2012 – Everyone is capitalizing on the date

In a highly unusual move for me, I’m going to endorse a movie based on a trailer. It has already been panned by the critics as over the top, but I like what I’m seeing in the trailer and look forward to seeing it. I don’t go in for the 2012 timeframe, but there are a lot of interesting scenes in the movie that correspond to what I believe about events that will come to pass in the very last days. Enjoy!

Update: The trailer has been removed.

4 thoughts on “2012 – Everyone is capitalizing on the date”

  1. “Two thousand and twelve, party over, out of time.
    I’m gonna party like it’s two thousand, eleven…

    Just doesn’t have the right feel.

  2. Hey, Tim.

    I saw the trailer and was blown away by the realism. This sort of computer generated effect is precisely what I would want to have for the video series I’ve dreamed of doing for three decades. Like you, I don’t buy into the 2012 hysteria, and the premise of the movie is probably flawed. But I’ll go see the movie just to experience the realism of those cataclysmic scenes. Even though much of what will actually transpire in the last days is not treated, what is shown is probably very accurate. I’d love to find the wherewithal to make a movie like this from my perspective. I can describe it; I just can’t animate it. A bit frustrating that!

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