We don’t know everything but we know enough

And just because I think that the church is doing a great job with these Mormon Messages, I include the latest one here <video embed removed> with a few comments. I’ll bet hundreds, if not thousands of other Latter-day Saints are adding these videos to their blogs as well.

Wouldn’t it be great if more people viewed the words of living prophets and apostles like Elder Andersen? This was not from the most recent conference but it sure struck a chord with me when I heard it. I love the idea of being able to exercise simple faith.

There’s no way we can know everything about the purpose of life, the doctrines of the gospel, the history of the church, the scriptures and all the other stuff we have to cram into our little heads to make a living and to have a happy family. But, we can know enough!

We can know enough to be happy. We can know enough to realize that we can leave the big things up to God while we focus on the things that he asks us to do for right now. This video illustrates the idea of having that security, even as a little child.

3 thoughts on “We don’t know everything but we know enough”

  1. In The Doghouse

    Thanks for posting this “Mormon Message” video. I saw it today and really was touched by the words of our newest apostle.

  2. Here’s what I learned today:Matthew Holland, Mormon scion, has quit the NOM (National Organization for Marriage) board.

  3. Hi Chino,I wouldn’t read too much into what you learned today. It’s not that big a deal. Could it be that Matthew Holland was simply too busy with his new duties as president of Utah Valley University to continue his commitment to the National Organization for Marriage?

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