Dealing with Evil and Unclean Spirits

I have written about this subject numerous times. It might be helpful to browse through a few of those essays to get some background. In the earlier posts you’ll find what I’ve been taught on the subject, what I’ve experienced and what I now believe. With this essay I reach far back into my youth in an attempt to provide evidence of things not seen but which are true.

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In general, I think we as a people are naïve and uninformed about the reality of evil spirits. We either tend to deny their existence altogether or refuse to deal with the possibility that they could be real. I have seen the full range of responses to the idea that evil spirits could be influencing us. For most Latter-day Saints, it is still an uncomfortable subject, and one they would rather ignore.

I continue to write about this subject because of an encounter with evil spirits early in my life that affected me profoundly. In that experience I discovered what Joseph Smith learned when he went to the sacred grove to pray. In our modern sanitized retelling of the story we tend to either skip over or minimize the importance of that part. Here are the pertinent quotes from his story:

Joseph Smith Encounters the Devil

“I kneeled down and began to offer up the desires of my heart to God. I had scarcely done so, when immediately I was seized upon by some power which entirely overcame me, and had such an astonishing influence over me as to bind my tongue so that I could not speak. Thick darkness gathered around me, and it seemed to me for a time as if I were doomed to sudden destruction.

“But, exerting all my powers to call upon God to deliver me out of the power of this enemy which had seized upon me … I was ready to sink into despair and abandon myself to destruction—not to an imaginary ruin, but to the power of some actual being from the unseen world, who had such marvelous power as I had never before felt in any being…”

From the 1835 account we gain some additional detail, “I heard a noise behind me like someone walking towards me: I strove again to pray, but could not; the noise of walking seemed to draw nearer; I sprang upon my feet and looked round, but saw no person, or thing that was calculated to produce the noise of walking.” I believe Joseph had an encounter directly with the devil.

My Encounter with Evil Spirits

Joseph was fourteen when he first opened his soul to the spirit would. When I was sixteen I found myself in a similar situation. I was alone and attempting to part the veil. In my case, fear seized my heart. I began to feel an extreme case of paranoia. Sounds became distant and unreal to me. I felt as though my spirit was about to leave my body. I was fearful I was about to die.

I heard voices all around me. They laughed and in their laughter I sensed some anticipated evil pleasure. I knew if something didn’t happen I would soon be under their power. My body was no longer functioning as it should. Time stopped. I was in between heartbeats, no longer aware of my own body. I felt as if my spirit was leaving my body. This was wrong and I knew it.

Similar to Joseph’s story, just as I felt I was about to die, I sensed the presence of a being of light, standing over me and behind me. I did not see the angel, but could tell he had a drawn sword in his hand and was there to protect me. I felt an incredible sense of peace and relief. The fear left me. The chattering of the voices disappeared. I came to myself and arose to my feet.

A Transfer of Knowledge

I looked behind me but there was nobody there. I was shaken and could not understand why I had felt such hatred toward me from the voices. Why did they seek to destroy me? What had I done to deserve such animosity? I was nobody – only sixteen years old. There was nothing special about me. Yet the feelings of hatred toward me were real, palpable and powerful.

In my case, I am convinced these feelings did not come directly from the devil but from evil spirits sent to destroy me. I felt their fear. For a moment I knew what they knew about eternity. They had chosen to follow the devil and were filled with anger and jealousy that I had a body while they didn’t. Their weapon was fear. It was intensified by their numbers in the hundreds.

Why am I sharing this? It is not an uplifting story, but it is factual. It happened to me at a young age and convinced me that the spirit world is real. I knew then and still know today that there are unseen beings all around us. They do not want us to succeed in our mission of developing faith and proving ourselves worthy. They look for opportunities to prevent us from parting the veil.

Learning from Opposition

I decided right then and there, based on my personal knowledge and experience with the evil spirits that what I had been taught about God, Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation was real. I am apparently one of those people who learn from opposites. I knew that evil spirits existed. Therefore I knew that angels and beings of light also existed. They can be sent to protect us.

In my encounter with these unseen beings, I experienced a transfer of knowledge to my soul that I cannot explain. As I wrote above, “For a moment I knew what they knew about eternity.” I felt what they felt. Their feelings of fear, resentment, anger, jealousy and hatred all flooded into my heart and mind. I knew they were on a mission to destroy me and I knew how many there were.

From that day I have had an intense interest in learning all I could about the spirit world and how it operates. I have studied hundreds of near-death experiences, read all I could find from the early brethren about their encounters with evil spirits, including the particularly insightful account from Orson Hyde and what Jedediah Grant revealed to Brigham and Heber just before he died.

Discerning of Spirits

I was especially fascinated when I learned of individuals who, in the course of counseling others, have had encounters with those who were overcome with disembodied spirits. I have come to understand the difference between evil spirits and unclean or foul spirits, the first never having had a mortal body, the second being those who have refused to go to the light upon their death.

I have prayed for and believe I have received the gift of discerning of spirits. I am aware when they are nearby. I am sensitive to how they manifest themselves through mortals who are not otherwise aware of their presence. Finally, I have come to understand that unclean spirits can repent in the spirit world. They can decide to believe in Christ and go to the light of his love.

After many years of study, fasting and prayer my confidence in one of Joseph’s revelatory declarations about the spirit world has greatly increased. He taught that “all beings who have bodies have power over those who have not” (TPJS p 181 & 190). In spite of what the world teaches about devils and demons, there is no need to be fearful over what they can do to us.

Seeking Visions of Eternity

We can seek to part the veil with trust in the Lord that he will protect us while we enter into the spirit world to be taught the things of the eternities. It is fear that keeps us from parting the veil. We are taught that we must continue to grow beyond our initial spiritual witness of the truth. Yet at the same time we are dissuaded from doing so by well-meaning leaders within our own faith.

I know their concern is based on love. They do not want to see us deceived. How many times have you heard that someone has seen visions and now declares himself to be a prophet? I have read these accounts many times throughout my life. Yet Joseph encouraged us over and over to seek to obtain visions of heaven. We are to part the veil and seek to see the face of the Lord.

We believe in the gift of visions (Seventh Article of Faith), yet how many of us seek to develop this gift? If visions of heavenly scenes are manifest among us then we are the people of God. If we are not a visionary people then our faith is inadequate and we are condemned. Moroni taught that if the ministering of angels has ceased then it is because of unbelief and all is in vain.

Power Over The Spirits

I have written this essay in an attempt to encourage us to be more diligent in our efforts to part the veil and receive the visions of eternity. In my opinion, the biggest impediment to doing so is fear. That fear is placed there by the adversary and is something we need to overcome. The fear is subtle but is prevalent throughout the church, including among those who teach and lead us.

The Lord desires to give us further light and knowledge. That phrase has significance. He is reaching out to us and encouraging us to build our faith in Him, to trust Him and to ask in prayer to have the heavens opened. There are things we need to know that can be obtained in no other way than by having them revealed to us directly by the Lord. He will help us build that faith.

A man would be a fool to ask to have evil spirits sent to him. Yet we must part the veil to open the heavens. In the process of doing so we will encounter spirit beings that are not of God. We need not fear what they say or try to cause us to feel. We have power over them because of our bodies. We can discern between true messengers and those who the devil sends to deceive us.

Unclean Spirits Can Repent

If they are unclean spirits, we can invite them to repent and to turn onto Christ. We erroneously think they are condemned just because they are in hell. These were once our brothers and sisters here in mortality. Christ suffered and died for them. They can come out of hell. It is not meant to be a place that exists for all time, but a place to learn a lesson and then to be freed through faith.

Yes, I know the scriptures teach there is a place reserved for the devil and his angels. From what I can tell it will continue to exist after those destined for the telestial kingdom have come out of their hell through the resurrection and the final judgment. But at some time, those who were once mortal and desire to come out of hell will be allowed to do so after they repent and follow Christ.

I do not know the final destiny of the devil and his angels, those who choose not to repent. The Lord has not revealed it to me. I also do not know if it is possible for those who chose to follow Satan to ever repent. There are many in the church who teach their eternal fate was sealed when they were cast out to this earth. I don’t know how they support that in light of D&C 76:45-48.

Can Evil Spirits Repent?

There are some who teach that evil spirits who have never had a body can repent. You can read the beliefs of one such individual on his unclean spirits blog. At first I assumed this anonymous blog was written by someone I knew who was involved in energy healing stress management. I have since opened a dialog with him and was surprised to discover that I have never met him.

This is a controversial area, one bound to elicit much contention and efforts to dissuade him from his teachings. I can understand why he has kept his blog anonymous. I have also been reading the latest book from Doug Mendenhall, Conquering Spiritual Evil. If you’ll recall, Doug is the father of Denise Mendenhall, who lost her veil at age ten and can now see into the spirit world.

The book is fascinating and highly detailed about how Doug deals with the attacks of the devils that surround us all. I am surprised it is not available on Amazon or reviewed on Goodreads. As far as I can tell, it is only available from Confetti Books. In my opinion, it takes up where “Overcoming Satan in the Latter Days” (Timothy Wood, Gazelem Publication, 1987) left off.

Go to Part Two for Conclusion

This essay is getting long. I have worked on it for a week as I have studied the gospel. There is already a part two, which I will publish immediately. In the second essay, “The Devil and His Angels,” I deal more directly with the claims found on the Unclean Spirits blog that evil spirits can repent. I think you can tell I have tried hard to support that conclusion but no longer can.

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    1. Excellent article. Because of my own experiences in this realm, I have tried to gather further light and knowledge as well. I wholeheartedly agree that most LDS believe in evil spirits, but dismiss them as being irrelevant since they believe themselves to be free from gross sin which might put them under their influence. That’s only partially true – anytime we commit sin we are allowing, to some degree, evil spirits to influence us, and, yes, even enter our bodies. Think of what Satan says, in the temple film, in his anger at Heavenly Father’s rebuke, about his minions possessing mortal bodies.

      Most LDS don’t believe this applies to them because they equate demonic possession to something akin to the Exorcist portrayal – spinning heads and projectile vomiting. Not true. Here is a quote from Elder Erastus Snow:

      “The name of Jesus has power over all these evil spirits, Lucifer and all the hosts of hell who are cast down to the earth, and have set up their abode in the tabernacles of men, and in many instances they have succeeded. They do not altogether get possession of the tabernacles of men, only in isolated cases. There are cases in which it seems that these spirits so far control the tabernacles of men as to find the natural spirit that owns these tabernacles and suspend the operations of their functions, and usurp the control of the functions of the body, and make these organs of speech speak the language of devils, and make these tabernacles perform the wicked works of the evil one; while the spirit that owns, and should control this tabernacle, is bound, as it were, hand and foot; and where these powers and functions are thus suspended in these isolated cases, we call them maniacs, because their natural powers are suspended, and they are under the dominion of devils. But others, and this embraces all of us, are more or less influenced by evil spirits, that prompt and lead to passions, and the lusts of the flesh; and to do many things in violation of the true laws of life and health, and of peace and glory and exaltation, and these evils to which we are prompted through the influence of these spirits are designed, little by little, to bring us into bondage, to sin and death, and to him who has the power of death, which is the devil.”

      Journal of Discourses, vol. 19, pp. 274-275

  2. Doctrine isn’t particulary helpful in dealing with dark spirits. Limited contact can be frightening but isn’t really much of a problem, repeated contact can bring a lot of complication and difficulty to your life. At first it looks like bad luck followed by more bad luck and it accelerates from there over time. It can threaten your sanity, your safety and even your life.

  3. Tim, since you mentioned Doug and Denise Mendenhall and seem to take stock in their accounts and perspectives (and I have developed trust in your views over the months that I’ve followed your blog), I googled and came across this posting about Denise: In it it says that “Denise concurred, that John Edwards is approved by Jesus. Denise told us that Jesus told her to watch his show Crossing Over. He told Denise that John is doing a great work.” So, I looked up John Edward and Crossing Over and watched this video: . Anyway, I bring all this up as I don’t know if I can believe John Edward is authentic, and so that makes me question the validity of Denise and Doug’s claims. I’m willing to be open minded on this, and am sincerely wondering how you parse all of it. Thanks!

      1. Well I can edit comments so I edited yours and corrected my name. I greatly appreciate the links you provided. I read Susan’s review of her evening with Doug and Denise. That was a long time ago. They also did a recent seminar that was recorded so I ordered the CD from Confetti Books.

        I had to laugh when I read that John Edwards was approved by Jesus but only because I can’t imagine the Savior saying that John Edwards is doing a great work. I know she meant John Edward and I know I shouldn’t be judgmental of a man who had an extramarital affair, but still…

        OK, so I watched the video of John Edward the psychic in action. I’ve seen other psychics work and somehow he strikes me as being a little better than most. I’ve long been in the James Randi camp that psychic reading is really cold reading. I’m aware of many who have been exposed.

        I’ve also long been of the opinion that psychics really can get information from the other side, but not from the source they claim. I’ve been intending to write about this for some time. In a nutshell, psychics are hearing and reporting from evil spirits that have watched you all your life.

        The psychic has a “familiar spirit” whose voice he or she knows well. When you come and pay for a reading at the local fair or at the fortune teller across from the local porn store – I wonder why they hang out in the same area – evil spirits that follow you talk to the psychic’s friend.

        But you may say, “I don’t have evil spirits that follow me.” Oh, yes you do. Make no mistake about it. They’re ready to blab and tell all they know to the one hanging with the psychic. It can be so accurate and detailed that it is frightening. I would never go to one of those psychics.

        Yet, some of the psychics have legitimate sensitivities to hear voices. Heck, I hear voices too but I just ignore them because I recognize them. I have some poor friends who are also sensitive but who don’t deal with it well. Their voices are sometimes overpowering to their sensitive spirits.

        I used to think I was an exception; that the voices I heard were the result of my early encounter with the evil spirits I described in this essay. Over the years I found it is much more common than I first thought. I am convinced there are many who simply have this natural inclination.

        Somehow, over the years, perhaps though painful forced discipline, I have learned to distinguish clearly between the voices of the evil spirits, the voices of “other spirits” and the voice of the Lord. But it has taken many years of experience, overcoming fear and making a lot of mistakes.

        For example, a few years ago I had the spirit of an ancestor come to me and clearly indicated that he was ready to have his temple work done NOW. I already had his name in my research but just hadn’t gotten around to printing it and getting it done. He wouldn’t leave me alone until I did.

        Anyway, I am keeping an open mind about Doug and Denise Mendenhall and now about John Edward. Just like I promised myself I wouldn’t make a decision about Denver Snuffer until I read all his books, I will wait until I finish and digest Doug’s book before I form an opinion.

        I wish I had known about his Ezekiel seminars from a few years back. I would have liked to go to find out more but perhaps I was not ready. I have been so busy trying to master my own mind that I have avoided anything that had to do with spiritual gifts like “seeing” into the spirit world.

        So again, thanks for the entertaining and informative links. Susan was fairly gushing, wasn’t she? I think I read part of that on the Confetti Books website. I also had a déjà vu moment while watching John Edward. I must have investigated him once before and dismissed him outright.

        Thanks again for your comment. I’m not yet ready to dismiss Doug. I plan to email him with a bunch of typos I found (he apologized in advance) and ask a couple of questions. So far, I would recommend his latest book. It’s out there for some people but addresses a compelling subject.

  4. Thanks for the thoughtful and detailed reply. I’ll try to suspend judgement as well, although I can’t help but feel that the further I get away from LDS-rooted sources (e.g. John Edward) with regards to spirits etc., the more I feel like suspending that judgement is akin to going down a rabbit hole. I’ll be curious to know what conclusions you reach. My initial inclination is to semi-believe the Mendenhalls, but with the idea that they may be slightly off in how they present/interpret their own experiences (although I’ve read very little so this is really just a gut reaction from some quick internet research).

    As you brought up D. Snuffer, the more I read from his books the more I’m convinced that he is a divinely inspired teacher and that he is on a mission from the Lord. One thing I’m never sure of, though, is when he’s expressing opinion based on his own thoughts compared to when he’s expressing ideas more firmly based on spiritual insights via the spirit of prophecy, revelation, and communications with heavenly beings. Only occasionally will he be super clear on that matter and essentially leaves the reader to sort it out themselves (as it should be, I suppose).

    Related to your reply and DS, when you speak of voices are these voices that you audibly hear, or are they voices in your mind as DS describes in this post:

    Thanks again for your posts and replies.

    1. I’ve been thinking for a few days about how much I want to reveal in response to your question, but it’s my blog, so here goes. The voices are in my mind and only in my mind. I have never heard an audible voice but I want to be clear that this is not just my imagination. Thoughts come unbidden – often as full sentences, but usually as fragments or snippets. Sometimes they come in overlapping voices. I know that sounds impossible, but to me, I am hearing multiple voices at the same time, as if hearing many conversations in a crowded room.

      They come and they go. There are times when they are stronger or more insistent than usual. For example, when I lay down to sleep at night or more likely if I happen to take a nap during the day. There’s something about that moment just before you fall asleep when it’s like tuning quickly between different radio stations on the dial. Strange, I know, but real nonetheless. I can find peace and solitude when I am in the temple but then I sometimes hear different kinds of voices – those who are at peace and have learned to be reverent.

      Do you know what I mean? Those I hear in the world are thoughtless and insensitive of others around them. They seem to be self-centered and self-absorbed. They go over the most inane and trivial of matters as if reviewing uncompleted stuff from their to-do list. They do not seem to know that others can hear their thoughts, or if they do, they don’t care. I don’t hear the voices of the living. The only way I know to describe it is that these are thoughts of people who are not at peace – are troubled, worried or anxious about something.

      OK, I think that’s enough. The Lord said that every man has a gift. Mine happens to be the ability to hear the thoughts of those in the spirit world around me. I can tell when the Lord sends me someone to help because he has total control of his thoughts. He will not force his thoughts upon me like those who are wandering around lost and undisciplined. An inspired messenger will dictate to me if I listen very carefully and if I ask. Let me make that clear – when I ask for inspiration in my writing, I can hear ideas and thoughts come into my mind.

      I hope that answers your question and doesn’t freak you out. That’s how I can tell the difference between the “unquiet dead” and messengers sent from the Lord. One type is totally out of control, infringing upon my mind without respect or consideration. The other is quiet, peaceful, waiting expectantly for me to listen. The voice of the Lord does not force itself upon me. It waits quietly, reverently and respectfully until I acknowledge it’s presence and then it delivers it’s message clearly, completely and without hesitation or any uncertainty.

      1. I’ve never heard such voices, so I appreciate you sharing your experiences. I have had thoughts come into my mind that I know do not originate from my own mental processes, but they’re more readily described as coming from the Holy Ghost (or at least from a divine source) as there is a purity to them and they transcend my own logic. I haven’t ever perceived it as a voice (audible or otherwise), it is more just a pure thought/impression that still feels like my own inner voice except that it feels purer, wiser, and inexplicably different. This usually only happens after considerable seeking and praying.

        I don’t know if I’ll ever experience what you describe, but it seems invaluable to read these honest descriptions as I hope to experience more profound and regular spiritual interactions as I attune myself to more spiritual things. I’m inspired by statements from the scriptures such as: “for so great was his faith on the Lord Jesus Christ that angels did minister unto him daily” (3 Nephi 7:18). The more I hear the accounts of others, the more my own faith in bolstered.

  5. Hi Tim,

    You made the following comment above, “I have been so busy trying to master my own mind that I have avoided anything that had to do with spiritual gifts like ‘seeing’ into the spirit world.”

    Can you clarify what you mean? I’m not sure I understand it as it is meant.


    1. Hi Bryan,

      I’m happy to respond to two excellent questions. I’m pleased that readers are willing to ask. In the first comment I was referring to mental self-discipline. I’m an old man, a network engineer by profession. When I’m implementing new technology for my company, I’m used to studying things out, weighing alternatives and making a decision. I’m sure you know the process.

      I can study some ideas for weeks or even months before I am confident enough to present what can be a complex proposal with enough simplicity that management will see the benefit and approve the expenditure. There is some risk involved because although others may have done something similar, their environment is not exactly the same as what I have created.

      Thus, I am going out on a limb by promising technological and business advantages I have not yet personally experienced. And yet, I have experienced the results in my mind’s eye. I can see the completed project and know the benefits it will deliver. It’s that vision I have seen that gives me the confidence to make the claims to the boss that I do and convince him to spend money.

      I believe the same process can be applied to obtaining spiritual knowledge. In the past I have “seen” in my mind’s eye, things the Lord wanted to reveal to me about my future. I asked and the Lord answered. I was a much more visionary man when I was younger. Perhaps I was more in need of such visions or perhaps I had grater faith and discipline to prepare to receive them.

      I then got involved in my career and have been negligent in continuing to develop this “eye of faith” in regards to the things of eternity. I know it is real because I have experienced it. I have “seen” things in my mind before they came to pass. I have shared a number of them here on my blog over the years. One in particular was a vision I received when I proposed to my wife.

      By “master my own mind” I mean control my thoughts each day in such a manner that I can say that my mind does not wander, that I do not think about or dwell upon distracting things of the world and that when I do study the gospel, I pay the price to understand the doctrine because I study what has been revealed and what other inspired individuals have shared on a subject.

      And that’s what I have been working on for over thirty years. Denver Snuffer mentions in his book, “The Second Comforter” that the process of preparing to receive the Lord is not something that can be accomplished overnight. It is most likely someone who is mature and seasoned in the gospel that will arrive at the state of mind where they can part the veil with their faith.

      When I studied the subject of the Second Comforter in my youth, I felt I was not ready to receive the Lord so I put it off, meaning I went about my life, living in such a way that I was developing mental discipline and faith through fulfilling callings and assignments. But I did not make the kind of efforts I knew I would need to part the veil because I felt the time was not right then.

      I now feel the time is right. I know it is done according to the Lord’s timetable, but I am now much more energized in my prayers and in how I live my life because I am excited about the possibility and in fact, the eventuality that I am preparing more earnestly to meet the Lord. I have come to realize that the greatest preparation has been from years and years of mental discipline.

      That’s why I say that I know the time wasn’t right for this when I was younger. I couldn’t say with confidence that I knew I had mastered my own mind – the battleground of the soul. I am closer to that day now. So for years my prayers were constant but they weren’t offered with the expectation that I would “see” anything. They were offered that I would grow and learn.

      Well, that day has come, or at least I think so. I know I have the gift of seeing into the spirit world because I have experienced a few visions when I was younger. They were private and sacred experiences but I felt impressed to share some of them on this blog over the years. As I said in the essay, we should be actively seeking the visions of eternity. We should be a visionary people.

      We can see into the spirit world. We can part the veil. The Lord can and does show us the things of eternity if we prepare ourselves and ask. I have long believed, taught and advocated that we need to be more visionary and revelatory in order to truly be the people of God. He wants and needs for us to know and understand the things that he has revealed to the prophets in ages past.

      Sorry for the long answer. You got me going on a subject about which I am passionate: receiving personal revelation beyond the initial testimony that so many of us should have gained as youth or new converts. If you are the master of your mind then you are ready to receive angels for God sends them to those of a strong faith and firm mind (Moroni 7:30). We need mental discipline.

      I have avoiding asking God to teach me through the visits of angels because I felt I did not have sufficient faith or a firm mind. It takes years to develop a firm mind. It takes testing and trying and proving to yourself and God that you can and will be faithful in heart and mind in spite of all the world tries to do to distract you. That’s what I meant by being too busy.

      I’ll answer the second question later.

  6. Tim,

    Sorry! Another thought came to me. You made the following statement, “Mine happens to be the ability to hear the thoughts of those in the spirit world around me”.

    Do you think it’s the ‘thoughts’ of those spirits that you hear in your mind, or would you rather say that that is how they communicate to us–through our thoughts? And perhaps that their thoughts are still concealed from us? In other words, they are actually communicating in the spiritual realm and that their thoughts are still hidden.

    I hope that makes sense. I don’t mean to be petty. I’m just trying to understand.

    Thanks, again.

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