The blessings of the LDS Temple

My experience with the temple

Carol and I went to the temple this afternoon and joined with members of our stake in a wonderful chapel session with a member of the temple presidency. I love these sacred moments where we are taught more about the endowment ceremony from one who has been set apart to teach the saints about what the temple really means.

Our visit to the temple today was emotional for me as I thought of both my parents who are now on the other side of the veil. The Los Angeles temple is where I was endowed over thirty years ago. My mother and father took me there and prepared me to understand the sacred blessings that are found there and nowhere else on earth.

In the temple we learn how to deal with the challenges of life better because we are taught the true source of some of those challenges. It is also in the temple where we are united as families through the eternal sealing power of the priesthood. I am so grateful to have been married to my sweetheart in the temple so many years ago.

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  1. Tim, thanks for this post, as it caused me to remember that I received my endowment 37 years ago in the Los Angeles temple. It is certainly true that in the temple one can feel a closeness to those who have passed on. In fact, that kind of connection is a major theme of the temple. The temple is also for the living! I think the temple has done more for my marriage than almost all other things combined. My wife and I have seen the temple as a metaphorical way to renew our vows with each other and with God.

  2. Thanks for your comments about the temple. It conjures up many wonderful thoughts. I created a blog post to related sources on the temple at LDS Temples.

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