Latter-day Commentary and Planet LDS

Thanks to John Hesch of KZION Radio who just added my Latter-day Commentary blog to the Planet LDS aggregator. I’m looking forward to more comments and feedback. That’s why I write – to connect with other bloggers and blog readers interested in similar topics. I hope I have something unique and worthwhile that will cause you to want to come back occasionally.

I recently added a new widget to my blog. It is called Feedjit. The widget shows people who enter and leave my site, where they came from and how they left. There was nothing to install and nothing to register. It was simple and easy to add. The cool thing about it is that it provides a quick and easy way to see which of my posts have become most popular.

Frankly, I’m surprised at what shows up most often at the top of the list. For example, the most popular entry for today is still my post on “Article VI: Faith. Politics. America.” It was just something I threw up there after I viewed the trailer for the movie and found it interesting. It was also one of first posts where I embedded video. Go figure. Why not go directly to their site?

The next most popular post is “Mothers Who Know and What Women Know.” I wrote that back in November when I was somewhat puzzled by all the hullabaloo about Sister Beck’s talk (Mothers who know) and the resulting ‘opposition’ web site (What Women Know). I think I’m seeing a pattern here. The most popular posts seem to be about potentially controversial issues.

My post with a new take on “The great and abominable church‘ also shows up high on the list. I had never considered this institution as the target of 1 Nephi 14:9-10 before. Another one that keeps popping up to the top is “Boy Scouts, gays and the LDS Church.” Every day a bunch of people come from a Google search to read that one even though it is really old news.

Donny Osmond on Eternal Marriage” still gets lots of traffic. It was written as an ‘atta boy’ for Donny’s frank and forthright comments about marriage on Oprah back in November. Maybe it’s the headline I choose: “Can a liberal Democrat be a good Mormon?” still draws a lot of attention. And then there’s one of my favorites: “Elder Ballard and my list of the four F’s“. Good stuff.

That should be enough of an introduction to new readers of Latter-day Commentary. Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to introduce myself. I usually post once a day. I think you’ll find the topics interesting. Comments are welcome. See you around.