Mitt Romney brings attention to the LDS Church

I hope that Mitt Romney sticks it out so I can vote for him in the California primaries on Feb 5 2008. I also hope he proves to the American people that he is a better candidate than Rudy Giuliani. I base my decision not on the fact that he is a Mormon but on his stand on values. He and I agree on just about everything that I think is important. I like Rudy Giuliani but Mitt’s record on marriage is what makes the difference for me. I don’t like John McCain. He seems like he is a political hack – just in it for the game. And while I like Fred Thompson, I just don’t think he is a strong enough candidate. I don’t know enough about the other six candidates to form an opinion yet.

I don’t follow the news from the Democratic side of the ticket very closely, although it’s hard to miss since the liberal press gives it so much coverage. I’m assuming that Hillary will win the nomination of her party. I don’t believe Edwards or Obama can overcome the power of the Clintons. If Mitt wins the republican ticket, it will be, in my mind at least, a national face off over real family values. Just go to Mitt’s website and check out how obvious it is that he is a family man. His five sons are all campaigning for him across the country. Mitt Romney represents me far more than Hillary ever could. Unfortunately, I am fairly certain that I am now in the minority in America – a white middle-aged middle-class married American male. I fear my days as representing the mainstream of America are numbered. Indeed, they may have long since passed.

No matter. I’m just glad to be an American and that there are still good people like Mitt Romney in our political system. He is bringing a lot of attention to the church, for which I am grateful. It’s funny that his religion wasn’t an issue in the race for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002. But it seems that he is asked about it constantly wherever he goes these days. I have read many interviews where he was asked about his faith with some interviewers getting deeply into his past record of not opposing abortion laws in his state. I believe he has since become more conservative and vocal in his opposition to abortion and in support of marriage as defined by the Lord and His prophets – between one man and one woman.

I hope Mitt Romney is not fighting a losing battle against those who support gay marriage in this country. It seems they have become more and more powerful as the years have passed. He had a lot of struggles with this issue in his state as the Governor. We have the same problem here in California. Even though the voters made it abundantly clear in 2000 that we will not support same-sex marriage, the California Assembly recently passed several bills that were sponsored by those with a homosexual agenda. They are on Governor Schwarzenegger’s desk now for a signature or a veto. One in particular, AB43 legalizes same sex marriage. How can that be when 64% of the voters in California voted against it just seven years ago in Proposition 22? What a misnomer: “The Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act.”