every shade in between). If you really cannot discern the distinction between the good guys and the bad guys in the middle east, then I feel sorry for you.
    I’m all for isolationism as the preferred course. I wouldn’t send any troops to intervene with ISIS for example. BUT–when the game is racheted up and involves NUCLEAR WARHEADS, that changes the nature of the whole game. In this case, the U.S. must in fact get involved. Remember there are still long range nuclear warheads that can be launched from China and hit the West coast, or launched from Russia and reach the East coast. And soon, apparently, such capability may enable one of the belligerants in the Middle East to lob a warhead on top of New York City. That’ll be 9/11 times a hundred. What do we do then?

    1. Karl,

      They don’t even need a ICBM just a shipping container with a Scud launcher. Launch it straight up in the Houston’s harbor and wham o, the great Satan is dead. The resulting EMP means no power, no food, no communications, no advanced weapons.

      And unless you think I am paranoid about this pay attention to how the Iranians have been practicing with ship launched scuds in the Gulf. They go out point it straight up and launch the missile. When I was in the military the rule was you train like you fight.

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