Personal Evidence of Casting Out Devils

JesusCastingOutDevilsI could have put some benign headline on this post, but who would read a story labeled, “Miracle in Agoura,” or “Man stops taking drugs cold turkey?” I want to make a point with the headline and I hope it catches your attention. This story needs to be told in this modern day and age. Evil spirits are real. I have personal knowledge that I allude to in this post. The healing described is real and is common, or at least it’s common for those who believe such things can and do still take place in this skeptical world we live in. Please take off the cynical glasses for a few minutes.

Going Cold Turkey Can Taste Oh So Good

It was 3:40pm California time when I start this, published at 7:30pm. I’ve been up since about 4:50am. Now these facts by themselves mean nothing, but consider this. Today is the first time in over eight months I haven’t taken any pain or anxiety medication since the morning dosage. By now, I would usually be climbing the walls, especially without the afternoon dosage of Clonazepam. Just ask Carol. I’ve been impossible to live with unless I’m on a regular morning, afternoon and evening schedule of drugs prescribed by a half-dozen doctors. [I was wrong. See added paragraph below.]

Clonazepam – To Stop Panic Attacks

For those who don’t know, Clonazepam is a strong benzodiazepine which is the preferred treatment for panic disorder, and anxiety. It sedates, relaxes, and has hypnotic properties. Oh, by the way, one of the main side effects is it makes you want to sleep a lot – for hours and hours. It’s basically hard to get anything done if you’re on this prescription drug, which I have been since last February. 2mg is a high dosage. Most people start at a half mg or one mg at the most. But the high dosage was needed to counteract the powerful anxiety I experienced constantly.

Tramadol – A Psychotropic Drug

Clonazepam is on the controlled substance list along with the other two medications I usually take about this time: 50mg of Tramadol, an opioid analgesic used to treat moderate to severe pain. If you know anything about pharmacology (and why should you know unless you are studying to be a doctor or are one) you’ll know that Tramadol ups the serotonin in the blood, popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness. In other words, people take these drugs to help them feel better emotionally. It’s used as a psychotropic drug.

Vicodin – Another Pain Killer

I’m sure you’ll all recognize the third painkiller I usually take in my afternoon cocktail of drugs. It’s Hydrocodone, usually called Vicodin, another opioid-based pain killer. It’s also used to treat moderately severe pain. It contains a narcotic. In other words, it is addicting. It also has some other not so pleasant side effects, such as constipation, dizziness, and feeling nauseated. These are just the three main drugs I have listed among the dozen I take each day and have now since February. Before that, I rarely, if ever took prescription drugs of any kind for any reason.

Not Good Advice to Suddenly Stop Drugs

Now, why have I been taking these powerful narcotics and other such drugs for the past eight months? And why do I say that this morning was the last time I’ll need them or will take them? How can I be so confident? No matter what it is that has happened to make me so self-assured, shouldn’t I wait a few days before writing something like this? Every doctor I know will tell you to ease off the prescription drugs slowly, especially if you’ve been taking them for so long. [Update 11-8: The doctors are right. Go slow.] I’ve got a story to tell that could take a couple of posts, but I’ll try to summarize it in this short post. To keep a promise, I would need someone’s permission to write any more detail. By the time you finish, I hope you’ll understand why my confidence is so high that I have been healed.

The Short Answer

Here’s the short answer for regular readers of my blog: I paid a visit to a dear friend who was in Southern California for a few days. Fortunately, he just happened to be visiting twenty miles from my home here in Camarillo. Some of you may recognize him. His name is <removed at request of family>. I have been waiting twenty years to tell his story since I first met him in 1993. The man is a healer and I mean that in every sense of the word. Or if you prefer, he is a man blessed with the gift of healing. He readily acknowledges the source to be Jesus Christ. This friend, or rather the Lord, healed me today. I don’t need those psychotropic and pain pills any more. Of that I am confident.

Pain to Keep Me From My Work

By the way, the pain pills were to treat the constant, and I mean absolute non-stop headaches. Some call them migraines, but migraines come and go. This was a constant pain. Along with the constant desire to sleep from the Clonazepam, I could not focus, concentrate or maintain my attention on things for more than a few seconds without experiencing severe pain. The CAT Scans and the MRI’s, along with all the blood work found nothing out of the normal. I kept asking the doctors if there wasn’t some test they missed of if I couldn’t get another opinion on the ones they had already taken. It did no good. They all agreed I was perfectly healthy.

For Those Wondering About the Backstory

Again, for regular readers of my blog, they know the story, but I’ve written it out and shared it so many times that I’ve placed it online. You can read it on my website on the above link. You know I asked at the beginning of the post to put your skeptical viewpoints aside for a while. I know many of you are experts in treating people with mental illness. I’ve been told it’s harmful for anyone to suggest mental afflictions like the ones I was experienced can be caused by evil or unclean spirits. I understand. I’ve visited with many of you looking for answers. All I can say is as of this morning I was in severe pain and anxiety and tonight I am at peace and feel no pain.

An Alternative Technique that Works

I met this friend in 1982 when my son was acting up in school. Our local bishop advised us to take him to see a new doctor he had just heard about. It turns out the man was no doctor at all. He was someone trained in a new technique named about the man who discovered it, or as he likes to say, had it revealed to him. I believe him. I felt so excited about what I discovered I wanted to shout it to the world. I could see how this could help so many people if they just knew about it. I wanted to write a book that explained how to learn and practice the technique. I found an early booklet of a seminar he conducted in Las Vegas when he was just getting started. I learned others do similar work and taught myself how to do self-diagnosis.

Evil Spirits Can Be Cast Out

I want to keep this short so I’m not going to say much more than this: If I were to continue with the Western medicine way of dealing with this issue, I would NEVER be healed. I would be in pain and unable to function. I would soon go onto government disability and would be in my grave within a few years. You can argue that I have been healed by my faith and I won’t deny that my faith has a part of my healing. But I would never have known the source of the pain or malaise, discovered through this technique. I have three missions in life, revealed to me by the Lord. One of them is to bear witness that we can cast out evil spirits even in this day and age and have them cast out of us.

Western vs. Eastern Methods

Update 11-8-13: Not sure where to put this but I wanted to, oh, there’s no other way to say it…I was wrong about going cold turkey with the drugs. If you are working with a doctor who has prescribed psychotropic drugs (anti-anxiety in my case), don’t just drop them and expect to be fine. I know this admission extremely reduces the bold claims of the post. I felt like I was on top of the world for about 24-30 hours, then the anxiety began to return. For those that can accept it, I felt like I was being visited by an evil spirit and that this spirit was hammering away at me, getting me to doubt that I could go without the Clonazepam. I fought, I prayed, I cried. In the end, I had to go back to that one just to function. Dang!

Update 7-1-19: It’s been five years since I got off the Clonazepam and Tramadol. It was a hard fight because of the physical, emotional and spiritual characteristics of addiction. With the Tramadol, it felt like I had little bugs crawling over my arms and legs. It took almost a month to get completely off the drug. I recognize now the feeling was simply my nerves returning to their natural, normal state after having been deadened for so long. I still attribute my ability to get off the drugs to the help I received from this friend that day.

Strength From God to Do His Work

You can ask me anything you want about this experience, how it came about, why I think its real and not all in my mind or anything else you want. All I know is I am free tonight whereas before I was in bondage and unable to perform the work the Lord sent me to this earth to do. I can now continue with what I started and intend to finish: 1) Publish my book based on Anthony Larson and his Prophecy Trilogy. I call it Red Sky for now. And 2) Finish my review of everything I have studied about Denver Snuffer. Last night I listened to the three-hour talk he gave in Orem last Saturday. All I can say is Wow! Trust me. You want to know what this man teaches.

Note: You can read a story about what happened to a man who does similar work here:

5 thoughts on “Personal Evidence of Casting Out Devils”

  1. Tim, I am SO grateful to hear that the evil spirits have been cast out and you have been healed by your faith in, and the power of Jesus Christ. What glorious news!

    Thank you for your powerful witness amidst the scales that blind us & flaxen cords that bind us.

    You are doing highly offensive pruning and it is now up to the branches to respond and bear fruit, or produce nothing but that which is “scheduled” to be cast into the fire and burned at The Fathers’ return, as Denver teaches. I pray we readers and all who hear this Servant of God’s witness will choose our response wisely.

    To respond positively to this pruning is to, in my opinion, do as Tim asks, “take off the skeptical glasses”, and simply believe.

    Believe what? What is Tim witnessing? I believe Tim is teaching us that (please correct me, Tim):

    1) Evil spirits who want to destroy us DO exist.

    2) Evil spirits can affect us (through devices, curses & posession) unto our destruction.

    3) Evil spirits can be cast out through certain healing methods revealed by God to combat them.

    4) Evil spirits must depart when faith in Christ and His Almighty power, (and those mortals & immortals who posess it) command them to depart.

    5) The resulting rejoicing, peace & joy one experiences is as exquisite as was the pain & terror.

    All praise & glory to God, for our brother is healed!

    I pray for similar healing for each of us in our fight against the forces of darkness who know this is not a simulated game, rather this is a real battle for the souls of mankind.

    God bless you, Tim, for the torture you’ve endured these long months in order to bear this powerful witness! I’m looking forward to Red Sky and your thoughts on the meat Denver has given us to chew on. Amazing!

    Thank you for the wonderful news that has truly made my day: you are free again, and faith unto miracles doth still exist in the land. Praise God!

  2. Tim, thank you for reaching beyond self. I just know that your shared experience will ripple like a pebble on a pond. I too have had similar experiences, but have never shared them publically. Satan is real, his followers are real, and in these the last days there will be a restitution of all things both good and evil. It is my prayer that, like you, we will not be decieved.

  3. Tim!!!! 🙂 PRAISE GOD AND HALLELUJAH!!!! 🙂 (There isn’t a smiley big enough for the grin on my face. lol)

    I’ve had my own (tiny, WAY less severe) experience with this lately, and I want to let you know what I learned only this morning: that the spiritual world feels the same abhorrence of a vacuum that nature does. In my experience, a generational curse/enslavement to a spirit of fear was replaced with a spirit of isolation (not as strong, but still confusing and difficult). As I was talking with my sister this morning, she said:

    “You can’t have a vacuum. Everything that goes has to be replaced with more of God… Newness of life. So, let’s pray about what that looks like in practical reality, for you.”

    And the moment I began to pray to know what “more of God” looked like in my life, it came.

    There really is a constant battle between good and evil in this world of ours . . . but the battle is already won, and it’s not difficult at all to stay in that victory with Jesus. For me, it’s a matter of remembering. Remembering, remembering, remembering, to pray. Continuing to learn through the Holy Spirit when I do. And asking Jesus to be real to me. Every day.

    You, sir, have made my day. 🙂 Praise God for His healing!!!

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