What – yet another LDS-related news site?

For years I have been an avid reader of dozens of news sites and news-related blogs. I have long been searching for a site or blog that comments on news of the day from a Latter-day Saint perspective. I have especially been interested in finding a site that links to an article and then links to a commentary from a modern-day prophet or scripture that sheds light on the event or adds a clearer perspective. Such a site may already exist but until I find it, this is my attempt to fill that void.

Update (March 2012): A lot has changed in the many years since this blog first saw the light of day. My focus has changed considerably. I thought this blog would turn out to be a “pundit platform” but I discovered I had no real desire to be a pundit. There are enough pundits out there that you can get your fill of commentary on all things Mormon in the news today. I still follow the news and am still interested in what my fellow Latter-day Saints think about what is happening in the world today.

But strangely, I have found that the majority of LDS bloggers do not share my conservative view of world events. This is so contrary to the makeup of the people with whom I associate each week as I attend church. Maybe there is something about the anonymity of blogging that brings out the attack mentality of so many who profess to be followers of the gentle ways of Christ. Or perhaps I have misunderstood the difference between California saints and those who hail from “Zion.”

In any event, this blog has turned out to be more of a catalyst for my thoughts as I grow and mature in my understanding of the doctrines of the kingdom. After nearly 300 essays I have discovered my focus to be more on the prophecies of the last days, especially as it applies to members of the church. It dismays me to have discovered that so many of my peers do not understand the prophecies or the doctrines revealed through Joseph Smith. We have lost something even from my growing-up years.

According to subject analysis, here are the top ten subjects I write about:

01. Last Days

02. LDS Blogging

03. Testimony

04. Personal Revelation

05. Jesus Christ

06. Holy Ghost

07. Knowledge

08. Controversy

09. Book of Mormon

10. Revelation


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